Want a successful video streaming app like Netflix? Avoid These Mistakes

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  • Thinking about making a video streaming app like Netflix? Awesome!. But hold on a second. Before diving into creating an app, you need to prepare yourself. Creating a cool video app is fun, but making mistakes while developing is not. This blog contains what you should do and should not on the way you create an awesome video streaming app like Netflix.

    Understanding user preferences helps you create an interactive app that your users will like.
    You can discuss your idea with a reliable custom software development agency that signs NDA as well. This type of firm creates interactive features that help to attract more users. Netflix is currently the most widely used streaming service across the globe (Statista).

    If you are also planning to build a Netflix alternative, you need to know how to do it correctly and what to avoid for the desired result. Although building a video streaming app is not easy, we can help you with important information.

    So, without further ado, let’s begin.

    Why Netflix is a successful business model?

    Netflix is a successful business model because of several reasons. Its extensive library offers a lot of movies and shows. It satisfies the taste of different people who have an interest in various genres and want to binge-watch.

    Personalized recommendations, powered by advanced algorithms, enhance user engagement. The user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation, contributing to a seamless experience. Furthermore, Netflix optimizes streaming quality to ensure smooth playback. Its availability across various devices adds to its accessibility.

    The crucial thing that sets Netflix apart is its culture. The company values people over process. Netflix’s culture is different from other companies’ working environments. Here there is no junior, no senior, and no boss, employees from diverse backgrounds in Netflix know what they need to do and how to bring the best results.

    It is the most revenue-making company with effective services. You can check out the revenue made by Netflix over time of two decades.

    revenue made by Netflix


    Steps to create a video streaming app like Netflix

    Developing a video streaming application similar to Netflix is a complex process that involves several stages. Here is detailed information in easy-to-understand language.

    Step 1: Research user preferences
    Step 2: Content licensing
    Step 3: User-friendly interface
    Step 4: High-quality streaming
    Step 5: Personalization
    Step 6: Tech Stack

    Let’s discuss all the steps in depth to understand better and build video streaming apps like Netflix effectively.

    Step 1: Research user preferences

    Create content according to the choice of users. Taking care of user preferences leads to the success of the business. Research the demographics of your users to create culture-centric movies and shows. Follow factors like location, gender, interests, and age, and tailor your content to match their preferences.

    A thorough analysis in the initial days of building an app like Netflix, helps you streamline the services effectively. Analyse viewing habits and study how users consume content. Look into the devices they use for daily streaming and improve the experience for those devices. You should research the preferred time and duration of viewing sessions.

    Likewise, identify popular genres and content types and analyze trends in the entertainment industry to quickly adapt them. Consider including a mix of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and exclusive content.

    Step 2: Content licensing

    Netflix is the platform of original programming that you can’t find in other apps. Many special shows, series, and movies are tailored specifically to you. However, navigating content licensing is vital for a successful video streaming app. Negotiate with studios, distributors, and content creators for the rights to stream their content.

    Aim for a variety of genres to cater to a broad audience. You can diversify the library to appeal to different tastes and preferences. Also, balance between classic hits, fresh, and exclusive content. Ensure rights for streaming on your platform.

    It starts by clearly defining the terms of use and distribution in licensing agreements. And make sure you have the essential rights to stream content on your platform.

    Step 3: User-friendly interface

    Ensuring a user-friendly interface is crucial for video-streaming apps. You should design a simple and intuitive app layout so that users don’t have to struggle to use your app. Craft visually appealing and easy-to-understand designs and opt for a clean and organized layout that highlights key features.

    Streamline the user journey from login to content discovery. Minimise clicks for users to access their desired content as it will improve the overall user experience. Implementing clear categorization for users makes it a cakewalk for users to access content on your app or site.

    Organize movies and shows in distinct categories, so that users can find their content easily. Use tags or labels to guide users to specific genres and themes. By focusing on a user-friendly interface, you can enhance the overall experience.

    Step 4: High-quality streaming

    For high-quality streaming optimize video playback for various internet speeds. Ensure smooth playback even with slow internet speed. Provide users with the flexibility to choose video resolutions such as SD, HD, or 4K. You will also need to implement diverse device capabilities and user preferences.

    People can pay for quality services without much thinking. So, focus on building quality along with different types of content.

    Step 5: Personalization

    People are attracted to the platforms that not only offer services but also take care of what they like to watch. Personalization is the power of today’s marketing world. By analyzing user behavior and preferences, it tailors content suggestions and renders a more engaging experience.

    When users find that the app gives importance to their choice, they are more likely to stay and explore. It leads to more time spent on the platform. Moreover, it is also effective in boosting user satisfaction and retention. Implementing recommendation algorithms, like suggesting movies or shows based on past viewing history enhances the app’s appeal.

    So, personalization fosters a deeper connection between users can the app. It is a crucial aspect of building loyalty and attracting new users.

    building loyalty and attracting new users

    Step 6: Tech stack

    Creating an app like Netflix involves a robust tech stack combining various programming languages, frameworks, and tools to create a Netflix alternative.

      • Programming languages
        – Java or Kotlin
        – Swift or Objective
        – JavaScript


      • Frameworks and tools


    Backend frameworks:
    – Node JS
    – Spring boot
    Database Management system
    – Cassandra
    – Redis
    Content delivery network (CDN)
    – Amazon CloudFront
    – Redis
    Cloud services
    – Amazon Web Services
    – Microsoft Azure

    There are many other technologies required for the complete development of the app. Machine learning and AI libraries are used for implementing personalization. Apart from that streaming services like content delivery networks stream your content. If you want to know why Netflix uses Node.js, check out this blog.

    The combination of a comprehensive tech stack addresses the complexities of content delivery, scalability, user experience, and database management needed to create an app like Netflix.

    If you like to gain information via video to understand how to create an app like Netflix, here we present one video for your convenience.

    Cost to develop Netflix alternative

    Developing an alternative to Netflix involves several factors that impact the final cost of the app. It depends on various aspects like the app’s features, platforms (iOS and Android), backend infrastructure, content acquisition, and tech stack.

    Building an app like Netflix costs anywhere from $30,000 to $200,000. Factors like content licensing, development complexity, server costs, app design, and maintenance contribute to expenses. The cost of creating a Netflix alternative widely depends on the functionalities, user experience, and scalability needed to compete with Netflix.

    For custom software development the price might increase as this type of development requires more precision, time, effort, and team. The cost of custom software development is around $50,000-$200,000.

    Knowing about the factors in detail affecting the cost of app development can help you decide your budget better.

      1. UI/UX Design:The design should be simple yet effective as it affects the user experience for the app. A thoughtful user-friendly interface usually increases app cost.


      1. Team size:The number of developers, designers, and other professionals engaged in the project directly influences cost. A larger team means higher expenses.


      1. Location:The geographical location of the development team impacts cost due to variations in labor expenses across regions and countries.


      1. Complexity level:The complexity of the app features, functionalities, and integration influences costs. More intricate features require more resources, affecting Video streaming app cost clearly.


      1. App maintenance:Post-launch maintaining and updating the app incurs ongoing costs. Well, the maintenance cost is highly fluctuating depending on the type of errors, bugs, and updates.



    Mistakes to avoid while developing video streaming app

    Netflix is a successful example of a video streaming app. It has paved the way for other businesses with hope for a strong market share. Developing an application like Netflix can be a profitable venture.

    Since the video streaming market is a successful business model, a lot of people want to try their hands at it, you need to be smart enough. Many times, we are ware of what to do but need to know what not to do.

    Here you should know what not to do while creating an app like Netflix.

      • Ignoring the content quality:Not paying enough attention to making videos and shows good, can turn your good app idea into trash. It can be difficult to attract people to your app without quality content. If the content is not interesting, or well-made, people will not enjoy using your app. So, it’s important to have outstanding and enjoyable videos for users to watch.


      • Overlooking user experience:Skipping on user experience means not making the app easy and enjoyable for people to use. Users might get annoyed or frustrated if your app like Netflix is confusing or hard to navigate. So, it’s important to make sure the app is easy to use and feels good for people when they use it. Netflix had around 246 million paid subscribers in 2023 (Statista) and taking care of users is one of the reasons for this number.


      • Ignoring competitors:Existing video streaming app owners already know what works and what does not in their apps. Your thorough research of the existing video streaming apps will help you avoid drawbacks in your app. Analysis of competitors will help you make an impeccable and innovative app with errors. Take your time, and collect information about the successful and non-successful apps.


      • Underestimating security measures:Thinking less about security while building an app can be your big mistake. Because people these days have become aware of how their information can be misused. They know the importance of secure apps to enjoy their content without worry. If the app doesn’t have good security, people’s private information might be at risk.


      • Skipping personalization:Ignoring personalization means not making the app show what each user would like. For example Netflix, it provides recommendations according to the user’s choice and taste. If you do not provide a similar feature, you can lag behind.

        To beat the established apps, you not only have to provide a similar feature but also offer something extra and unique. Personalization increases user engagement and retention.


      • Neglecting device compatibility:Not making sure the app works on different devices is another mistake that you should avoid while creating a video streaming app. Because of this mistake, some people might not be able to use your app. So, it’s important to make sure the app can be used on many types of devices to reach more users.


      • Not using the right tech stack:Using the right technology is crucial when making a video streaming app like Netflix. It ensures the app has correct functionality and works well. It offers high-quality video and can handle the demands of many users. Creating a scalable video streaming app becomes easy with the use of the right tech stack. Developers don’t have to struggle to build complex features for the app.


    Apps Similar to Netflix

    There are several streaming platforms like Netflix. Many of them offer original content depending on their platform genres and audience. You can check out the top apps in the below section.

      • Amazon Prime Video:This platform offers a wide array of movies, TV shows, and Amazon originals alongside additional benefits with an Amazon Prime subscription.


      • Disney+:It features Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and national geographic content, including exclusive originals.


      • Hulu:Hulu provides a mix of current TV shows, movies, and originals including next-day streaming for many TV shows.


      • HBO maxIt offers a vast library of HBO premium content along with WarnerMedia’s films, series, and originals.


      • Apple TV+:This OTT platform provides original content, including series, movies, and documentaries produced by Apple.


    Wrapping Up

    Building a successful video streaming app like Netflix requires you to focus on various aspects that contribute to its success. Understand the development steps and consider factors affecting the cost of the video streaming app. Expert advice can also increase the chances of building the best app like Netflix. So, in case of doubt, contact Technource. It has world-class experts to discuss your issues and provide the best solution.



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