Why Is Node.js Used by Famous App Like Netflix?

Netflix is used by people of 190 countries and expanding its reach every day. Being the most popular entertainment app, it has a huge audience to watch TV shows, series, documentaries, and movies. Even, the craze for an app like Netflix is mounting because it has become the best way to ease the home isolation due to the Pandemic and favorite pastime of the people. But do you know why Netflix uses node.js? Let’s discuss.

What is a pastime for you is the best way to generate revenue for the Netflix company. That is why more than 220 million paid subscribers of Netflix have a large contribution generating high revenue for the company. Hence, most businesses today look for the best app development company to build a Netflix clone app.

But do you know which technology and programming language is used by Netflix developers to make its app?

Node.js was used in the Netflix app development. The right technology plays a crucial role in the success of the app. It is because the UI/UX, functions, and features of the app are made impressive and impeccable with the help of suitable technologies, tools, and a programming language. The best Nodejs web development company makes sure the client gets an engaging and scalable app like Netflix.

Read below to know why Netflix is so famous.

Why Is Netflix So Famous?

Many of you have used Netflix or any other similar app at least once. But Netflix has more popularity than other video streaming or entertainment apps. Why so?

Read the following reasons to get the answer.

  • Lack of Commercials
  • Recommendation Algorithm
  • Original Content
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Easy to Use

Let’s read about each reason in detail below.

  • 1. Lack of Commercials: When you are watching your favorite series, and an ad comes how do you feel? So, Netflix offers you ad-free services. However, the ads appear for free users only. You can keep this reason in mind when you hire Nodejs developers and inform them of your requirements.
  • 2. Recommendation Algorithm: Every user has a different taste in watching movies or shows. So, Netflix recommends shows and movies to its users as per their taste and search history. The recommendation algorithm helps to understand what people want to watch to offer them personalized services.
  • 3. Original Content: What you can find on Netflix is hardly found at any other video-streaming apps. Some shows are only available on Netflix. The broadcast shows on Netflix are exclusive, and this service attracts more audiences.
  • 4. Cross-Platform Support: If you are thinking about how to hire Mobile app developers in 2022 to build an app like Netflix, make sure you know about cross-platform support. It is because Netflix is a cross-platform app that is an essential feature of most apps these days.
  • 5. Easy to Use: The interactive features and UI of Netflix are possible due to the Node.js framework. It is one of the best front-end frameworks. Hence, developers make easy-to-use apps for users, with less code in this framework.

If you want to know why Netflix uses Node.js, scroll down to know everything below.

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Why Does Netflix Use Node.Js?

Node.js is one of the most popular javascript frameworks. It provides a run-time environment to programming language Javascript. So, Node.js is not a programming language it’s a JavaScript library. If you want to know why Netflix uses it, have a look at the reasons mentioned below.

  • Common Language
  • High Performance
  • Easy Learning Curve
  • Great Number of Modules
  • Easy Writing, Debugging, & Engineering API
  • 1. Common Language: Node.js is used for front-end development and back-end development as well. In other words, this framework uses the common language ‘JavaScript’ for both front and back-end development. Therefore, the developers don’t have to use different languages for server-side and client-side development.
  • 2. High Performance: Netflix is a scalable and robust app that can handle high traffic with ease. Moreover, there is no issue of poor functions. Netflix developers use Node.js to build a high-performant app, and it also allows real-time web app development. Our JavaScript development company has worked on this type of app.



According to the research conducted by Stackoverflow Insights in 2021, Node.js is used by half of the professional developers worldwide.

  • 3. Easy Learning Curve: It is easy for JavaScript developers to learn how to use the Node.js framework. Specifically, this framework doesn’t use a steep learning curve so that the developers who know the basic server-side fundamentals can also work on it.
  • 4. Great Number of Modules: There are many packages or modules available in Node.js. Consequently, the developers can build a quick and data-intensive app like Netflix using suitable modules for innovative features. Moreover, the developers can find several libraries to make attractive designs.
  • 5. Easy Debugging & Engineering API: Netflix app hardly has any errors, bug issues, or gets stuck while running. It is because the node.js developers can identify errors at different stages of development with the help of easy debugging tools. Likewise, the best front-end framework, Node.js allows engineering API.
    So, these are the reasons to choose Node.js by Netflix. Do you know why does YouTube uses AngularJS?

Specific Features of Node.js

If you are planning to develop an app similar to Netflix or a subscription-based streaming app, you must know about the specific features of Node.js. This knowledge will help you get a cost-effective and feature-rich app from a Nodejs web development company.

  • Allows Full-Stack Development
  • Robust Application Development
  • Great Eco-system
  • Non-Blocking I/O
  • Libuv
  • Code Package Manager
  • 1. Allows Full-Stack Development: Node. js is a part of MEAN and MERN tech stacks. Hence, it allows full-stack development which is crucial to develop an app at a reasonable price. Know about MEAN vs MERN before you hire any developers. So that you can have an app of your choice.
  • 2. Robust Application Development: This framework offers great speed and performance to the app. Since Netflix has millions of users, it is important for the app to be scalable and robust. So, Node.js helps in robust applications development.
  • 3. Great Eco-system: The Node Package Manager is a great advantage for developers. And most importantly, the community support makes this framework popular because the developers have someone to look up to if they have any issues while using Node.js.
  • 4. Non-Blocking I/O: Non-blocking I/O makes an app clean and ideal. It is the best feature for real-time applications like eCommerce, chatting, gaming, video-conference applications, and others.
  • 5. Libuv: Libuv is a C library used for non-blocking I/O operations like it allows CPU and other resources to work simultaneously. Consequently, it is the best for efficient use of resources and networks.
  • 6. Code Package Manager: You can download thousands of packages or modules in Node.js. They make the development easy and effective so that the developers can provide the best app in a short time. In addition, these packages are written in JavaScript.

      Most used programming languages among the developers across the world in 2021



If you are confused about when you should use Node.js for your business, you must be clear about your business idea. If you don’t have any idea, check the below link.

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When Should You Use Node.js for Your Business?

Do you want an exact Netflix-like app or need some add-on features or reduce some? Well, you know what you want in your app, but we can help you with some points. The below section will make you aware of the uses of Node.js for different types of apps and purposes. Have a look.

  • IoT Solutions
  • Collaborative Tools
  • Real-Time Applications
  • Data Streaming Apps
  • Data-Intensive Apps
  • 1. IoT Solutions: If you want to develop an IoT device for business, you can hire node.js developers. IoT shaped the traditional industries, and it is becoming popular among people.
  • 2. Collaborative Tools: Collaborative tools are Slack, Trello, Asana, Google Keep, and Yammer. Although they are not social media tools, have similar features and are the best for office communication. 
  • 3. Real-Time Applications: Developers can build real-time applications easily using Node.js. The user can get quick responses from real-time apps plus fetch data instantly.
  • 4. Data Streaming Apps: As you read above in the blog, Netflix used node.js for its app development, so it is the best framework for data-streaming apps. 
  • 5. Data-Intensive Apps: A robust app is the need of every business so that, it can handle high traffic smoothly. Moreover, manage a lot of data easily. Node.js allows data-intensive app development. 

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What Is the Business Model of Netflix?

Do you know how an app can help you dominate your competitors? If not, your business may not survive for a long time. If you want an app like Netflix for business purposes, you must be aware of its business model or how Netflix makes money.

  • 1. Netflix Streaming Plans: Netflix earns most of its revenue through subscription plans. Have a look at the types of plans.
  • 2. Basic: You can avail of the basic subscription at $7.99 per month. It allows videos to run on one screen at a time and doesn’t include high-definition viewing. 
  • 3. Standard: It allows the users to watch video on two screens simultaneously and high-definition viewing. And the subscription price is around $10.99 per month. 
  • 4. Premium: You can watch 4K videos on four screens under a premium subscription. The price for this type of subscription is around $13.99. Netflix has three types of target audiences domestic streaming, international streaming, and domestic DVD. You can choose three types of monetization ways:
    1. Pay-per-view
    2. Advertising
    3. Subscription

    Now, move ahead to know the tech stack of Node.js for Netflix.

Tech Stack of App Like Netflix Development

The selection of the right technologies is vital for a successful app. Technource makes you aware of the tech stack for the development of apps like Netflix. Read about the same in the below space.



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What Is Development Cost for an App Like Netflix?

The average development cost of an app like Netflix is $10,000-$55,000. However, the cost can have variation as per the features you want in the app and the complexity level of the app. Often, you want innovative features and functions, in this case, the developers have to use Emerging technologies.

If you want a more attractive and advanced user interface or design, the developers have to put in the extra effort. As a result, the final development cost increases. You must know about the cost to design a mobile app because it affects the cost largely. 

Besides, front-end and back-end developers, many other professionals work to complete your app or website. These are quality analysts, testers, and project managers. So their salaries also affect the cost of development. 

If you want to know about the affordable software development company in the USA, read below. 

What Makes Technource the Top Node.js Development Company?

Technource is the top node.js development company because it provided services to different enterprises under their budget in the journey of 9 years.

  • We discuss the business requirements meticulously and allow you to ask any questions or doubts.
  • We don’t only provide development service, we shape your dream with our skilled developers.
  • Our developers understand your objectives to offer a customized app or website.
  • We sign a non-disclosure agreement and keep your idea confidential.
  • We provide node.js API development to the clients.
  • Develop content management tools as per the need of the client.
  • Build interactive and efficient apps and websites.

Subscription-based streaming apps are replacing cinema and TV; they are becoming the best apps for entertainment. So, this type of app can be a great business idea for you. By reading the blog, you must have understood why Netflix is famous, why it uses the Node.js framework, the Tech stack of Netflix, and others. Now you can hire experienced developers from Technource to turn your idea into reality under your budget.


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