10 Web Technologies Every Web Developer Must Know

Have an idea to develop a website for running effective business processes? Web technologies play a crucial role to build a website from the beginning to the end. Selecting the best suitable web development technologies is not easy since there are many in the market. Although only some technologies will be used for your web development project, you must be familiar with various technologies to choose the suitable ones.

When a web development company gets a client request for website development, it has to discuss the project thoroughly. Knowing what type of features, designs, and functions the client wants on the website is helpful.

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What is Mean by Web Technology?

Web technology is used to build a website. Web technologies are markup languages like HTML, XML, XHTML, and others. Computers communicate effectively using Markup languages. We all know the benefits of having a website and also understand the role of web technologies to build it. Web technology can be categorized as follows.

I. World Wide Web

II. Web Browser

III. Web Server

IV. Web Page

V. Web Development

Let’s read about all the above web technology types in detail below.

I. World Wide Web:

This information system connects documents to documents through Hypertext links. World Wide Web technologies are as follows-web browsers, hypertext markup language, and hypertext transfer protocol.

II. Web Browser:

A web browser is a platform to explore World Wide Web. The web browser provides an interface between clients and servers. Web browsers and web servers use web technologies. With the help of different programming languages, web services are enabled on different web browsers.

III. Web Server:

A web server is software that contains information user search online. When a user requests any information on a web browser, it goes to the web server and looks for a match. If the web server finds the information, it responds quickly otherwise shows a 404 error.

IV. Web Pages:

When a website contains pages to manage different types of products, services, and information, these are called web pages. So, a website is nothing but a combination of many web pages.

V. Web Development:

Web development is not software, it is a process in which developers create, build, and manage a website. It includes database management, web publishing, web designing, and web programming.

Use the best web development technology and web development framework for your website development. You will not have to struggle to find the best web technologies as we have come up with the top ones for you.

Top 10 Web Development Technologies

According to a study more than 80% of consumers look for the existence of the business of the company online before buying anything from it. Even consumers give enough time to research and collect information to make sure whether they are buying from the right site or not.

Have a look at the image. It shows leading online sources where worldwide consumers search for products.

Image Source

Image Source

So, having an online website creates trust in the mind of consumers about the products they are going to buy. Today, most businesses have an online presence in one or another form because they know a huge customer base is online. There are around 5.16 billion internet users around the globe

Check out the best free eCommerce website builders here if you are planning to create a website for the effective presentation of your business. Moreover, you should consider the latest web technologies to be ahead of the curve and leave your competitors behind.

latest web development technologies are crucial to build a website with advanced features. If you don’t know how to build a website, you will have to learn different web technologies and choose the best Front-end Frameworks for your website.

Have a look at the most important web and app development technologies below. Creating a website and an app is not possible without using them.

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  1. Programming Languages
  2. Browsers
  3. HTML and CSS
  4. Web Development Frameworks
  5. Protocols
  6. Data Formats
  7. API
  8. Client Side
  9. Server Side
  10. Artificial Intelligence

1. Programming Languages:

Programming languages are the basics of stepping into the world of website development. Whether it is web-based software, web applications, or websites, you need to know at least one programming language to start. Check out the list of some of the most used programming languages.

I. Java: It is a programming language that is suitable for server-side development.

II. GO: Go is an easy-to-learn programming language and the fastest one. It can handle concurrent programming.

III. JavaScript: It is a scripting language used for front-end and back-end development. It offers various frameworks for making web pages presentable. JavaScript object notation (JSON)              code is used for creating JavaScript objects. Scripting technologies are also used for session management, authentication, and URL mapping.

IV. C++: It is an Object-oriented programming language. Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, and Google still use C++.

V. Python: It is an interpreted programming language. It is popular for AI model development apart from task automation, data analysis, and data visualization.

VI. Ruby: It is popularly known as Ruby on Rails and is used by the Rails framework for web development. Ruby on Rails is also used for static site creation, command line tools, data processing, and web scraping.

VII. PHP: PHP focuses on server-side scripting or back-end development. Facebook, Wikipedia, and many other big brands use PHP. It is used for making web servers.

2. Browsers:

We use browsers to send requests to the servers. They are platforms to send and receive requests and responses. They are like interpreters for the web. Here are the most popular browsers.

I. Google Chrome: You can access the internet with the help of Google Chrome.

II. Firefox: It is an open-source browser supported by Mozilla.

III. Safari: This web browser is developed by Apple

IV. Internet Explorer: It is a world wide web browser by Microsoft systems

3. HTML and CSS:

HTML and CSS both are vital web technologies to start building a website. They are like the foundation of any website.

I. HTML: Hypertext Markup Language is used to create the structure of a website. It controls the layout of website content. It provides fundamental building blocks for structuring web documents. Markup languages are used for text documentation.

Moreover, a file format XML (Extensible markup language) is also used for web development. Scalable Vector graphics define vector-based graphics in XML. Microsoft systems use XML.

II. CSS: A web developer uses Cascading style sheets to make the site interactive. It enhances the code of HTML and helps to create how content should look on the site. You can enable CSS text effects, page transitions, and page hover effects also with CSS.

4. Web Development Frameworks:

A web framework improves the look of a web application and is used to build different types of web applications. An application development team can use pre-defined features, tools, and plugins provided by a web development framework. Developers can make the website highly scalable using the frameworks.

Moreover, they are compatible with different platforms. Although there are many frameworks, we will talk about the best one for your web app

I. Django: It is a popular web framework built in Python using MVC architecture. Developers use it to build eCommerce, financial applications, healthcare, travel, and transportation websites.

II. Laravel: Laravel is an ideal framework for building small websites. It offers various features and supports MVC. This free open-source framework offers tools and resources for building innovative PHP web applications.

It has a huge community support so you can easily get solutions to problems while coding. It is a popular web technology for web artisans. Moreover, it has an expressive and elegant syntax that helps developers to create impressive websites.

III. Codeigniter: Codeigniter is an open-source framework. It helps to build dynamic websites with PHP. You can develop projects much faster with Codeigniter. A rich set of libraries make your tasks even easier. The simple interface and intuitive features help you access libraries effectively.

Likewise, Codeigniter is lightweight and fast. And the effective separation between logic and presentation with the help of the model view controller makes the development process fast.

IV. Angular: Angular is the most popular and widely used JavaScript framework. You can develop dynamic web applications quickly and effectively using this front-end framework. It contains the features like code generation, MVC architecture, code splitting, and others.

Moreover, this is a popular technology for building single-page applications. You can give an interactive look to the website using the features and tools of Angular. If you know the basics about Angular, it becomes easy to hire Angular developer. for your project.

V. Node: Node is a back-end development technology. It enables JavaScript to code outside a browser. Node is an open-source cross-platform run-time environment. It is used for back-end services like API, web apps, and mobile apps.

Many big companies like PayPal, Uber, Walmart, Netflix, and others use Node JS in their software products’ tech stack. Check out the negative and positive aspects of NodeJS.before selecting it for your next project.

VI. Vue: Vue is a JavaScript framework for building interactive user interfaces. It is simple to learn for any developer like ReactJS. You can use Vue.JS with other libraries and extensions as well. Most developers choose it for single-page application development. This framework is interoperable with many libraries.

Many browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and others support Vue. JS. Its adaptability, custom elements, detailed documentation, and a smooth transition are the best part of the technology to go for it.

VII. React: You can build intuitive web design using this declarative, flexible, and efficient JavaScript library. With the help of React JS open source, component-based JS library you can build effective web applications quickly. You need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to learn React. JS.

You can create applications with reusable components. These are individual pieces of the final interface. This framework allows to separate the difficult user interfaces into individual reusable components.

Check out this video to know React vs Angular vs Vue:

What to Learn to Get a Front-end Job?

5. Protocols:

Protocols are structures that have a fixed series to implement elements. They are hypertext transfer protocols. In this, hypertext defines the link between pages. Here are the types of protocols.

I. HTTP: It is a Hypertext Markup Language

II. DDP: It is a Datagram Delivery Protocol

III.REST: It stands for REpresentational State Transfer

6. Data Formats:

The data format is the structure in which data is stored. Here are the different types of data formats for effective database management systems.

I. JSON: It is an acronym for JavaScript Object Notation.

II. CSV: It is the data formatted by commas.

III. XML: Extensible Markup Language is used by Microsoft systems.

7. API:

Application Programming Interface (API) is a collection of communication protocols. Developers can share some of the app’s functionalities with the help of API. API key controls the access to APIs to other apps. In simple words, API allows two and more applications to talk.

You can share data within and across organizations using an application programming interface. Besides it, API protocols are of three types-REST, RPC, and SOAP.

8. Client Side:

Client-side development is also called front-end development. The part of the website and application which interact directly with users or clients is called the client-side or front end. In this type of development whatever changes are done to the app or website are visible to the users. Front-end developers can create the best web design software. using front-end tools and technologies.

9. Server Side:

It involves programs that run on the server side. It is also called back-end development. backend is used to store and arrange data. When a user requests any information on the browser, it goes to the server to check whether the server has the information or not.

10. Artificial Intelligence:

many software development companies use Artificial Intelligence technology to build innovative and impressive websites. Businesses can improve customer experiences by implementing AI services like AI chatbots. There are many other uses of AI in enhancing business processes. You can easily integrate AI features and functions on the website with the help of ML and AI developers.

There are many other web technologies besides those mentioned above. These are progressive web apps, blockchain technology, the Internet of Things, Accelerated mobile pages, AI-powered chatbots, Virtual Reality, and Content management systems, and the list is long.

Developers consider web development trends along with the latest technologies to create a competitive website. They also consider the market situations and demand before building web applications. Likewise, they have to discuss with clients to know whether he needs native mobile apps or cross-platform apps for mobile devices.

Final Words:

Now you know the most important and top 10 web technologies. This way, you can create an impressive website as per your requirements. These technologies are a must or we can say building blocks of any website, so you must be aware of them. In case, you don’t know how to build a website, hire dedicated developers from Technource. They will provide you with an engaging, robust, and secure custom website as per your business requirements.



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