What Is Consensus AI Search Engine & How To Use Consensus App?

Have you ever gotten stuck in finding research papers and citing them in your dissertation and thesis? It happens with a lot of researchers and Ph.D. students. They have to burn the midnight oil to read tons of PDFs, books, articles, and case studies to extract valuable, factual, and authentic information.

Scientific research is such tedious work. But it is no more the same. The Consensus AI app has solved this problem. Consensus AI is a search engine for scientific research. It aggregates findings directly from scientific studies. Only the best app development company   can create a Consensus app alternative.

This blog covers every crucial information about Consensus AI app that you must know whether you are a researcher, student, or want to build an app like Consens AI.

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What Is Consensus AI Search Engine?

Consensus is a search engine. It uses AI to find research pieces for scientific study. Consensus AI provides evidence-based answers faster. It aims to make expert knowledge accessible and consumable for all. So that you don’t have to struggle to find authentic sources and collect information after a lot of hard work.

You will not have to go through the abundance of information and then screen and filter it to extract the best out of it. The Consensus app provides evidence-based answers in a few seconds. Your hours of work is contracted into a few seconds.

Eric Olson is the CEO of Consensus AI company. Here is a glimpse of the Twitter post by him.

image source

Image source

Consensus Plugin is now launched within (Consensus. app). ChatGPT But it works with the ChatGPT premium. Search for the plugin store and find ‘Consensus’. Now install the plugin. Here are some Consensus plugin use cases:

    • Ask Questions:

Prompt- What are the benefits of mindfulness meditation?

Response- It compiles peer-reviewed studies related to your question.

  • Create content drafts that include accurate citations from legitimate studies:

Prompt- Provide a paragraph on how climate change affects GDP with citations? Thanks.

Response- Content embedded with citations from real studies

  • Search for research papers:

Prompt- Find 7 papers on how immigration impacts a country’s economy

Response- List of relevant research papers along with one summary of the paper.

It locates and extracts key concepts from research papers. It has made research easy for researchers, doctors, and students as well. Watch this video and understand how the app works.

How to Use Consensus AI Tool?

It searches through peer-reviewed scientific research articles and finds the most credible insights to your queries. Heres how to use Consensus AI.

  1. Sign in to the website or app of Consensus AI
  2. Ask a question. For example- What are the benefits of mindfulness
  3. You can ask simple Yes/No questions, relationships between concepts, and the effect of a concept
  4. Enter and see the summary of the research along with a systematic review.
  5. You can save lists of searches in the consensus.

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Key Features of Consensus AI

We researched and found some key features of Consensus AI. Have a look at them below.

1) Consensus meter:

It’s like a barometer that shows how much consensus and divergence exist among a group of people. This tool is useful for asking Yes/No questions. It utilizes advanced language models to rapidly categorize responses as Yes, No, and Possibly.

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Image source 

2) Quick Analysis:

It quickly analyzes a lot of research papers. Provide unbiased information in a short time. It helps you get rid of the painful process of struggling with research.

3) Scientifically Verified Results:

The tool applies rigorous research methods, testing, and analysis to ensure accuracy and reliability. Consensus AI provides scientifically verified results because they carry more weight and credibility. Subject experts evaluate the findings and curate crucial information. Consensus AI shows you that information.

4) ChatGPT 4 Summary:

ChatGPT 4 summary allows faster and more efficient searching for more scientific research. The chatGPT-powered feature provides results to any research questions. It runs over at least 10 results but only shows what is relevant enough to your question. Know how ChaGPT is changing the world  in our blog.

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Image source 

What Are the Benefits of ConsensusAI?

This AI tool for scientific research offers many benefits. Here are important ones for you to know.

1) No Ads:

There is no ad on this search engine. So, users can navigate smoothly without any interruptions. It leads to faster loading and improves the page experience. You can find scientific research without any distractions.

2) No Misinformation:

The consensus app provides reliable and fact-checking information to you. It uses a network of AI algorithms to cross-reference and confirm details from numerous sources.

3) Fast Search:

You can think of Consensus AI as a super-smart search assistant. The AI-powered app pulls information from multiple sources simultaneously. Gone are the days when you have to use a pool of books and dive deep from it to search for reliable, relatable, factual, and authentic information for your research paper. Now it takes only a few seconds with the help of the Consensus app.

4) No SEO hacks LinkedIn:

Consensus AI is naturally aligned with good SEO practices. It provides quality content, reliable and accurate information. This type of content naturally attracts readers. Moreover, the tool verifies information from multiple sources, so the content you get is more reliable.

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What Can You Research on Consensus AI?

Consensus AI is not like Google where you can search anything. It is designed for researchers, content creators, and fact-checkers.

Topics you can search on Consensus AI:

  • Supplements
  • Economics
  • Sleep
  • Social policy
  • Medicine
  • Mental health 

Do and Don’t About How to Use Consensus App

Do: Ask questions about the topics mentioned above

Don’t: Avoid asking questions about widely known facts

For example: The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.

Do: Ask a to-the-point research question

Don’t: Avoid asking extremely narrow and obscure questions

Do: Ask about the relationship between two concepts

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Consensus App Tech Stack

There are four main technologies utilized in the creation of Consensus AI.

1) Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is like the brain of Consensus AI. It involves creating systems that can perform duties that require human intellect. This might include identifying patterns and user queries. AI helps to distill information from multiple sources as per the user’s request.

2) Machine Learning:

Machine learning is one of the subsets included in AI technology. It enables systems to understand data and enhance their performance over time. In the Consensus app, machine learning algorithms recognize patterns and adapt based on user interactions. It identifies which sources are reliable and prone to misinformation.

3) Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain is used to maintain a tamper-proof record of verified information and sources. It establishes the credibility of the information.

4) Natural Language Processing:

Computers can comprehend, interpret, and produce human language through the use of NLP. In the Consensus AI, NLP understands user queries in natural language to extract meaningful information from text. NLP helps to interact with users naturally.

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  2. Bard
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  4. GrammarlyGO
  5. Copy.ai

Text-to-Image AI Tools:

  1. Midjourney
  2. Lensa AI
  3. Dawn AI
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The emergence of consensus AI is like a guiding light for researchers looking for credible information in a short time. The consensus app uses technologies that have the possibility to combat misinformation. If you also want an app like Consensus, Technource can help you. It has dedicated app developers who provide custom software solutions.


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