Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) - A Technology that is changing our life

Internet of Things- The Present and Future of The Digital Era

Internet of Things has taken the world by storm with its high-end benefits and functionalities. Internet of Things usually referred to as IoT, is the expanding network of physical objects and internet. Take a watch as an example. The smartwatch that you aspire to wear, is the most common example of IoT. You can similarly connect your washing machine, home appliances, car, headphones and much more with the Internet.

IoT is believed to be the future of the digital era and has fuelled the 4th Industrial revolution by its contribution which has successfully resulted in Industrial IoT. Several healthcare units, industries, logistics businesses, etc. have already embraced this concept of complete connectivity. IoT helps the business manager to view the status of each and every entity covered in the business. Real-time monitoring, tracking the assets and manufacturing units, controlling different metrics such as water consumption, heat, etc. can be controlled from your mobile. Analytics, big data, data-driven marketing based on the results of big data and analysis, are some of the most crucial benefits of adopting IoT.

Why should you choose Technource for IoT application development?

Technource is among the top of the emerging IoT app development companies.

Our IoT development team consists of networking individuals and skilled programmers.

  • We have a prominent Internet of Things solutions for every requirement.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to keep ourselves updated on IoT technologies.
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  • IoT Services by Technource - Step Up with Connectivity

Our Area of Expertise

  • BLE Technology
    Bluetooth low energy technology is an exemplary solution for those applications which requires the periodic transfer of a small amount of data. Bluetooth low energy technology enables connectivity between various devices and the surrounding. BLE Technology offers the lowest power consumption during Peak Receiving and Deep Sleep Mode. This technology will bring IOT to the broader range of applications.
  • Wearable Technology
    The Internet of Things (IoT) & wearable technology is impacting each & every aspect of our lives. Technource's IOT services can build wearable technologies with ready to use IOT applications which facilitated with profile management, notifications, data collection, security, and other features.
  • Voice Enabled Technology
    Voice-enabled technology highly affects the eCommerce & shopping websites. Brands are using Google home & Alexa to remain visible in the eCommerce industry. By investing in voice enable technology they can attract new customers and likely generate direct revenue.
  • Raspberry Pi Solutions
    Now you can build your smart home using Raspberry Pi Solutions. RPi is the common hardware solutions for IOT platform. Our Raspberry Pi developers are having core knowledge and ability to program, update, integrate embedded systems software, microcontrollers, microprocessors, etc.

IoT wearable technologies services

  • IoT application development
  • IoT app development for Smart Homes and Buildings
  • Smart Appliances
  • Setting up Smart Factory
  • Assistance in developing a smart city
  • BLE Technology
  • Wearable Technology
  • Voice Enabled Technology
  • Raspberry Pi Solutions
Advantages of IOT application development

Technource Service Current Trends

Increase Business Opportunities

By building an IoT application, you can open the doors for strong businesses and increase return on investments.

Technource Service Security

Improved Safety and Security

IOT applications are integrated with video cameras & sensors that will help you to monitor your workplace, house and ensures safety against physical threats.

Technource Service Improvement

Enhanced Asset Utilization

With IOT tracking assets, organizations can help with real-time insights. They can easily locate issues in assets and utilize the maintenance program.

Technource Service Engagement


The flexible accessibility of IOT mobile apps is one of the crucial reasons for its acceptance. An IOT mobile app could be accessed 24/7 on any device, anywhere in the world.


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