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Web & Apps Case Studies

APHRO Artists Marketplace

An eCommerce website - “Aphro” which provides an online formidable platform to an artist. The artisans can promote and sell their merchandise by uploading arts and customizing each and every product. The website contains interaction with 2 behaviors - Users and Artists. The artisan has rights to set the margin for their goods after uploading designs. The Artisan can upload any art designs to print on the artifacts created by owners and create a new product to sell. Users can see all available products and purchase the desired one. After setting up the margin on products by artists, the website owner can print art on merchandise which is selected by consumers and proceed for shipment.

DCentro Store Restaurant Food, Beverage
  • Driver App

DCentro app allows restaurant merchants to manage their daily orders and even managing the drivers. Using this app, restaurants can easily see their orders manage accordingly the drivers to deliver the food. Merchants will not face hassle to send food, beverages or groceries to their customers. All in one just click away app - DCentro.

Transkur Taxi & Car booking

An online app working at kiosk-based locations called as Transekur app. It can be referred as transport self-service system for the passengers coming out of the airports. The app contains interaction with the web-based admin, passenger/ user, meeter/greeter and the driver modulus as well as the main users. Passengers can operate the app for booking their choice of Car and can confirm the destination along with the fair rate s. Transekur app provides feasibility to the passengers' transportation. People need not worry about unknown locations, fare or finding the right guide. Everything will be right there within the app itself.

Hyper99 Real Estate
  • Hyper99 Web

Hyper99 is the best platform for modern property with one stop solution of Real estate. The Hper99 provides a buffer between you and your tenant to manage property deals and confrontations.