5 Proven Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail With Google Adwords?


July 13, 2016
By Technource


Are you a small business owner running your business online? Do you perform Google adwords services to increase traffic your website? But couldn’t get it as you want? Then; it’s a time to re optimize your adwords campaign.

As a PPC services agency, we evaluate many adwords campaigns in every month and see the same mistake again and again. If such small mistakes are resolved then it would be a better campaign & lead your business to success. Here we have described some biggest mistakes that we see over and over & must be avoided at the time of creating & managing the adwords account.

1. Doing too much in one campaign & Ad group:

It’s totally a waste of time & money to create one campaign with one ad group and include all the targeted keywords in it. Relevancy is the center of Google adwords. Do you wonder when you see your competitor’s ad on search engine rather than yours? Reason is: their ads are properly written and tested with each keyword theme. If you put all your website relevant keywords to same ad group; you will not get better qualified clicks than your competitors. You will get clicks but they won’t be qualified & users will not get attracted towards you.

Suggestion: Create more ad groups as per your business services/product when setting up the adwords campaign and add relevant keywords to the ad groups.

2. Using Only Broad Match for Keywords:

Using broad match keywords; you will be charged more money from Google. Most of small businesses do not know about the keywords match type in adwords. Setting a keywords with broad match means that you allow Google to show your ads for those search terms which are remotely relevant.

Suggestion: Always use broad match modifier rather than the normal broad match or you can use the phrase or exact match for keywords. This ensures that you are paying for the most relevant clicks.

3. Limited By Budget:

Having a campaign with the “Limited by Budget” means that once the budget limit has reached its daily limit before midnight. Your ad will no longer be shown until your budget is reset. If there is no visibility you will not get any conversions.

Suggestion: Lower the bidding amount around 30 to 50%; you will get lower position & CTR but your budget limit will not be reached early in the day & your ad will be shown more times and it will lead to get more clicks.

4. Ads are not Written in Adwords Format

It is a challenging task to write the ad for adwords format. Even a good adwords manager feel this work harder than other campaign activities. Ad without targeting keywords in it, call to action sentences, lack of ad extension will not get you quality clicks. It will reduce the CTR of a campaign.

Suggestion: Write ads according to the Adwords format and also add some sentence that attract visitors to click on it. Add proper ad extension to describe your ad specifically.

5. Continuously changing in Campaign

Keep on making changes in adwords campaign do not serve you consistency to achieve the statistical significance. It is one of the biggest mistakes that we see over and over. It doesn’t means that stop optimizing your adwords account. It is must to optimize the adwords account but not on daily basis.

Suggestion: Do not change your adwords campaigns day to day. Wait for few days before changing. Make changes only if it is required for better optimization of your campaign.

Final Words:

It is simple to create the campaign but it is too much hard to maintain. If you are not getting enough result from the Google adwords, cross check the above reasons or hire PPC services company to maintain your account.


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