7+ Best Face Swap Apps for Free in 2023

If you are bored with regular selfies and looking for an app to add a fun element to your photos, congratulations, you have reached the right blog. Imagine the power of effortlessly switching faces with a friend or a celebrity. Best face swap apps let you create hilarious and jaw-dropping transformations with just a tap on your smartphone.

You can replace your face with another’s face using the face swap apps. An app development company can help you build custom face swap apps. But you need to have a good knowledge of the face swap app then only you can come up with an innovative idea. No need to look here and there for the right information, this blog has everything you need to know.

Whether you are looking for a good laugh, a creative outlet, or a fun way to spice up your photos and videos. These best Face Swap Apps have got you covered. Do you want to become part of the global sensation of face swap apps, look no further to gain more info about them.

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What Is Face Swap App?

Face swap means changing a face with that of another’s. In reality, it is not possible but with face swap apps it is possible. A face swap app is a mobile application or software that lets users switch or swap their faces with those of others.

The key features of the best face swap apps are as follows:

1) Face detection:

Face swap apps identify photos and videos and let the user choose the face to swap. The apps have face-detection technology that helps them to identify faces and differentiate them.

2) Face replacement:

You have to select a photo from your phone gallery and choose a face for real-time face recognition to replace one face with another. It creates hilarious results. Developers build AI software feeding it algorithms for face replacement.

3) Real-time swapping:

You will not have to wait for long to see how photos and videos look after swapping as Face swap apps offer real-time results. Some apps provide live face-swapping during video calls.

4) Social sharing:

After swapping your face on the photo and video you can share the new photo with your friends and family members. Many face swap apps offer additional effects such as filters, so you can add fun elements to your photo and share on social media.

5) Auto-alignment:

The face swap app automatically aligns the swapped face with the original face. The app ensures a natural and seamless look. Often the results are too clean to identify the flaw.

6) Special effects:

Many face swap apps offer additional effects such as filters, masks, or overlays to enhance the swapped face appearance. Effects enhance the look of the photo and make it shareable on different platforms.

Here is the video to learn about face swap apps more interactively

Best Face Swap Apps for Free

Here is the list of the online face swap apps for you. Know their features and work to decide which one can be your favorite one and give you the business idea.

  1. Snapchat
  2. Cupace
  3. B612
  4. Reface
  5. FaceApp
  6. Face Swap Booth
  7. Face Swap Live
  8. Face Blender
  10. Face Changer

Explore the best face swap apps one by one.

  • Snapchat:

napchat launched on 16 September 2011. Its most users are young ones, from the age group 18-25. More than 140 million Snapchat users are from this age group. This American multimedia instant messaging app lets you share enhanced images only for a short time. If you subscribe to Snapchat+ you will have early access to the new features of the app.

Snap is shared on the app available only for a short time to encourage people to interact in real-time. Snapchat was initially developed for person-to-person chat, sharing videos, and live video chatting.

Key features of Snapchat Plus:

  1. Custom notification sound
  2. Custom story expiration
  3. Snapchat+badge
  4. Story rewatch count
  5. Exclusive icons
  6. Custom chat wallpapers
  7. Story boost replay snap

This mobile app works on both the OS Android and iOS.

  • Cupace:

Cupace allows you to cut and paste your photo on the other’s photo. The results are too seamless to identify the flaws. You can use the modified and enhanced apps to create memes, swap faces, and funny photos, and share them on social media. You have to cut an area of the face in the photo and paste it into another photo. To make the photo specific and engaging add text and stickers to it.

Key features of the Cupace app:

  1. Allows adding photo inside a photo
  2. Various stickers and emojis
  3. Allows putting text on the photo
  4. Clip multiple faces in the same slot

Available for Android users.

  • B612:

B612 is an effective photo editing and camera app. It provides many free features for people who love to experiment with their photos and enhance their look. You can make the moment of your life special with this amazing photo editing app. Snow INC. developed the B612 app on Aug 13, 2014.

Its extensive range of beauty effects, filters, and AR stickers allow users to enhance their selfies and photos. Its user-friendly interface makes the journey of users engaging on the app. People can take photos enhanced with this app with a touch of fun and style.

Key features of B612 face swap app:

  1. Advanced beauty tools
  2. 3D beauty to enhance colors
  3. Extensive filter collection
  4. Real-time editing
  5. AR stickers and effects

Available on Android and iOS devices.

  • Reface:

You must have noticed those viral images and videos in which popular songs and scenes from movies featuring ordinary people’s faces. Swapping one’s face with a celebrity’s face is possible with apps like Reface. Social media users can post their enhanced images and videos using different FaceApp alternatives.

This popular mobile app allows users to create entertaining and often hilarious face-swapping videos and GIFs. The realistic and seamless face-swapping technology used in the app has gained immense popularity. You can replace your face in photos and videos with those of celebrities, functional characters, and others.

Key features of the Reface app:

  1. Face swapping
  2. A vast library of clips
  3. Realistic animation

Reface app is available on both Android and iOS

  • FaceApp:

FaceApp uses AI technology for swapping faces seamlessly. AI helps to detect the right post for a smile, face size, and face flaws and wrinkles. It is a popular app among the masses as they can try to predict how they will look when they get old. They can also predict how they used to look when they were baby.

So, you can also see your aging transformation using this amazing app. Here are the important features of the FaceApp.

  1. Age transformation
  2. Gender swap
  3. Smile and expression changes
  4. Hair color and style
  5. Makeup and filter effects
  6. Background changes
  7. Hair color and style

FaceApp is available on Android and iOS platforms.

  • Face Swap Booth:

Face Swap Booth is a mobile application that specializes in face-swapping technology. It allows users to swap faces between two individuals in a photo. It results in humorous and entertaining photos. People widely use the app because of its simplicity and fun features. Users can enjoy swapping faces as its features are so effective and engaging.

This advanced tool has many exciting features that help users to enhance and modify their photos. However, it allows saving one face from one photo. It lets you use the same photo in a completely different manner.

Key features of Face Swap Booth:

  1. Realistic swaps
  2. Library of stickers and masks
  3. Face swapping
  4. Swap whole or parts of the face
  5. Swap the faces of celebrities with your own

It is a free face swap app for Android users.

  • Face Swap Live:

You can share swapped faces with friends and family members and create fun moments with them. Swapping faces with celebrities live is exciting as you don’t have to cut an area of the face and paste it like other apps. You can see swapped faces right from the moment the camera focuses on the photos.

You must have seen the talking faces of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe’s photo. Imagine putting your face on the body of famous celebrity, isn’t it exciting and funny? You sap faces with animal photos and share them with friends for amusement.

Crucial features of the Face Swap live app:

  1. Real-time face swapping
  2. Web face mask search
  3. Mix and match beards, sunglasses, hats, and mustaches
  4. An editor helps you swap faces impeccably
  5. Library of effects

Download the Face Swap live app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

  • Face blender:

As the name suggests this app blends more than one face. If you blend the beauty of the top three most beautiful Miss World then what would be the result? Not only the face but also you can synthesize certain areas of your body. Face blending apps are also called ‘Face morphing’ and ‘face mixing’.By merging two or more faces together you can create an amazing blend. Many types of image processing are done to blend different faces into a single face. As a result, you get an image that has characteristics of images used in blending. When you look for the best apps to click Insta pics,  try this app for funny photos.

Key features of the Face Blender app:

  1. Smooth blend and morphs
  2. Face alignment
  3. Face detection
  4. Customization
  5. Image import
  6. Sharing feature

You can use the app for both iOS and Android platforms


Have you got bored using Snapchat filters and want to try something different? MRRMRR app can be the one option. Well, you can access some common features on the app but to access premium and more features you will need to subscribe. Amazing 3D masks, lens filters, and emojis will add more fun to your chat with people.

Subscription to the app makes it an easy process as you will not have to remember to subscribe every time. The subscription gets renewed automatically. When you don’t need the subscription just remove it from the bank account.

Key features of the MRRMRR app:

  1. Provides weekly updates
  2. AR features for enhanced environment
  3. AR masks
  4. Face filters
  5. Photo and video capture
  6. Social sharing

You can download the MRRMRR app for iOS and Android phones

  • Face changer:

Face Changer app allows users to transform facial features in photos for entertainment or creative purposes. You can create a playful twist on your selfies. You can choose images from the gallery or click on the app to swap your face.

Here are the key features of the Face Changer app:

  1. Masks and stickers
  2. Filters effects
  3. Face swapping
  4. Photo collages
  5. Real-time effects

Face changer app is available on Android.

You can also find many other apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The important ones I have mentioned here. However, Face apps have some pros and cons as well. Before you start using apps and developing one for your business, must go through the positives and negatives of Face Swap Apps. Moreover, check the cost of building an AI photo enhancer  to decide your budget.

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Positives and negatives of Face Swap App

Face swap apps, like many mobile applications, have their own set of pros and cons. If you are going to use any face app you must know the pros and cons of using the app safely. The market size of face recognition apps is going to reach around 5 billion (Statista) People thinking of creating apps like face apps should also understand the drawbacks to find areas of improvement.


1) Entertainment:

No doubt face swap apps show hilarious results. You can make changes to your photos in a funny way and share them with your loved ones. They are a source of amusement and creativity, allowing you to experiment with different faces and styles.

2) User-friendly:

Most face swap apps are designed to be user-friendly with interactive interfaces and engaging features. Engaging and simple designs help users interact with the app effectively to apply filters and face-swapped images.

3) Social sharing:

These apps often include built-in social sharing features that allow users to easily share their creations with friends and on social media platforms. It often leads to more engagement and laughter.

4) Group photos:

Face swap apps can detect and switch faces in group photos, making them suitable for creating funny group selfies with friends and family.

5) Creativity:

Face swap apps have various features that you can’t try all in a single day. You can use these features to create something innovative and different. Use the combination of different features and create something you never created before.


1) Privacy concerns:

Many people want to use face swap apps but they are worried about the misuse of their faces by other people and app owners. Security is the main concern for new users of face swap apps.

2) Quality issues:

The accuracy of photo quality varies from app to app. Many apps offer high-quality features while some offer ordinary features. Many apps offer realistic results while many result in distorted images.

3) Overuse:

Excessive use of face swap apps in social media posts or messages may become repetitive and lose its novelty. It can result in decreased engagement.

4) Inappropriate use:

Many sick-minded people use photos of others in an appropriate way. It can harm one’s image and create a big impact on the social status. Although these apps are made only for fun and entertainment, many take advantage of the app users.

5) Limited professional use:

Face swap apps are not intended for professional photo editing. So, their use in a serious and business context is very less.

Knowing the dangers of AI face-swapping apps makes you aware of the problems in advance. So you can use the apps securely.

How to develop a face swap app?

Developing a face swap app involves a combination of image processing, computer vision, and software development skills. Here are the steps for the easy creation of an innovative app.

Step 1: Conceptualizing and planning

Define the app’s objective and target audience. Do market research to collect information and analyze whether the idea of building a face swap app is worth it or not. If yes, then plan accordingly considering all the possibilities.

Step 2: Technical requirements

Which technology and programming language will be suitable for your app development, find it. With a little research about similar apps in the market, their tech stack, and understanding the requirements of your app, you can get the answer.

Step 3: Selection of OS

Once you know your target audience, you can think about selecting an OS for your app. It is one of the crucial steps because later steps are dependent on it. You can’t decide on the tech stack until you select an OS (iOS, Android, or cross-platform) for your mobile application.

Step 4: Face detection

Face detection is a vital feature of face swap apps. Without this technology swapping faces is difficult. With the help of AI and AR technologies apps are trained on detecting faces and using AR features.

Step 5: Face alignment

Distorted or incorrectly aligned faces can reduce the number of users on your app. Even you can’t make new ones because of bad results. Make sure the technology you use for face alignment is suitable and gives impeccable results.

Step 6: Swapping algorithm

You will have to create core algorithms that swap the selected faces. It involves switching and blending the faces according to the color, size, and features of faces. Right-swapping algorithms enable a seamless merge of the faces.

Step 7: User interface

Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface for your face swap app. Engaging designs of the app attract more users and lead to popularity. Include options for users to select images and use the device’s camera, choose faces to an app, and apply filters and effects.

Step 8: Testing

Thoroughly test the app for functionality, accuracy, and performance, and ensure that it works on various devices seamlessly. Make sure the app is responsive on different devices. Then only upload the app to the Google Play Store or your suitable platform. Check the responses and comments of users on the app to improve it.


These best face swap apps for 2023 offer endless entertainment and creative possibilities. Whether you are looking for hilarious face swaps, artistic effects, or fun with friends, these apps have you covered. With a user-friendly interface and array of features, you can transform your photos and videos with ease. In case, you are planning to build a face swap app, talk to experts and share your ideas as it will guide you for the best.


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