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Mr. Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit, An early-aged entrepreneur who always leads his team from the front and achieved success. As the founder & CEO of Technource, a top mobile app & Web development company, he made a global presence in a short time by offering custom software development, premium mobile apps, and website development services to global clients. In his free time, he loves writing. He is featured on Hackernoon, Dzone, Enlear Academy, Articlesfactory, and much more websites.

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Infinite loops in JavaScript, are powerful tools when used intentionally and can freak out when used accidentally. This blog explores the concept of infinite loops, their common causes, and the need to find infinite loops and reform them.

AI, web development, game development, data science, software development, and the list is long where Python programming language is used. Constructors in Python play a crucial role, allowing developers to create and initialize objects of a given class.

95% of internet users access websites via their mobile phones (Statista, April 2023). The evolving landscape of web development is highly influenced by mobile users. When you hire web developers make sure they create a mobile-responsive website.

In the world of programming, even small details can make a big difference. JavaScript capitalize first letter, you may think it is a minor adjustment. However, it can significantly change the appearance and readability of text in web applications.

In Python programming, the ‘if not’ statement is a powerful tool for handling conditions. Understanding its usage can simplify your code and make it more readable. In this blog, we will talk about the  ‘if not’ statement, its importance, syntax, and practical applications.

In the current digital era, businesses have transformed the way they operate and expand their IT infrastructure and software solutions through the cloud. Cloud computing has three primary acronyms: SAAS, IAAS, and PAAS.

Businesses of all sizes are continually seeking ways to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and deal with competencies. Offshore outsourcing is a strategy to meet market demands and make businesses efficient.

The tough times that the world has seen in 2020 due to the pandemic act as an eye-opener for many. A year that helped us realize how important our health and fitness can be. Millennials nowadays like investing in playing sports, gym, yoga, meditation practices, and much more.

The On-Demand food chains are gaining popularity with each passing day. Apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, and the likes have managed to create a successful business from the simple idea of getting food delivered to our homes.

Social apps have been the highlight of the past decade where apps like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have firmed their grip on the masses. An app like Pinterest is the most peculiar of the preceding as it has received astounding success even with the absence of interactivity.

Have you experienced the change that technology and related services have brought to our day-to-day lives? Even the older generations have grown prone to availing services using a few taps.

There have been various businesses that have flourished since the advent of the on-demand food marketplace. This includes the Cloud or Ghost Kitchens as well as the food truck business.