Bring Huge Crowd on Your eCommerce Store With Amazing Magento Features

February 22, 2017
By Technource

Do you know that in 2016; people spent 1.6 trillion dollars on purchasing stuff online? You will be shocked after hearing that people will spend almost 2.05 trillion dollars on online purchasing in 2017. Online store owners do $50+ billion in business through the most preferred platform named Magento. What else will attract you to start an online store using this platform?

Isn’t your online store built with Magento platform? Means your store is missing many features that only a Magento platform can offer you. Have a look at the most amazing features of Magento Web Development:

Powerful: Magento can host approx. 500,000 products on one site, and can handle more than 80,000 orders/hour.

Marketing Promotions and Tools: Owners to build and customize their offering on the fly. Discounts, coupons, and different promotion options.

Excellent Customer Service: Rich customers accounts with comprehensive order tracking, easy contact us forms, customizable order e-mails and live to support quick solutions.

Advanced SEO: Complete Search Engine Friendly, giving your products a better chance to rank on various search engines.

Product Browsing: Extensive review & wishlist options, Add multiple images for products.

Order Management: Full access to customer orders, Create & edit multiple invoices shipments and credit memos.

Support Multiple Languages: Support Multiple currencies, Allowed list of countries for registration, purchasing and shipping too.

Mobile Friendly: Shopping carts are developed responsively, Viewable on all mobile devices.

I am sure that after reading this amazing features; you will be attracted to build your store in Magento and start thinking to hire Magento developer to create a store. Do not need to waste your time to find the developer; Technource is here to help you. Share your store needs with us via email: or for urgent discussion call: +9179 4037 0882.

Look at the below infographic of Magento to know more about Magento.

Magento Features Infographic - Technource


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