Important Insights on Creating an App like Airbnb or Airbnb Clone App


Airbnb is a perfect example of how a business can flourish when the right business model meets a unique customer experience. Airbnb managed to inculcate ‘trust’ among customers by encouraging people in sharing spaces they already owned and renting them to people in need. Airbnb managed to transform the ‘vacation rental model’ for the better. Here we will talk about how to build an App like Airbnb or Airbnb clone app?
Airbnb has become an evident example of how connecting the desired product with an honest customer experience can define a brand’s purpose. This vision into the future has inspired many individuals to seek different yet bankable ways that cater to service innovation.
Airbnb has generated high revenue for the gig economy. The gig economy is prevalent to laborers that work with short-term contracts and freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs. Millennials are especially attracted to this sector and are willing to share their homes with travelers and Airbnb happens to be the most favored rental service that exhibits this tendency.
We understand that your mind has a thousand questions on how to go about building an app like Airbnb. This blog sheds light on some of the prominent topics related to vacation rental app development. Topics such as how Airbnb works, its business model, and essential features. So, read on!

How does Airbnb Work?

The working model of Airbnb has two major participants :
1. Guests.
2. Hosts.
It offers services in multitudes ranging from lodging accommodations to a variety of other travel experiences. If you wish to create a platform similar to this you should understand how it works best from a consumer’s perspective. If you manage to fill all the loopholes that can act as a hindrance to the users then you would be pretty close to have created a potentially successful business model.
What is the most important thing one looks for while choosing a hotel for a vacation? We always have underlying insecurity of whether we’re safe where we are or not. Here the situation is even more delicate – how can one feel safe with a stranger staying across the hall? Or how would you feel if you were a stranger that had to rely on an owner you’ve never met before? Airbnb has managed to find solutions to almost all of these core issues.
The platform allows many different types of individuals to provide their service on the Airbnb app:

1. Millennials, homeowners, and empty nesters are always looking for opportunities to earn a few bucks to help pay their college fees, mortgage, and rents.

2. The other type are people who are fond of meeting new people from around the world. People often make new friends either with their guests or with their hosts.

3. The most prevalent though are explorers. These individuals make the most of a service like Airbnb. If you’re really keen on experiencing how the locals live in the place you travel to who’d provide you with a better experience than a local residing there?

How does Airbnb work for the Guests?

  • To start using the app the user has to try the web version or download the iOS or Android apps from their respective play stores.
  • The user then has to register for the first time or can log in using their credentials.
  • This is followed by the completion of the guest profile by updating other id proofs, pictures, id numbers, and much more.
  • After the user completes the preceding pre-requisites they can start looking for lodging accommodations that are termed as “stay’ by the app. Users are provided with various filters such as location, type of space, price, to help them find the exact place fitting their budget.
  • A user can then apply for a stay and will later receive a confirmation mail if the request is approved.
  • The last step is visiting the place and enjoying life with the locals.

How does Airbnb work for Hosts?

  • The user has to follow similar steps as we learned above. They visit the respective play stores or web version of the app and get over the initial registration or login process.
  • During the login process, the user registering as a host also has to provide confirm proof that they’re over the age of 18.
  • It’s required of the hosts to take real photos of their stay and set a price. Airbnb also provides an option to hire professional photographers to upload decent pictures.
  • As a guest requests a stay the host can initiate a conversation and discuss all the important details such as hygiene and cleanliness standards, quiet hours, and much more.
  • If the host is comfortable they can approve the stay. But it’s the host’s right to cancel the stay for a period of time.
  • The host receives their payment within 24 hours after the guest checks in. The guest then has the option to review the host and the place.

Business Model:

Having a sturdy business model is the basis of every business. Airbnb offers a business model that appeals to the mass market by helping them connect in a unique way. It helps connect travelers, experience providers, and hosts in the most digitally proficient way possible. It uses a rating system to do the preceding task.
The app has over 1,500,000 listings in 34, 000 cities and 190 countries. Travelers can rent spaces all over the world and rent private homes. On the other side, it also offers the owners to list their spaces and earn rental money.
Though Airbnb offers much more than affordable lodging options, It provides one access to the local culture and distinctive spaces and helps a user experience ‘Home’ anywhere they go.
It earns revenue from both the participants of the process i.e. the guests and the hosts. It charges a booking fee of 6-12% to the guests and a 3% commission to the host on a successful transaction.

Features to consider while developing an App like Airbnb or Airbnb Clone App:


The user has to sign up through a dedicated email and password registration to gather authentic information about the user.

  • Login/ Sign-in:

A user will then log in using their mail credentials or can also use other social media handles to sign in. Also, there should be a forgotten password and a logout option to make your app more user-friendly.

  • Advance Search:

The advance search allows you to search homes and lodging accommodation using various filters of price, and geolocation. It also allows them to plan their stay as per the set dates of their trip.

  • Communication Panel:

Having an efficient communication channel that promotes communication between the guest and the host is of prime importance. It should allow them to share photos and videos while also offering provisions to share their location.

  • Secure Payment Options:

This is the most crucial part of creating an app like Airbnb. As users from all over the world are trusting you with their confidential information, it’s necessary that you use secure methods to process their payments.

  • Accommodations:

This is an essential feature for the hosts. The hosts need to upload photos and videos to advertise their vacant spaces. There should be integrated tools and options that allow the hosts to do the same.

Key Takeaways:

Above we learned how a vacation rental business like Airbnb functions on the ground level. The portal was launched in 2008 and has managed to reach such significant heights in the following years. The reason behind the success of this app is the strong business model and its ability to adapt with time.
Airbnb has managed to capture a niche that already faced great problems when they wanted to travel and try the local life for a few days. Hence, knowing your crowd’s problems and the issues they’re currently facing is one of the core researches that one should do to build an app like Airbnb.
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