Best Ways to Develop iOS Apps on Windows

Do you know you can develop ios apps on windows? Yes, it is possible now. Developers know that Xcode is vital for the development of iOS apps. Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is used to design and develop iOS apps. But, you can’t run it on windows. However, this IDE is only compatible with Mac OS.

Xcode is used to upload the app on the App Store because it has a Swift compiler, interface builder, and many other tools. It is a complete package to build iOS applications on Mac OS.
But what if you don’t have Mac OS? Will you not build an app? There is always a way in the technology world.

So, two reasons that stop you from iOS app building. First, Xcode is only compatible with Mac OS, second, you can’t buy any computer with Mac OS. But as you know that this blog is all about developing iOS apps on windows, so there must be ways for the same. Our iOS app development company is presenting you the solution to the issue of making iOS apps on windows.


How to Build iOS Apps on Windows? Explained

You know that you can’t build an iOS app without using Xcode. It is one of the best iOS development tools. But it is only compatible with Mac OS with the iOS SDK for the development of iOS apps. So, to build iOS apps on windows, you need virtualization software.

You can get access to virtual MacOS by using a virtual machine namely VirtualBox and VMware. So, this way developing an iOS app can be easy for you. But how is it possible? Let’s understand.

With the help of virtualization, you can run windows on a Linux operating system and windows on Mac OS as well. Moreover, virtualization allows the running of multiple OS Side-By-Side. Which is good for cross-platform app development as well. It is the popular advantage of using virtualization.

How to Run Mac OS on a Virtual Machine?

You know that you can run windows on Mac OS. But how to make it possible or what are the ways to do so? You have to follow the three things.

  1. Download Mac OS from the Apple store to have its copy and begin the iOS development. Also, look for some virtual disk images with Mac OS pre-installed.
  2. Download VirtualBox. It will emulate the complete computer system and you can run a different platform on it.
  3. Install Xcode for windows. You can install it from the Apple app store.

But remember, Mac OS doesn’t support X86 architecture. Moreover, the system’s specs should be between 4-8 GB of RAM and an intel i5/i7 compatible CPU. Likewise, at least 10 GB of free space. Also, remember that you enter a valid Apple ID while configuring macOS.

Keeping everything in mind will help you to understand how to develop an iOS app on windows. So, after the installation process of macOS and Xcode IDE, you can start coding and use iOS simulator capabilities for development. In addition, you can test the app in the same environment.

If you want to make Apple apps on windows, software virtualization can be helpful. Since the number of mobile users is increasing, the scope of iOS and Android apps development should also increase so that developers can build apps faster than before.

Have a look at the image below. Apple app store is the second-largest app store with 2.11 million apps for iOS. If developers can work on windows, it will accelerate the app development and there can be more iOS apps than now.





So, virtualization is not only the way to develop iOS apps on windows. There are some other ways also.

Top 7 Ways to Develop iOS Apps on Windows

Here is the list of top ways for iOS development on windows. You can explore them and develop iOS apps for different businesses.

  1. Rent a Mac in the Cloud
  2. Cross-Platform Tools for iOS App Development
  3. React Native Environment
  4. Build “Hackintosh” to Run Xcode
  5. Xamarin for iOS App Development
  6. Code with a Swift Sandbox
  7. Use Unity 3D

Have a closer look at each way to understand better the iOS development on windows.

1. Rent a Mac in the Cloud

You can use MacinCloud and MacStadium service providers to rent a Mac in the cloud. You can create, build, test, or manage your iOS app projects using MacStadium. Orka 2.0 is the latest release. It can support Apple silicon nodes either in a hybrid cluster with intel-based macs or in a completely ARM-based Orka environment.

Likewise, MacinCloud provides managed and dedicated servers. You can get on-demand mac servers as per need. The price starts at $20/month. You can choose from various hardware options like brands mac Mini and Mac pro. Moreover, you can connect with cloud-based macs via a remote desktop connection. It offers a stock remote desktop client that you can use for iOS development on a computer.

2. Cross-Platform Tools for iOS App Development

Cross-platform tools are very helpful for developers as they can use Xamarin and Phonegap to code apps and export them to iOS and Android by reducing the app development time. Thereby, the cost also turns out less. So, these cross-platform tools help you to develop iOS apps on windows in an effective way.

You need a complete integrated development environment Xamarin with C#. Moreover, you use some other windows-based development tools like Appcelerator with HTML 5. So, most importantly, you need to know the fundamentals of the programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, C#, and HTML5. If you understand the iOS and Android ecosystems, it will be easy for you to develop native apps. This way you can distinguish hybrid apps as well.

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3. React Native Environment

You can build truly native apps using React Native UI software. It is an open-source platform to develop applications for iOS and Android. Moreover, provides many useful features. It provides support for third-party libraries. Many developers consider it the best choice to develop web apps, hybrid apps, and mobile apps for the iOS platform.

In addition, you can build an app for iOS devices on windows PC with the help of React Native an Android Emulator, and a Mac OS deployment machine. The Expo simulator is available for iOS and Android platforms to check the results.

4. Build “Hackintosh” to Run Xcode

You have to build Hackintosh to run Xcode for developing Apple apps on windows PC. “Hackintosh” term came from “Macintosh” and “Hack”. Hackintosh is the best for someone who wants a separate physical computer running Mac OS. The how-to section in Hackintosh contains links to several tutorials. You can build your own Hackintosh and install high Sierra.

So, you can install Mac OS as the bootable operating system on the windows PC. Moreover, you can use the Dual boot system because it runs on both windows and mac OS.

5. Xamarin for iOS App Development

If you are planning for hybrid app development, using Xamarin can be a better choice than Cloud Mac and many other frameworks used for hybrid app development. It gives a cost-effective solution for iOS development on windows. Moreover, several developers believe that it provides real native output.

It is a feature-rich platform and allows you to build a compile iOS apps and deploy them to iOS devices from windows. However, it can’t help you with the submission to the app store.

6. Code with a Swift Sandbox

Swift is a general purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language. This programming language is easy for new developers to learn. It is as expressive as a scripting language. Likewise, you can run it on any hardware. You can run Swift on your browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

When you run a code in Swift Sandbox, it sends the code to a web server. The web server compiles the code and then returns a result.

7. Use Unity 3D

Unity 3D is mainly used for game app development. It’s a powerful IDE that can be based on Android, iOS, Windows, and other platforms. However, its strong functions and numerous features make it a good choice for building non-gaming apps.

The “Cloud Build” feature of Unity supports iOS development on windows in easy steps. Moreover, you will not have to face such issues while setting up the Unity cloud and creating iOS projects. You can use a freely available editor for development and distribution.


What Is the Cost of iOS Development?

An app development cost depends on many factors whether it is for iOS or Android. The estimated development cost of an iOS app is $20,000 for a simple app. Whereas, you may have to spend more than this amount if you want a customized app. So, a customized iOS app can cost you around $50,000.

If developers are implementing complex features and development is taking more than usual time, then also the cost can go higher. Moreover, if the client wants to use the latest version, it can also affect the cost of development.

What type of developers you want to hire, also determines the cost. Experienced developers charge $50-$100/hour for iOS apps while intermediate ones charge around $20-$30. Check out our blog on how to hire an iOS developer in 2022, if you want to know simple steps for it.

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How to Hire Developers to Create iOS Apps?

Do you want to give a better customer experience to your app users and empower your business in the international market? Build ios apps using the cross-platform tool and install Xcode for writing code. Many businesses go for top iOS app development services and get customized solutions. If you also want to hire a mobile app development company or developer focus on the below points.

  1. Find work experience of the company or the developer
  2. Check portfolio to find old projects
  3. Check the development fees on different platforms
  4. Read feedback and reviews about the developer or a firm
  5. Discuss your idea and pricing model and delivery time of the company or developer

Wrapping Up

Although Xcode doesn’t support windows, you can still develop iOS apps on windows. You read in the blog, how it is possible. If still, you face any issues, you can contact Technource. You can get a free consultation from world-class experts. Moreover, you can hire an iOS developer for your app.
Stay tuned for more informative blogs.




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