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  • iPhone users will rise to 118 million in 2022 in America, and iOS held a 55.86% share of the mobile OS market in Australia. So, the popularity of iOS across the globe paved the way for iOS developers. They have to use ios development tools for compiled code and software packages.

    The tools make the development process easy and effective for the developers. It helps them to save time and effort. Moreover, they can implement innovative ideas and build an impressive yet robust app. Developers in our custom ios app development company Technource have to be adroit at different iOS development tools to meet the demand of the clients.

    Since huge competition is prevailing in app development, the use of tools fastens the development process and helps you to be ahead of your competitors. Different enterprises ask for fast and effective development solutions. So, in this situation, if the developers write code from the scratch and repeat the code, it can take away their major time and miss the deadline.

    Development tools for ios apps, help not only developers but also clients because they can have a robust and engaging app on time. But often, you get confused between Android and iOS apps and think which platform would be the best. The next section will make you aware of the difference between Android and iOS. Moreover, you will get to know the 5 best iOS development tools and much more in the blog.

    iOS development tools help your app from building to deployment.

    What Is the Difference Between iOS and Android App Development?

    People often seem confused about the app development platform. When you are in this dilemma, focus on the reasons why you need an app and who is your target audience. It is because iOS apps don’t work on Android phones. And the number of Android mobile companies is many. Let’s have a look at the difference between both OS.

    • Objective-C and Swift are used in iOS app development. Whereas, Android apps need Java for development.
    • iOS simulator is faster than the Android emulator for Apps QA testing.
    • iOS app development is costlier than Android.
    • Android apps are free to download, while iOS ask for charges.
    • Android leads the apps market with 70% market control and the remaining market is controlled by iOS apps.

    If you want to know which types of apps are available on the App store. Have a look at the below statistics.

    Difference Between iOS and Android App Development

    The above statistics are showing the percentage of available popular app categories on the Apple store in December 2021. Best ios app development ideas can help you choose the best one for you. For this, you can check the 21 excellent industry-based app ideas.

    What Is a Development Tool?

    You have read above that developers use iOS development tools, but do you know what exactly is a development tool?

    Developers have to write code for every function and feature in the apps, even if they work on similar apps. Every app needs icons, texts, and buttons, so the developers have to build logic and write code every time for them. It takes a lot of time and makes the development process cumbersome.

    Development tools are predefined libraries, where code for buttons, icons, and some particular and repetitive designs are available. The developers have to drag and drop the code directly to the program. Mobile app development companies use various development tools for effective and timely development.

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    Developer’s Requirements

    App building is a long process so the developers have to focus on various things. ios developer toolkit help them to complete the project on time. Before they pick the tools, they have to analyze their requirements for tools.

    • Programming Language: iOS apps use Objective-C or Swift programming language for their development. It’s a robust and intuitive programming language that makes the development process convenient.
    • Editors & IDEs: Integrated development environment (IDE) is an application and has a source code editor, debugger, and build automation. Developers use editors to make the coding easy. Many useful tools for ios developers are Editors & IDEs.

    There are many new developer tools for ios. Software development companies understand the importance of the tools so they use them effectively. Scroll down to know some of the important iOS tools.

    5 Best iOS Development Tools

    When you hire an ios app developer, make sure you ask for the technologies they use. It will help you get an idea of your app development cost. There are many iOS development tools to help developers.

    We have listed the 5 best development tools below. Check out.

    Tool Logo Rating Reason to Choose
    1. XCode Xcode 4
    869 Reviews
    Build code, debug, &develop user interface
    2. AppCode AppCode 4.3
    17 Reviews
    It simplifies code management.
    3. Transporter transporter 4.8
    2136 Reviews
    Upload app effectively.
    4. Cocoapods cocoapods 4.4
    22 Reviews
    Third-party library integration
    5. TestFlight testflight 4.8
    566 Reviews
    Test apps properly


    It is an integrated development environment (IDE). With the help of integrated workflow in the Xcode, developers can build software for macOS, IpadOS, WatchOS, and tvOS. So, the developers can code, test, debug, and work on the user interface. Moreover, Xcode helps the developers to publish the app. The important feature that attracts most developers towards this tool is ‘cross-platform development’. Have a look at the advanced features below.

    • SwiftUI and Interface Builder
    • Latest SDKs
    • Instrument Analysis Tools
    • Swift, C/C++, Objective C Compiler
    • Complete Documentation


    Locating and fixing errors is often takes away the major time. But with the help of AppCode, developers can perform both tasks effectively. This is one of the important iOS development tools because developers can use various programming languages like Swift, Object C, and C++. Moreover, AppCode simplifies the code management task for developers that saves their time. Know some important features of AppCode below.

    • AppCode supports multiple programming languages.
    • Intelligent code assistance helps to write impeccable code.
    • In-built tools for running, testing, and debugging.

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    Transporter helps to upload content like apps, music, tv shows, movies, and books on many Apple platforms. Moreover, you can send your content to the Apple books, Apple Store, App Music, and iTunes Store. But there are some basic things that you need to do, have an app store connect, iTunes connect, or an encoding house connect. The best iOS developer apps require Transporter to upload the content properly and fast.

    • Validation warnings to check the delivery progress
    • Drag and drop content facility.
    • Allows multiple files to upload simultaneously.
    • History of deliveries with the date.


    Developers use Cocoapods for third-party library integration because it has around 83k libraries. Moreover, it is helpful in Xcode projects’ integration and manages libraries of CocoaPods. It is the best platform for ios app development because developers can fetch the source code directly, without being dependent on libraries widely. Read about more features below.

    • Sports multiple Swift versions and Pod projects
    • Incremental installation
    • The most extensive dependency manager


    TestFlight is one of the best app development frameworks to test apps before uploading them on the Apple Store. It avoids discrepancies between release candidate test build and final app store builds. Moreover, in-app purchases are free in TestFlight. Have a look at some of the crucial features of the TestFlight iOS development tool.

    • Allows various types of testing on Apple products.
    • Beta testing of app prototype.
    • Easy to check the efficiency of app’s designs & features.
    • Invite users for beta testing.

    These are the best iOS development tools for different purposes in app development. Most developers use them frequently. There are some other technologies also used for both iOS and Android.

    looking for skilled developers to convert your Android app to iOS

    How Much Does It Cost to Develop an iOS App?

    As you know that app development includes various phases and technologies, the price can vary. There can be many reasons for the variation in the app development cost. It is because of different requirements by different businesses or clients.

    • Simple App Development Cost- $5,000-$10,000
    • Medium App Development Cost- $10,000-$30,000
    • Complex App Development Cost- $30,000-$80,000

    Now you must have understood why and which iOS tools are used by the developers widely. If you want top Mobile app development services for your app development, pick the best tool as per the need.

    Important Frequently Asked Questions

    We are presenting some important questions to you that people usually ask when they want to hire iPhone app developer. Maybe you also have some doubts, so read below and get solutions to your queries.


    Which is the best iOS development tool for my app?


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    Is moving an app from Android to iOS safe?

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