How Much Does It Cost to Create Word Game Apps like Wordle in 2023?

The cost of apps like Wordle depends on many factors and “app complexity” is one of them. The cost of a simple game app is $10,000 and a medium app is $25,000. If you want an advanced app, the cost of a game app can go up to $500,000.

As you can notice the prices are not the same, so thinking about why others get a word game app developed at such a low price or high price doesn’t make sense until you analyze the factors affecting the cost.

Our experts at the app development company studied the factors that affect guess words, word games, word puzzles, crossword puzzles, and many other game apps to provide you with correct information about the exact app development cost

Word game apps are different from other game apps. They work on a guessing game system. For example, some numbers appear on the screen and you have to guess the missing ones. You get six tries to guess, so it’s a guessing game.

What Is Wordle?

Wordle is a simple online game and it has around 3 million players in 2023. It has become a viral game these days. It came into the picture from nowhere in the year 2022. And have become a new favorite game of the masses. Yellow and green squares have become so familiar that people can understand they are from Wordle without any effort.

What Is Wordle
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There is a game called Queerdle, it considers itself the “Yassification of Wordle”. Every day a new word appears between four and eight letters for guessing. Wordle also provides direction and distance to your target country.

But how to play this Wordle game and what are the rules? Are rules so difficult? How long it takes to learn the game? You can watch this YouTube video to understand

How to play wordle

If you are a novice in the morning, you can be an expert in the Wordle game in the afternoon after watching this video.

Here are some quick steps to know how to play Wordle

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Search website:
  3. You have six tries to guess
  4. Each guess must be five letter word
  5. The color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word.

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What Is the Cost of a Wordle Word Game?

Wordle is sweeping the web since 2022 and it continues in 2023. People are sharing and discussing a daily challenge. It has become their everyday routine. It requires vocabulary skills to find the right answer. The success of the Wordle six-letter wordplay has inspired many businesses to develop Wordle alternatives.

If you are also planning to develop an app like Wordle, know about its cost. The cost of Wordle app development is $10,000-$25,000. However, this is not the fixed cost because app development depends on many factors.

Top 5 Factors to Affect the Cost of Wordle

You don’t have to download the Wordle game app to play. You can play it from any web page. After every incorrect guess, you are told how far and close in which direction you are to find a correct answer. Incorrect letters turn grey, most closed letters turn yellow, and correctly guess letters turn green.

If you also want to make a successful game or Wordle clones, don’t forget to consider these 5 factors that affect the cost of apps like Wordle.

1. Research:

Research is the most important part of app development. You collect crucial information like app trends, competitors, app ideas, target audience, and many other things. You can deeply analyze the requirements with the help of intense research. Surveys conducted for research, sources, and materials require an investment that affects the final cost of app development.

2. Platform Selection:

Mobile development companies make Android and iOS-based games. You have to decide, do you want to develop one game for iOS, Android, or both audiences. Many software development companies use cross-platform app development frameworks to build an app that works on both platforms.

3. Design:

Simple designs, features, and functions cost low and advanced designs cost high. So, you have to decide which type of features you want for your app after analyzing the requirements. Front-end developers or UI/UX designers use React, Flutter, Angular, Vue, JavaScript, Ionic, and CSS. They use other languages as well.

4. Location of Developers:

Do you want to outsource Wordle alternative or want to hire an in-house team? In some countries, the cost of game app developers is high for example, $100-$150/hour in the USA and Canada. While developers in some countries like India and Eastern Europe charge only $20-$50/hour.

5. Game Complexity:

Game complexity increases the time of development. As a result developers and designers have to put in extra effort and time. It makes the development of games like Wordle more expensive. If you are making a complex Game app like PubG the cost can be high.

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A Quick Look At The Cost Division of Apps Like Wordle

Have a look at the tables provided below. You can quickly understand what factors affect the cost and why there is a difference in the app development cost by looking at the tables below.

App Cost Division Based on Platforms:

App Types Estimated Cost Estimated Timeline Technologies Used
Android $10,000-$30,000 3-5 Months Java, Kotlin
iOS $15,000-$50,000 5-8 Months Swift, Objective C
Cross-platform $20,000-$100,000 6-12 Months Flutter, React Native

Mobile app Cost Division Based on a Service Provider:

Service Provider Development Cost Time Required
App Development Company $10,000-$50,000+ 3-5 Months
Freelancer $20,000-$70,000 4-7 Months

App Cost Division Based on Regions:

Countries Estimated Cost of a Developer Per Hour
India $20-$30/hour
Eastern Europe $30-$50/hour
Western Europe $80-$100/hour
Australia $100-$150/hour
The USA $150-$200/hour


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Technology Stack of Apps Like Wordle

Tech stack is the major factor that affects the cost of apps similar to Wordle. You have to focus on what technologies will be required for your app development. Wordle uses 14 technology products.

App and website development technologies are divided into two categories, back-end, and front-end. You will know about the technologies below that are used for game app development.

  • CSS
  • React
  • Flutter
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Google Analytics
  • Objective C
  • Kotlin

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How to Build an App like Wordle?

Five letter word games, Mystery words, correct guesses, and many other types of games are built with various technology stacks. Developers have to analyze the requirements of game apps or ideas. So, that they can make a proper plan.

If you know programming languages, tools, and frameworks you can also build unlimited games. Have a look at the skills required to build an app and include features like mystery word, kitty letter, a spelling bee, six attempts, and many others.

  1. Problem-solving
  2. Knowledge of CSS and HTML
  3. Knowledge of Designing
  4. Familiar with different app development tools
  5. Time Management
  6. App Testing and Hosting

If you are not from a technical background, learning all these skills can eat up most of your time. It can increase your app’s market time. Another way to develop an app is to hire the best app development company.

A software development firm has all the professionals like designers, developers, app testers, business analysts, and others required for app development. Follow the below points to find the best game app development company.

  1. Search for the most reliable and top software development companies
  2. Compare the services and prices of these companies
  3. Go through feedback and reviews about the firms
  4. Ask about the company to its clients
  5. Check the portfolio of the software development agencies
  6. Be clear about your requirements

Top 10 Apps Like Wordle for Word Games

Know about the Wordle alternatives before you jump to develop or hire an agency for app development. It will help you know what type of features you can include in your app and what can be improved.

Improvement is crucial because why would anyone use your game app when they already have similar ones? Focusing on the idea, features, and functions of competitors’ apps will help you improve your app and come up with better results.

  1. TypeShift
  2. Squabble
  3. Quordle
  4. Octordle
  5. Byrdle
  6. Kitty Letter
  7. Boggle
  8. Dordle
  9. Spelling Bee
  10. Swordle

1. TypeShift:


In this, you are given a set of letters. You have to swipe up and down them to swap out what letter is in the specific part. You have to create words simultaneously with the help of available combinations. Likewise, there is one puzzle is given on daily basis.

2. Squabble:


It is also one of the huge gaming trends in recent times. You have to put forth your guesses fast because Squabble has competitors for you. Squabble offers you only six attempts to find a five letter word.

3. Quordle:


Quordle is four times harder to play than the original game Wordle. Since Quordle is Wordle quadrupled the principles of the game remain similar. Players have to guess four words at the same time. It is for those who are looking for an extra challenge. While Wordle gives six guesses to players. Quordle gives two gameplay options and provides a practice mode as well.

4. Octordle:


Octordle is twice harder as Quordle and eight times harder than Wordle. You have to find eight words and for this, you get thirteen guesses. A word contains five letters where the similarities end.

Your approach to the game can differ in Octordle. For example, you can as many letters as possible, guess words that will tell you something more about the answer, or complete them one by one from start. It’s all up to you.

5. Byrdle:


All the words in Byrdle are related to choral music. Although it’s a Wordle clone, unlike Wordle you can play past games by pressing the clock. Playing Wordle after Byrdle can give a little bit different experience. If you want to build an app like Wordle, consider Byrdle features for an advanced app.

6. Kitty Letter:

Kitty Letter

Kitty letter is one of the best examples in the series of apps like Wordle. Download it for free and play. The gameplay is similar to the NYT spelling bee. Grid with letters has particular values. The multiplayer mode lets you play with others as well.

7. Boggle:


There are 16 letter cubes inside the base and you have 90 seconds to create as many words as you can after shaking the cube. If more than one player finds the same word, that word is not counted.

8. Dordle:


It offers an extra challenge to players. You have to guess two words in Dordle every day to form words. Dordle provides seven attempts to guess the correct answer. More attempts more fun and the difficulty level also increases.

9. Spelling Bee:

Spelling Bee

In the Spelling Bee game each word has at least four letters and the Center letter is in yellow. You have to put more words together to earn more points. This game is different from Wordle. It lets you guess a certain amount of words every day.

10. Swordle:


Swordle is a word game about Star Wars. It offers you six tries to guess a five-letter word. But this game can be harder for some people because it includes terms and characters from Star Wars. It also includes the names of Droid.

Apart from these 10 apps, there are many more. The Crossword game app is also like a traditional crossword. You get more puzzles as you finish. Waffle is another alternative to Wordle. You have to swap the letters to form six words. Half on the horizontal axis and half on the vertical axis. These top 10 Wordle clones also help your kids to improve their math skills and vocabulary.

Wrapping Up

So, get ready with your friends and play Wordle and its alternatives to have fun. If you want your own game and also want to make it a game sensation, look no further than Technource. Partner with top talent who can offer innovative and robust game apps. Hire the best game app developers from Technource at any time at just $30 per hour.

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