9 Best Foods & Beverages Delivery Apps Like Doordash [Business Model]

The On-Demand food chains are gaining popularity with each passing day. Apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, and the like have managed to create a successful business from the simple idea of getting food delivered to our homes. Here you’ll get to know how you can get apps like Doordash.

The food delivery systems offer customers the ultimate convenience of ordering their favorite food at their desired time and without any human interaction. Trends dictate that the millennials and future generations would prefer eating in their comfort at their home rather than eating in luxurious dine-outs.

As per the recent updates, one of the prominent players of the on-demand food delivery apps namely “DoorDash’ is all set to file for an IPO. Doordash is one of the potential food delivery unicorns that made its way to the market in 2013 and has become an evident star of the on-demand food delivery system in the following years.

This blog offers information on the turn-around this Unicorn has seen over the years, the statistical analysis of the figures it has generated, and the important things to keep in mind if you wish to create an app like DoorDash.

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What Is DoorDash?

DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service that made its way to the market in 2013 that is located in San Francisco. DoorDash allows you to order food from local restaurants and franchises. The food is delivered through the help of delivery executives nicknamed ‘Dashers’ and is offered by restaurants that sign up on the platform to sell their food to consumers.

A research company named Second Measure, in its research in 2019 concluded that DoorDash is the most influential app-based food delivery system in the US. Its popularity has surpassed Uber Eats and GrubHub as well.

The numbers always paint a clearer picture of how any business is performing. Let’s catch a glimpse of some statistics that can deepen our understanding of how this service has performed in the past and what future possibilities it holds.

Statistical Analysis:

  • The company reported 1.9 billion USD in revenue in the first 9 months of 2020.
  • Doordash has more than 390, 000 merchants, almost 18 million customers, and 1 million delivery executives.
  • The company had a profit of 23 million USD on a revenue of 675 million USD in the quarter that ended on June 30th.
  • The valuation of the company has seen an exponential rise, from 1.4 billion USD in 2018 to 16 billion USD earlier this year.
  • The annual growth rate of the company between the years 2020-2024 is predicted to be 7.5 % which will result in a market value of 182, 327 million USD.

How Does DoorDash Work?

Here are the steps to know how Doordash works. Read them below.

Step 1:

The DoorDash app is only available in the US, Canada, and Australia. Firstly, you’ve to download the app as per the OS you’re using (iOS or Android). The next step would be to sign-up for a new account by providing all the required information such as your delivery address, payment details, phone number, and much more. If you wish, you can also sign-up via Google or Facebook.

Step 2:

You can begin ordering your favorite food once you sign-up. You can select the food you want to order in a few ways, firstly by browsing through the main page of the app. Secondly, use the search icon at the bottom where you can type the name of the restaurant you want to order food from and the other by selecting the category of food that you want to order. As you’ve already fed your address in the app, it can offer you local deals, estimated delivery time, and other fast delivery options.

Step 3:

If you simply tap a restaurant’s name, you’d be taken to its menu page. Here you can see the list of all the food items and different categories. The restaurant offers customizable menus with options to select additional ingredients, make things vegetarian, add meat, and the like. Once you add all the things you desire, you can tap the ‘Order Now’ button to complete your order.

Step 4:

Some of the other additional features include the option to “View Cart”. Here you can view all the items you’ve added to your cart and make changes to them. You also have to select a payment method as you complete your order. You can select Apple Pay or Google Pay to make payments or you can make a payment through your Credit or Debit cards.

Step 5:

You will now reach the final check-out page. Here you can check your address and add any delivery instructions that you have. You can also rectify the fees that the platform has charged you for your order. The fees will be divided into the cost of your meal, delivery charges, and driver’s tip. You can verify the charges and then place your order. The following step will give you information about your order getting prepared when it gets picked up, and when it’s out for delivery. It also offers a map where you can monitor how far your order is from your home.
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Is Investing in Apps Like Doordash Development Beneficial?

Above we learned about the past and future predictions about the DoorDash on-demand food delivery platform. DoorDash reported 885 million USD in revenue in 2019. It also received a respectable uptick in the first 9 months of 2020. The revenue rose to 1.9 billion USD.

In addition to the gains, the company is also narrowing down on its losses. DoorDash reported net losses worth 667 million USD in 2019. This was followed by a net loss of 149 million USD by the end of September 30, 2020.

Hence, if Doordash maintains its momentum, the pattern of diminishing losses and hikes in revenue, it accounts for a promising future.

The annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-24) is predicted to be 7.5. This would result in a market value of 182, 327 million USD in the year 2024. The numbers portray a company worth investing in.

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How Does Doordash Make Money?

Doordash uses many revenue streams as part of its business model. It connects customers to local restaurants and facilitates the delivery of food.

Here are the ways through which Doordash generates revenue.

  • Service fees
  • Delivery fees
  • Commission from restaurants
  • Advertising and promotions
  • DashPass subscription

9 Best Apps Like Doordash to Use in 2023

The successful business model of the Doordash food delivery app inspired many aspiring businesses to adopt it.

There are many apps like Doordash similar to it in features, designs, and functions.

However, they are giving tough competition to the Doordash app.

  1. Instacart
  2. Shipt
  3. Uber Eats
  4. Caviar
  5. Grubhub
  6. Saucey
  7. GoPuff
  8. Amazon Flex
  9. Postmates

Let’s read about these apps in detail below so that you can find the best ideas for your app development.

1) Instacart


Instacart delivers your groceries directly to your door in as fast as 1 hour. It claims to provide healthy food, snacks, and other essentials.

You can use this popular on-demand grocery delivery service through a mobile app and website.

Know about the Instacart business model. to build an app similar to it.

2) Shipt:


Shipt is popular because of its convenience and efficiency. It partners with various grocery delivery store chains.

Customers can get groceries from their preferred shops using this app.

Many other businesses want to know how to build an app like Shipt. because of its unique model and facilities for customers.

You can apply at Shipt.com to become a shopper.

3) Uber Eats:


This is another popular app in the list of apps like Doordash. It allows users to order food from the near restaurants and have it delivered to their location.

It has an interactive interface that makes the ordering process easy and quick.

The Uber Eats app development.can take around 6-10 months.

The time and cost of food delivery apps highly depend on your business needs.

4) Caviar:


Customers can order meals from high-quality restaurants and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

Caviar is known for offering premium dining options from top-rated restaurants.

It operates as a standalone food delivery platform. The services are available in several cities in the United States.

You can choose a restaurant from the carefully curated list of local restaurants. Caviar provides detailed menu descriptions.

5) Grubhub:



Gribhub is an app similar to Doordash. You can choose from the largest selection of restaurants and get fast food delivery. The food delivery business of Grubhub. started to grow after the Pandemic when people were restricted to go out.

The app displays a list of participating restaurants available in the specified area. So that you can order food items according to your wish.

Detailed menu information and options for customization make this app interactive and user-friendly.

6) Saucey:


Saucey allows customers to order beer, wine spirits, and many other alcoholic beverages.

You can order beverages through its app and website and have them delivered to any location you want.

The Saucey inventory includes Beer, Wine, Whisky, Vodka, Tequila, and other spirits from different brands.

Since the app delivers alcohol, it has some specific features like ‘Age verification’, and ‘Alcohol selection’.

7) GoPuff:


GoPuff specializes in providing convenience store items. You can think of GoPuff less like an app, and more like a teleportation device (GoPuff).

You can buy items like snacks, drinks, and every kind of food through GoPuff. It delivers frozen to freshly cooked food. 

It is one of the apps like Doordash to get food and drinks delivered at home or at any location you want.

8) Amazon Flex:


Amazon Flex is a program operated by Amazon. It allows individuals to become independent contractors and deliver packages on behalf of Amazon.

It is one of the parts of Amazon’s efforts to expand its delivery network.

You can use the Amazon Flex website and app to register as a delivery driver. For this, you need a valid driver’s license, a reliable vehicle, and passing a background check.

Drivers can select available delivery blocks and shifts within Amazon Flex.

9) Postmates:



Postmates is a popular on-demand food delivery service. You can order groceries, alcohol, and food from local stores and restaurants using this app.

However, in 2020 Uber Technologies Inc. acquired Postmates. Its services and offerings were consolidated under the Uber Eats platform.

Features of Apps Like DoorDash

Customer App Features:

  • Registration/ Sign-in
  • Search option
  • Dashboard
  • Payment options
  • Order tracking
  • Communication panel

Driver Personnel App Features:

  • User profile
  • Order management
  • Status updates & customer contact info
  • Navigation

Restaurant Partner App Features:

  • Registration/ Sign-in
  • Add / Remove food items
  • View & Manage Orders
  • Data analysis
  • Order management

Which Tech Stack to Use for Apps Like DoorDash?

Choosing an appropriate tech stack to support your application is of prime importance while going for on-demand app development. The simple reason behind this is the necessity to create 3 copies of the same app (for customers, restaurant partners, and delivery executives) along with a single admin panel.

One can opt for native technologies like Java or Swift (to make apps for the Android and iOS platforms). Though the native apps are a bit costly and need a separate code base for both platforms. You can also choose cross-platform technologies like Ionic, React Native, or Flutter. Apps made using cross-platform are budget-friendly, share a single code base, and take less development time.

Some of the other tech integrations include advanced search options that can observe searches using various criteria. Inculcating secure payment gateways that protect users’ confidential information is also an imperative task. The restaurant partners app would also require a sturdy database that seamlessly collects and offers data.

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