How to Build a Dating App like Tinder: Step-By-Step Guide


Technology has improved the way man and machines dealt with each other. It has also proved effective in changing the dynamics of how we form our interpersonal relationships. The advent of Facebook helped us map our social world online. Today we see apps like ‘Tinder’ that are designed by Dating app developers with the sole purpose of helping people find soulmates or casual dating partners.

Dating app like Tinder work best for people who have hectic work schedules or the ones who have trouble socializing. It keeps your identity private while rendering the time you need to get comfortable with your chosen partner via the in-app messaging service.

Beat the Competition by getting an app like Tinder Developed.


The numbers always speak for themselves. Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have promising figures that highlight the importance of online dating apps in people’s lives.
Let’s catch a glimpse of a few stats that speak for a healthy futuristic investment.
  • The worldwide revenue generated by dating apps in the year 2020 has reached a staggering 1754 million USD.
  • While comparing globally, most of the revenue will be generated in the US in 2020. The revenue is predicted to reach an amount of 798 million USD.
  • The period of 2020-2024 expects revenue addition at CAGR of 9.3 %.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) is projected to reach 8.95 USD.

Alternatives to Tinder:

There are quite a few other apps like Tinder named “Pure” and “OkCupid” that have managed to gain popularity in the dating market.

‘Pure’ follows a different approach to dating. It creates an adrenaline-pumping experience where if you hit a match you get only an hour to chat and exchange contact information or decide a meeting place before the profile disappears.

‘OkCupid’ is an online dating app that is available on both mobile and desktop. OkCupid offers a questionnaire that asks you questions from the tidiness of your room to politics. The users can answer more questions once their initial profile is up and running. Answering more and more questions increases their match percentage.

Both the above-mentioned dating services work with different algorithms. Let’s understand how different algorithms use different data to make matches.

Mathematical-Based Algorithms:

  • These are dating apps that use Mathematical Algorithms to find matches. For example, it can match users with a questionnaire by finding similarities in answers.
  • Answers can be analyzed both collectively and individually to draw a capability percentage.
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Behavior-Based Algorithms:

  • The dating apps that use behavior-based algorithms are a bit complicated to understand and design as compared to apps using the Location or Mathematical algorithm.
  • The primary reason for this would be their dependence on data from outside sources. They provide match-making techniques with data gathered from social network accounts, musical playlists on online platforms like Spotify, etc.
  • These apps heavily rely on Big Data Analytics. The increase or decrease in the possibility of the right match is based on Big Data Analytics.

How do Dating App like Tinder Work


In-app Mechanism:

Websites like Tinder use the classic swiping (right/left) functionality to help like/dislike someone.
Hence, if you left swipe first person and right swipe the other, you are stating that the latter is more desirable. So, every swipe is an up or down vote for someone.
The success rate of photos is mapped by monitoring the number of times a photo gets swiped. A higher number of swipes per photo increases a person’s chances to get a match.

Business Model:

Tinder uses it’s own “desirability” ranking system that functions on the location-based model.
Tinder allows people to connect socially that fall under one’s proximity. It limits its search to the proximity permission rendered by the user.
It works your score upwards depending on how frequently you use the app. Frequent use adds points to your overall score.
How does the Ranking System Work?
  • Tinder’s way to match up users fairly relies on attractiveness. The next factors that gain a match are social media handles, effective bios, and music preferences to name a few.
  • The overall performance and stats of a user can be mapped using the number of swipes their photos receive and their acceptance or rejection rate. To rank a user the overall stats are examined by the system. For example, if a user gets more right swipe than expected then their rating goes up. If they get left swipes consecutively their rating goes down.
  • It provides profile suggestions for you based on your location, recent activity, and preferences.

How to build a dating app like Tinder?

Tinder provides its customers with the privacy to date online, options to choose, a chance to meet their soulmate while providing them with the option of casual dating. Dating mobile app development Let’s have a look a what one needs to build an app like tinder.


User Experience Requirements:

The user interface used by Tinder is intuitive. The moment you see the screen you almost know what to do and yet Tinder demonstrates the same through written hints.
The user experiences the app like “turning pages”. It provokes one to swipe more and more until they find their desired partner. This approach gives dating a gaming approach and improves the app’s engagement rate.

Design Requirements:

Your app would be a representation of the services you provide. Any app development process requires an experienced team of personnel to help achieve the desired goal. To build a Tinder alternative using native technologies like Android and iOS, you’d require a team that consists of:

Features to Consider to Make an App like Tinder:

The features of Tinder such as swiping and gaming spirit are reasons for such high user engagement. Let’s have a glimpse of the features one should consider for their dating app.

  • Sign in/ Sign up via social networks
  • Monetization strategies
  • Matching algorithm
  • Swipe surge
  • Geolocation
  • Communication panel
  • User profile

How can Technource assist in building a Dating application like Tinder?

Technource, a Dating mobile app development company has earned the repute of a professional IT service provider that operates from the sub-continent of India. With almost a decade of experience, Technource possesses an acute understanding of what a budding or established entrepreneur requires as their technical backup.


Tech Assistance:

Technource as a Dating app development company can assist you by integrating the following tech stack with your business idea.
We use the MERN or MEAN stack to develop websites like Tinder.
  • MERN (Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS, Node JS)
  • MEAN (Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS)
We build native mobile applications using JAVA / Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS). Technource also provides cross-platform mobile app services in PhoneGap and React.
We follow the Agile-Scrum methodology that allows us to plan our development process thoroughly while providing constant updates on our progress.

Budget Forecast:

Our geographical advantage allows us to provide our services at the most minimal per hour rates as compared to other regions of the world. We serve our clients in the bracket of 25 USD – 50 USD/per hour. Hence, one can expect a single platform mobile app to cost anywhere between 8000 USD – 25, 000 USD. The price can vary with the complexity of the app.
While technological advances are pivotal for your company’s growth there always lie the constraints of a budget.
To ensure that one doesn’t go bankrupt, one has to find cost-effective ways to gather the required technological infrastructure.
In case you have a thin budget we would suggest you invest in Minimum Viable Product App Development (MVP).

MVP App Development:

Constructing an MVP will help you learn what will work best while targeting your niche audience. A minimal product that encapsulates your core functionalities.
Time to validate (or invalidate) product strategies and keep the development cost suitable to your budget.
A development method where you get a chance to solve the core problems and build an engaging customer base.
From the collected data, you can update your current app structure to meet new user requirements.

Why choose Technource for Tinder clone development?

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work our way through some of the most challenging projects for a diverse group of clients across the globe. We have managed to deliver quality apps like “Aphro”, “Tuitment”, and “DCentro”.

Application building and management require a supreme understanding of current technologies. And the fervor to stay updated with the technological advances over the coming years. The following years can demand technological investments into:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality
  • Upgrading algorithms
  • Optimizing communication
  • Updating security features

The preceding technologies tie promising knots with more convenient application models. Our expertise fused with your idea and optimum technological backup can create magnificent revenue for your Dating service.

Wrapping Up

Online dating is quite popular among the youth, especially after this pandemic. Most people are active on such dating apps. Choosing the right dating app development company is vital for the success of your app. Investing in such an on-demand app development solution is a great way of earning money. We provide tech-savvy, cost-effective, and tailor-made IT services while being time-efficient.

We aim to serve our clients with customized applications that serve their user’s core needs while also generating user engagement and satisfying revenue streams.

Are you avid to build the next successful dating app?
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