How to Choose the Right WordPress Development Agency?

Are you planning to develop a WordPress website, but don’t know how to begin? The professional developers of the right WordPress development agency Technource are presenting you with this write-up to help you.

Finding the best WordPress development company often turns out to be a cumbersome task. It is because there are many agencies so choosing the best from them is not a piece of cake. There are many businesses attracted to WordPress for website development. It is because several popular websites use this open-source platform.

The top WordPress websites are TechCrunch, Ketty Perry, Sony Music, The Official Star Wars Blog, BBC America, 10Web, and the list is long. But why do most businesses want to have a Website in WordPress? Let’s check out the benefits, tips to find the best WordPress development company, and much more.

Benefits of Choosing WordPress for Your Website

WordPress has a 60.8% market share in the CMS market. Several businesses want WordPress websites, so WordPress must offer some benefits. You should also know about them before you take WordPress development services.
Know about the main features and benefits of WordPress below so that you can understand your requirements for website development properly.

  • Themes: Many businesses hire dedicated WordPress developers to create themes for their websites. You can get impressive design and functionality for your website.
  • Plugins: WordPress allows plugin development to use its functionality effectively without changes in the core WordPress. You can develop a plugin as per need or tell your developer to do it for you.
  • Publishing Tools: You can manage the content effectively using WordPress publishing tools. You can revise posts, create drafts, schedule publication, and even change the accessibility mode of your content.
  • Built-in Comments: You can enable comments by your friends, family, and anyone using the built-in comment of WordPress. It helps to make the website more engaging.
  • Search Engine Optimized: WordPress is optimized for search engines. You can find many SEO plugins in WordPress and improve your website rank on the search engine. Likewise, most people choose this CMS because it is SEO friendly.
  • Vibrant Community: WordPress has a large and supportive community. You can ask questions on the support forum and get solutions from the volunteers. Not only this, but also you can attend a WordCamp and Meetup.

The popularity of WordPress CMS is evident. You can check out the popular CMS deployed on the web in the image below.

Most popular CMS Platform deployed on the web


After knowing the benefits, you must be curious to know how to find the best web development company.

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From Zillow to BBC America use WordPress.

10 Tips to Find the Right WordPress Development Agency

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform with a market share of 41.28%, and the total number of WordPress websites is 30462105. You can also have a WordPress website. So have a look at the below tips to find the best WordPress development agency.

  1. Be Specific About Your Requirements
  2. Check Reviews & Feedback
  3. Research for History of the Agency
  4. Make a list of the Best Agencies
  5. Compare the Services
  6. Check Technical Competencies
  7. Understand the Development Process
  8. Know Agency Availability
  9. Ask for the Security Measures
  10. Find Out the Development Cost

1. Be Specific About Your Requirements

Do you know what types of web development services you want? If not, it will be difficult to find the right agency. Understand your business, requirements, features you want on the web, functions, and services for the users. It will help you to streamline what type of website you want. If you want eCommerce development solutions, you will have to look for specific firms.

2. Check Reviews & Feedback

It is very important to check reviews and read the feedback about the particular WordPress development agency. So that you can understand why the particular company is the best or why it is not. You can know the drawbacks and at which services the agency is good. Find the clients of the company, talk to them about the services and solution qualities.

3. Research for History of the Agency

Since there are many fraud companies, you should not take a chance to avoid research for the firm. Find the establishment time, type of services, and the number of clients it handled. You can directly talk to the experts in a particular company to ask your doubts. This one-on-one conversation will help you make the right decision.

4. Make a list of the Best Agencies

There are different types of development services. Many companies provide full-stack development services. You have to decide which type of services you want. For this, make a list of top agencies and check their services. Moreover, eliminate the agencies that don’t match your requirements.

5. Compare the Services

This is a very important step to hire WordPress developers. You should compare the firms on the basis of services, timely delivery, technology and tools used by them, size of the company, and others. Analyzing and comparing the agencies will make choosing the best one easy for you. Moreover, checking the portfolio will let you know everything. Likewise, be patient while doing so because it is a way to the success of the web.

6. Check Technical Competencies

Although you don’t have as much technical knowledge as the developers, having basic knowledge can help you find the best talent online. Ask some technical questions while hiring WordPress developers to know how much they sound technical. There are many other people who know the benefits of having a website for having a business but can’t find the best firm because they ignore this tip.

7. Understand the Development Process

There are some development processes like Waterfall, Iterative, Spiral, Agile, Rapid, and Prototyping. So, you should find which development process the WordPress development agency uses. It will help you to understand the development life cycle and web completion time. Moreover, you can know how the company handles the errors and management.

8. Know Agency Availability

Availability of agency is a crucial thing to check while hiring a WordPress development company so that you can contact and ask about your web development at any time. A gap in communication can lead to flaws because you can’t tell the developers what you want on the web. So, make sure there are no opaque communication and availability issues.

9. Ask for the Security Measures

When you hire WooCommerce developers make sure you ask for security measures. It is related to the web idea, web security tools, ways, and other points related to the safety of the web. Moreover, find out whether the company provides post-launch support and signs NDA or not. Both are crucial for a robust website.

10. Find Out the Development Cost

Cost to develop a website is a vital step, but still, we put it at the last. It is because, you should first focus on your requirements, finding the best firm, and other things that we mentioned in the above points, then think about the cost. But, why? It is because, if you will keep the budget all the time in mind and give it first preference, you may have to compromise on the quality. So, first, find the best firms, then discuss their costs.
Many times, businesses get confused between WordPress and Bootstrap. They can’t decide which is the best for their website. If you also have the same issue, check out the blog written by our professionals to find which is the right, WordPress or Bootstrap for your project.

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What Is the Cost to Develop a WordPress Website?

WordPress website development cost is cheaper than others because it is open-source, and has many plugins and themes. Moreover, the readymade tools help developers to build a website fast.
The cost of a WordPress website is around $5000-$30,000. But the cost depends on several factors. Likewise, the features, functions, and complexity level of the website also affect the cost. If you want innovative features and plugins, the price can be around 50,000 and above.

What Are the Best WordPress Development Companies?

Many websites are using WordPress and they are popular too. The online presence of a business matter a lot in today’s time, so, numerous businesses start to come online. These enterprises want to hire the best talent for their impressive online presence.
You can check out the below image to know the total number of websites using WordPress over the years.



The number is increasing in 2022 as well. As per the research in 2021 there are around 445 million WordPress websites. If you also want to develop a website on WordPress, let’s check out the best WordPress development agencies in the space below.

  1. WP Riders
  2. DevriX
  3. Technource
  4. Wipe Studio
  5. 10up
  6. Multidots
  7. CemtrexLabs
  8. Human Made
  9. Intell Rocket
  10. WebDevStudios


Numerous businesses choose WordPress for website development because it offers many benefits. You can also go for it and choose Technource the top WordPress development agency for a robust, scalable, and impressive website. Our developers use the best web development trends to offer a cutting-edge solution.

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