How to Develop Ticket Booking Apps like Ticketmaster?

Want to go to a concert next week, but have no ticket? You can get it online at your convenience from the apps like Ticketmaster. It also provides tickets for sports events, theater shows, and arts. You can get individual and family tickets as well.

Now you don’t need to wait in line to buy tickets for your favorite concert. Millions of people use Ticketmaster, a brilliant business idea. Isn’t it?

Our app development agency helps to bring such business ideas online. If you want to know how to develop a booking app like Ticketmaster, this blog can prove a great asset for you because after reading it, you will be able to develop an app.

What Is a Ticket Booking App?

A ticket booking app is a mobile application through which you can book tickets for events, concerts, shows, and programs. Ticketmaster is one of the popular apps in this category. Now many apps like Ticketmaster have come on the market.

You can reserve tickets for a wide range of activities as follows:

  • Event
  • Movie
  • Concert
  • Shows
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Tourist attractions

You will read about all the crucial things to build an app like Ticketmaster. If you want, you can watch a video to learn how to build apps like Ticketmaster.


Key Features of Ticketmaster App

Ticketmaster is a mobile app of the company Ticketmaster. It is a leading global ticketing platform. Sites like ticket master have gained popularity because of their feature-rich interface and services. Have a look at the image below to know the position of Ticketmaster in the world of booking apps.


Event ticket online booking by brands in March 2023

Features of the Ticketmaster app

  • Lists of Events: The app shows a list of events for users. So they can find their favorite events easily and get tickets.
  • Ticket Purchase: Users can buy tickets directly from the Ticketmaster. They can select the types of seats, and the number of seats, and view pricing before buying tickets.
  • Find Events: You can browse for concerts, shows, events, and many other live entertainment events in your area or selected locations.
  • Event Details: Ticketmaster app provides event details like date, time, artist, and additional event-specific details.
  • Digital Tickets: Users can access their tickets directly on smartphones. So there is no need for a physical Ticket which simplifies the entry process at the event.
  • Favorite Event Notifications: You can know about your favorite event in advance to get tickets. So, you don’t have to check the app to find events as it tells you the same
  • Payment Options: Ticket prices are stated in the currency of the location where the event will take place. You can buy tickets through payment options like Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Ticketmaster gift cards.

If you are planning for developing a Ticketmaster alternative, then knowing these features is crucial. So that you can build a better app than Ticketmaster competitors, If you have an app idea and are worried about protecting it, patent your mobile app idea.


How Does Ticketmaster Make Money?

You must know about the business model of the Ticketmaster app before learning how to develop it. This information is a crucial part of developing apps to buy concert tickets.

1)  Service charges:

It takes a 10% fee from the seller and a 20% service fee from the buyer as a service charge.

Seller fee: 10% of the sales price

Buyer fee: 20% of the sales price

It means Ticketmaster collects around 30% as a service fee.

2) Promotion of Events:

Ticketmaster participates in promotion events and generates good revenue from it.

3) Acquisition, investments, and exits:

Acquiring other firms and enabling investments are also revenue-generating ways that Ticketmaster uses.

Revenue/business models of Ticketmaster:

  • Merges and acquisitions
  • Commissions
  • B-B-C partnerships

Top 5 Ticketmaster App Alternatives

Ticketmaster sold around 150 million tickets in 2021 (Entrepreneur-360). Seeing the success of this app, many businesses developed apps like Ticketmaster. Here are the Ticketmaster competitors.

  1. EventSize
  2. StubHub
  3. Eventleaf
  4. Ticket Tribe
  5. Pretix

These are the top alternatives to Ticketmaster. Analyze their features and user navigation, so that you can make your app flawless and better than the existing apps in the market.

Software development companies can help to build an app. They follow app development trends to offer you cutting-edge solutions.

Cost to Build Apps Like Ticketmaster

Knowing the estimated cost of an app like Ticketmaster should be the first step in developing an app. It helps you decide your budget. When you have an idea of your budget, you think about your app’s features, designs, and functions accordingly.

The estimated cost of building an app like Ticketmaster is $30,000. It can also go up to $50,000 and beyond because the price depends on various factors.

  • Simple app development cost- $20,000-$30,000
  • Medium app development cost- $32,000-$48,000
  • Complex app development cost- $72,000+

Hiring a US app developer costs $105,000/annum (Business of AppsIn contrast, Indian developers are more affordable than those in the USA. An Indian developer charges only $39/hour for app development.

Here are the key factors that affect the app development cost:

  1. Business analysis cost- $2000-2500
  2. UI/UX development cost- $3500-5500
  3. Project management- $3500-7000

There are some other factors like business models, development technologies, platforms, and maintenance and support. Well, app design is one of the vital factors. Click on app design cost to thoroughly understand how designs affect the final cost of app development.

Start your app journey with the experienced app developers

How to Develop Booking Apps Like Ticketmaster?

Once you have got an idea of app development cost and the factors affecting it, you have done 40% work. But, there is still a lot to do. If you know programming and app development, you can start working on your project on your own.

Focus on the below points before you begin developing booking apps like Ticketmaster.

  • Conduct Market
  • Analyse Competitors
  • Planning
  • Designing
  • Development
  • API Integration
  • Testing
  • Launch
  • Marketing
  • Continuous Improvement

Let’s look at all the points below and read about them for a better understanding.

1)  Conduct Market Research:

Who are you targeting concert-goers, sports fans, theater enthusiasts, or a combination? Consider factors like age, interest, and spending habits. Use different ways like surveys, interviews, focus groups, and customer observation to conduct market research. You can get help from AI-powered tools for market research.

2) Analyse Competitors:

Analyze ticket booking apps in the market. Find, what features these apps offer. How do they engage with users? What are their strength and weaknesses? This way, you can avoid making mistakes in your app development process. Make notes of crucial information so that you don’t miss any important points.

3) Planning:

Once you have done market research and analyzed competitors, start planning your app development. Draw user flows and brainstorm solutions. It is crucial for a better user experience because this is where real competition lies. You should create a prototype and wireframe to avoid drawbacks in the app.

4) Designing:

Creating a user-friendly and visually appealing interface is important for the success of the app. Focus on keeping the navigation simple for the users. Moreover, make sure the design of the app is responsive and seamless across different devices. Various mobile app development frameworks are used for app designing.

5) Development:

This is the most important step. Select a front-end framework for design and a back-end framework for the app functionalities. You can select programming languages like Swift, c #, or Java for iOS app development. For Android app development, you can choose Kotlin, c++, and Python. Some emerging technologies like AR are popularly used in apps. Check out AR Apps 2023 for insights into this type of app.

6) API Integration:

Identify the external services you want to integrate into your app. Integrate with APIs that provide event data, seat availability, venue details, and payment processing. You have to understand the API documentation provided by the third party. It has information like how to request API and how to handle responses.

7) Testing:

Thoroughly test every function and feature of the app before launching it. Check responsiveness and compatibility with various browsers. Identify bugs and issues, and fix them before the app goes live. You should follow some techniques of app testing so it can be done impeccably.

8) Launch:

Prepare your app for the app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store). You have to create an app listing, provide app descriptions, and screenshots, and set the right categories. Read the app store guidelines carefully. Avoiding guidelines can lead to app rejection.

9) Marketing:

Once you have launched the app, begin marketing it. Prepare marketing materials like app icons, promotional images, and more. They should be engaging and clearly communicate your app’s value. Start marketing your app on social media, post every day, and write promotional content.

10) Continuous Improvement:

Lunching and marketing apps like Ticketmaster are not the end of the process. You have to improve the app and it is an ongoing process because of changing trends and the demand of the customers. Consider the feedback of the users and optimize the app for a better user experience. You should remove errors and ensure fast navigation from time to time.

Bonus Tip: Market research is an ongoing process, so keep gathering insights even after your app is launched.

But if you don’t know programming and how to build an app, you will need to hire developers. You can do this, by seeking a software developer company.

There are many app development companies, you should find the best one according to your app needs. The following section is about it.

Want a better app than Ticketmaster_

How to Hire an App Development Company?

Hiring an app development company involves some crucial steps. Finding the right fit for your project is essential for the success of the app.

  • Step 1- Note down your requirements

Understand your business, research, and note down all the requirements. You should also write all the important things that you want in your app. Write the types of features and designs you want on the app. Keep the examples accessible online to show developers.

  • Step 2- Research and shortlist

Check some top app development companies that have strong track records, positive client reviews, and experience in the type of app you want to build. And shortlist some countries that seem a good fit for your app type.

  • Step 3- Portfolio review

Now review the portfolios of the shortlisted companies. Look at the apps they have developed, the design quality, user experience, and the technologies they use for app development.

  • Step 4- Check references

Ask the company for client references. You can find the overall experience through reviews and feedback from the people. If the company lacks somewhere you can find it this way.

  • Step 5- Technical expertise

Check if the companies you have shortlisted have skilled developers, designers, and QA professionals. Many software development companies use AI and AR technologies for successful apps. You can discuss with developers the technologies they are going to use for your app development.

  • Step 6- Cost and contracts

You should request cost estimation from the companies you selected. Compare the pricing, but it doesn’t mean you should choose the lowest-price bidder. You have to make a wise decision considering all the factors.

  • Step 7- Legal aspects

Ensure you have a legally binding agreement. This agreement should cover aspects like intellectual property rights, confidentiality, and dispute resolution. It’s better to partner with a company that signs a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

If you have specific questions about it, contact Technource and ask any questions related to app development.

  • Step 8- Launch and support

Developing and deploying an app is not the end of everything in app development. App development is not a phenomenon, it’s a process. Every app needs continuous improvement. So, you should check whether the company you have selected offers post-launch maintenance and support services or not.

Final Thought

In a nutshell, developing apps like Ticketmaster involves many steps. It’s not just about selecting a programming language. You have to focus on every step like market research, competitor analysis, planning, designing, API integration, and more. A top app development company like Technource can execute every step effectively. Hire only experienced app developers for your dream project, because it is worthwhile.


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