How to Create an Augmented Reality Application in 2023?

When you order food with the help of an app like Grubhub, you can see the live status of the delivery. Likewise, when you play a game like Pokemon Go you can have an amazing experience of catching Pokemon in reality. It’s all because of AR embedded apps. Many people want to know how to create an augmented reality application because they are proving great for businesses.

It is because these types of apps increase the engagement with the user and give an interactive user experience. Our Mobile app development company receives many projects for AR app development. It shows how fast the craze for AR apps is growing. If you are also planning to have an AR app for the growth of your business, you have come on the right piece of information.

Here, you will get to know what is AR, why AR apps are popular, how to create AR apps, tools for AR app development, and business opportunities in AR app development.

So, let’s get started.



What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is one of the most popular emerging technologies of 2022. It’s a technology that allows you to experience the real world through virtual reality. In more simple words, you can see images and objects in the real world which are not real or your extended physical world.

AR ready Smartphones and devices are becoming common among the masses. Read the below write-up to know why most people want to create an augmented reality app or the reasons behind the popularity of this technology.

Why Are Augmented Reality Apps Popular?

Augmented Reality has a huge potential, and till now, somewhat parts are used by the developers. It indicates that this technology can change the way we use apps or websites. Research showed that AR increases the perceived value of products and offers a great user experience. That is why many sectors are using AR emerging technology in their apps. Have a look at the image below.




The image shows which fields or sectors use the AR app most. From game development to education AR is becoming popular. Taxi booking app development needs AR, otherwise, users have to call every time, and know where the driver has reached. With AR the users can check the status at any time.

Moreover, 3D home tours and virtual tours are the new trends in the real estate market. It is possible because of AR. You will not have to go see the home manually, you can have AR 3D home tours and 360-degree tours of home or land. Likewise, live events and the healthcare sectors are enhancing their services and user experience with AR apps.

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How can we forget about the game development companies? Pokemon Go, Zombie Run, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and more are the names of popular AR games. If you want to create an app on android online, AR technology can enhance your users’ experience.

Have an idea of AR app development cost below.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop An Augmented Reality App?

A quick answer for the cost of AR app development is around $50,000. But, it’s not a fixed price because different businesses want different features and functions in their apps, so the complexity level also varies. If you want a customized and feature-rich app, it must be a scalable and robust app.

For this, before you hire augmented reality developers, compare some AR development firms. Likewise, know the cost of off-shore developers because you can have an app within your budget.

The software development cost varies in countries. Developers in North America charge around $150, in Western Europe $100, in Eastern Europe $25, and in India $15. Moreover, some factors affect the cost like customization of app, size of the project, complexity level, innovative ideas, and the type of AR app. Many people who want to know how to create an app, sometimes don’t focus on the type of AR app, but it is a crucial step.

Types of Augmented Reality Applications

There are various types of businesses utilizing AR, and based on their uses of AR technology, some types of mentioned below.

  1. Marker-Based Apps
  2. Marker-Less Apps
  3. Projection Augmented Reality
  4. Superimposition Based Reality




The statistics above show, AR embedded and standalone apps in the world from 2016 to 2022. The data in black boxes are standalone AR app downloads, and the data in blue boxes are apps with embedded AR. So, you can understand how popular are ARV apps. Let’s know about their types in detail.

  • Marker-Based Apps: Some people call this type of app, Recognition based AR and Image recognition app also. As the name implies, this type of app focuses on image and objects recognition and provides information about them.
  • Marker-Less Apps: Marker-less apps are also popular to make ar apps. These location-based apps are popular because of the easy availability of location detection. Travels widely use these types of apps. Moreover, the EV charging station finder app also uses this technology.
  • Projection Augmented Reality: For appealing and interactive results this type of AR app is the best choice. It allows the projection of light on the surface. Projection-based AR technology is widely used to create deception about the position, orientation, and depth of an object.
  • Superimposition Based Reality: This type of app shows a replacement view of the object in the focus. Superimposition-based reality replaces the entire or partial view with an augmented view of the object. If you don’t know how to make an augmented reality app of this type, find a reliable AR development agency. Knowing about the AR app type is the best way to create an AR application. Likewise, Alexa skill development services are also becoming popular and enterprises want voice recognition features in their apps. What if you or the developers you hire have to code for each feature in the app? It would be a hectic task and difficult to be completed on time. For this reason, software choice for augmented reality development becomes vital. Have a look at some tools or software in the below section that makes development easy.


Important Tools for AR App Development

App development is a process and it requires time and effort. Some apps are standard ones in which developers don’t need much time. But some complex apps eat up the major time of developers. To eliminate the lengthy codes, deal with complexity, and match with the trends, some AR SDKs (Software developer kits) prove helpful.
Check out some important tools or SDK to know how to go around building an ar app.

  1. Vuforia
  2. Wikitude
  3.  ARkit
  4. ARcore
  • Vuforia: Vuforia is the top AR SDK for development. It is because Vuforia has various products for AR development experiences. Moreover, this software supports both types of AR apps marker-based and marker-less. Vuforia has some crucial features that make it capable of object recognition and 3D modeling.
  • Wikitude: This tool is helpful to develop apps for not only iOS but also Android and smart glasses devices. AR developers can create impressive apps using a variety of tracking methods and technologies. Furthermore incorporates, geolocation, distance-based scaling features, and cloud recognition.
  • ARkit: ARKit is an exclusive framework from Apple. It helps the developers who want to know how to develop augmented reality mobile applications for the iOS platform. With the help of the camera of iOS mobile, you can experience AR technology. It finds horizontal planes, recognizes 3D objects, can track users’ faces, and more.
  • ARcore: This tool has a standard bundle of AR tools like surface detection, light estimation, motion, and tracking. Moreover, augmented images and multiplayer are the crucial products of the ARcore tools for AR app development. Artificial intelligence is also popular like AR. That is why many people want to hire ai developers to build competitive apps in the market.

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Things to Consider for AR App Development

There are some important points you should always consider for flawless app development. It is because, from the business idea to the deployment of the app, these points help you throughout the process.



  1. Business Idea: Finding the best business idea sometimes take away your major time. So, you should make a list of the ideas and analyze them. These days, IoT apps are also attracting people. A top IoT development company can offer you this type of app.
  2. Best AR Development Firm: If you want to hire freelancers, know their costs and experience. Or if you want to hire an AR app development company, make a list of agencies and check their services.
  3. Compare the Costs: Compare the development costs of the companies you have selected. Also, find whether they allow meticulous discussion on the app idea, development methodology, NDA, and the post-launch support or not.
  4. Right Tools for AR App Development: You must know about the tools and frameworks of app development. They are crucial to completing the project on time. Moreover, you can have an engaging and scalable app.

Business Opportunities in AR App Development

Before you decide to develop an app you should always think of business opportunities. There are many apps that come and go every year. But only a few apps survive in the market. It is because they are beneficial for both customer and owner. Here are some points to make you aware of business opportunities in AR app development.

  • AR and VR market size worldwide is expected to reach 300 billion US dollars by 2024 (Statista).
  • AR is redefining the way we purchase online products and you can have a better experience of features.
  • Students can have a 3D visual experience with the help of AR and this technology can bring a revolution in the education sector.
  • Mobile AR users can reach around 800 million and open opportunities to do business using AR technology.

Wrapping Up

This is all about AR technology and how to create AR apps. If you are also thinking to bring the best AR app to the market, Technource, a mobile app development company can help you. We have experienced developers who will understand your business requirements and offer you an app of your choice.




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