Why should you use mobile retargeting for your travel business ?

July 4, 2018
By Technource

Mobile retargeting is essential, as it will help you re-acquire some of the customers that you already lost. The best way you can achieve such a result is by using iOS app development services. When you hire iPhone app developers, you will be able to include features designed specifically to retarget the customers and obtain better results in that perspective.

Why mobile retarget your travel business via iOS apps?

The primary reason why using retargeting for iOS app development services is that traffic gets more expensive. The cost of getting some new users is growing. Which means retargeting and re-acquiring the attention of older customers will be the best option.

Plus, notifications, SMS and emails will end up nagging the user instead of offering him any good information. Which is exactly the type of thing that you need to avoid here? You also have to realize that around 80% of the users won’t go back to the app 3 months after installing it.

What can you do?

The first thing you want to do when you hire iPhone app developers is to focus on proper deep linking. In addition, universal linking will help a lot, as it will improve the UX quite a bit.

It’s also imperative to segment the users in multiple categories so you can get the best possible results. There are users that see the products but don’t add to cart, some do the same thing, yet add to cart. There are also people that bought recently and others just bought but they abandoned the idea of coming back.

If you encounter any of the solutions above, your iOS app development services need to focus on a few important factors. For starters, you can have a special offer with a discount for the next order. Also, adding new functions to the app when you hire iPhone app developers will help quite a lot.

Sending a message about the new ways to use the iOS app will help a lot. Sharing banners with the items that the user saw already may make him/her come back. You can also share banners with products that are complementary or which supplement what the user has already seemed. A simple reminder that the user has an item in the cart will help as well.

Using these tricks when you hire iOS app development services will make it a lot easier to regain customers. Of course, you won’t be able to regain all the customers, but that’s not the goal here. Getting the attention of previous leads and customers will help a lot, and you should totally think about that!