How Much Does a Website Redesign Cost in 2023?

You can improve the performance of your website and attract more visitors to it by redesigning it. Website redesign cost is around $100 to $2050 if you design it yourself. If you hire an agency, for a simple redesign, the cost can be between $5,000-$30,000. Moreover, a complicated or big website costs around $35,000-$70,000, and a separate mobile site costs approx $15,000-$35,000.

So, the price for website redesign depends on your requirements and the type of web design agency you hire. Many web design agencies categorize the cost for ease of understanding the factors affecting the cost. Since most businesses want website redesign services for impressive digital marketing, they want changes in the UI and UX only.

A beautiful and high-performant website increases traffic and eventually leads to business. Many websites offer good services but are still not successful. The reason can be poor UI/UX, not enough features, and the web is not updated to new trends. These types of businesses require a suitable website design company to revamp their websites.

94% of people don’t trust a website if the design is poor. Since web design is a crucial factor in determining the success of a website, revamping it is the best option. This is an informational blog, so at the end of it, you will know everything about the website revamping cost.

What is Website Redesign?

As the name implies, website redesign means rework on the website to improve its features, functions, and designs. Many businesses want branding and a domain name to be improved for search engines, so they choose to rework web design. Some enterprises go for a DIY website redesign, others crowdsource affordable custom website design, while some hire developers to redesign their own website.

The developers have to change the code, content, structure, and visuals for specific reasons and as per the requirements. Likewise, revamp of the website includes refreshing the layout and improving navigation. Our web design agency can handle small to large business websites for improvement in the design and functions.

You have to redesign a website because the look and feel of it should be attractive. You can’t ignore the fact that visitors form an opinion about your website in 50 milliseconds. And this is by just seeing the look of the website. So, most website owners want to purchase website redesign services to improve the UI/UX designs.

However, the requirements for web redesign can vary from business to business. A web designer has to understand which types of improvements you want because it shapes the process and helps to decide on website revamp costs.

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Types of a Website Redesign

Since your website is a crucial sales and marketing tool, you can’t afford it if it is not performing well. Your prospects explore the website effectively before they purchase anything, thus high performance and attractive designs are the essentials. To get a such website, businesses don’t hesitate to higher redesign costs as well.

Businesses understand how important are their websites to them. They face different issues while running the websites. Some want changes in the design, and some need to integrate unique web design trends, whereas some businesses need to improve only functionalities. So, based on their needs they look for a web design agency.

Based on different requirements, I have divided the website redesign into 4 categories. So, there are 4 types of website redesign.


  1. 1. Redecoration

  2. redesign-transformed
  3. The name says it all. Redecoration is related to minor and major touchups to the design of the website. It includes changing colors, images, videos, and text styles. Redecoration makes a well-designed website. You must check out the web development trends of 2023 for advanced decoration successful websites.

    Website redesign costs can be different based on the improvements you want for how many pages and the number of changes you want. The designs should be responsive to run smoothly on a separate mobile site.

    Cost of Redecoration: $3000-$5000

  4. 2. Rewire


  1. Rewiring is related to updating back-end services. The developers use suitable tools and frameworks to rewire the website and enable the smooth running of the functions. The cost to redesign can be decided after selecting technologies for the same. For example, switching the cloud for better security and accessibility and moving to a new CMS.

    Cost of Rewiring: $5,000-$10,000

  2. 3. Remodel

  3. Remodel
  4. Remodel combines redecoration and rewiring to redesign a website. So, your website will not only look beautiful but also be high-performant due to remodeling. A web designer, back-end developer, and technical lead, all three types of experts are needed to remodel the website. They focus on website elements, understand the online business, and remodel the website in a way that can work flawlessly on mobile devices.

    Cost of Remodel: $10,000-20,000

  5. 4. Rebuild

  6. It means creating the website from scratch or every element of it will be recreated ground up. You will not have to worry about changing the core meaning of the website because developers keep the vision and spirit of the business intact. You can revamp your e-Commerce website for mobile users. Redesign a website with the help of the latest technologies. So that more people use your services online. But for this, first, you should understand the site’s appeal.

    Cost of Rebuilding: $20,000-$75,000


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Why Is Redesigning a Website Important?

The importance of redesigning a website varies because different businesses have different purposes. So, when they hire professionals to revamp the website, they ask for different types of improvements. Some are complicated websites so more time is required for their redesign process and development process. Improving a site’s performance is quite difficult for a heavy website.

When you hire a website redesign company, find out about its project management approaches so that website’s performance can be improved fast. Besides it, many businesses want changes in existing functions for an up-to-date and mobile-friendly website because they know it brings various benefits to the business.

Have a look at the reasons to redesign the website below.

  1. 1. Rebrand Your Site

  2. rebrand-transformed-600x400After some time, your website starts to lose visits. It affects the rate of visitors and ultimately conversion rate. In this case, rebranding the website can save your business. It means your site’s design needs to be updated. You can give a new look to the website so that more people attract to it. Follow digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization and focus on interactive media designs and backend services to rebrand impeccably.
  3. 2. Increase Traffic & Leads


Is your business website not getting enough traffic or the conversion rate is also very low? It’s high time, you thought of improving designs and functions. For this, find reasonable website revamp costs in different companies and hire skilled UI/UX designers within budget. Tell developers to integrate custom features in your design project. It can lead to improvement in traffic and leads from your business website.

  1. 3. Improved User Experience


  1. Your website is the core of running the business effectively. If people don’t like it, excelling in the business would be difficult for you. The best way to win over web visitors is to offer them an excellent user experience. A beautiful website leaves a significant impact on the users.

    So, when you and your website developer focus on both creativity and scalability while redesigning, a better website can be built. The UI/UX should be impressive, but not difficult to navigate. Simple UI helps the customer find the solutions quickly.

  2. 4. Add New Functionality

  3. Add New Functionality
  4. You can add new functionalities to the website by redesigning it. For this, check out some web development trends and emerging technologies and how much it costs to improve. It will help you select the best for your website, and you can offer advanced functionalities to customers. Consider the website’s size because the cost of website redesign would be less if it is a small website.
  5. 5. Optimize the Website

  6. Optimize-the-Website-transformed
  7. 73% of web designers think that non-responsive designs lead visitors to leave the website. So, it is crucial to optimize the website to ensure every feature and function. It helps to show your web in search results. The developers check the content delivery network and optimize the database for better performance. Hire a design agency after knowing the design costs to optimize the website effectively.

When Should You Think of Redesigning Your Website?

What is the right time to revamp the website? When you should go for a professional web design company to rework your website? You can go for a website redesign every three years. But many websites need improvements before this period. There can be many reasons for a website redesign.

If your website is facing the below issues, you should get ready to redesign it.

  1. 1. Higher Bounce Rate

  2. Higher_Bounce_Rate
  3. People come to your website, but don’t use it to buy and take services, rather they move on to another website that they think is better than yours. The high bounce rate can be due to poor UI/UX designs, not updated content, slow speed, not enough features, and many other reasons.

  4. 2. Low Conversion Rate

  5. Low-Conversion-Rate-transformedYou need to think of redesigning the website if it has a low conversion rate. Include an effective call to action, work on user experience, and reanalyze the target audience, and services as well. You can work on all these things when you redesign the website and improve the conversion rate.
  6. 3. Slow Performance

  7. Slow_Performance
  8. A visitor can form an opinion about your website in just 3 seconds. If the website doesn’t open properly in 3 seconds there is a high chance the visitor will leave it. High speed helps to increase traffic, so revamp the website for excellent performance.


What Is Website Revamp Costs?

Most businesses want faster, sleeker, more useful, and mobile-friendly websites. So they look for the best web development services. Redesigning is one of the crucial services, provided by top web development companies.

But, you should not go straight to hiring a firm. First, analyze the reasons why your website needs changes. The second most important thing is to know the website revamp cost. I have divided the website revamp cost into three parts.

  1. Designing Web Yourself– If you will redesign the website yourself, the cost would be around $1000-$5000
  2. Hiring Freelancers- You can hire freelancers to redesign your website. For this, the cost can be somewhere between $2,000-$10,000.
  3. Partnering with Agency- If you partner with a website redesign company, the cost of redesigning would be around $20,000-$110,000.

So, you can choose any way to hire developers. You can get an entire team of professionals for your project by hiring a development agency. It takes responsibility to provide quality on time and manage the entire project. Whereas, you will have to manage and track the work of the developers on your own if you hire freelancers.



Breakdown of Website Redesign Cost

A website redesign includes various steps. The time required for web redesigning is 3-7 months. But it can differ as per the complexity level of the website. Have a look at the breakdown of website redesign costs in the space below.

Components Cost
Interactive Multimedia $250-$10,000
Responsive Design $3000-$20,000
eCommerce Functionality $2000-$25,000
DBMS Integration $2000-$25,000
Content Management system $1500-$20,000
Web Pages $1000-$10,000
Style and Concept $2000-$15,000

The cost depends on the types of changes you want. By looking at the above table you can understand which theme or feature will cost you how much.

There can be requirements for different features and designs other than the above ones. So the website revamps cost can vary.


Factors Affecting the Website Redesign Cost

Factors Affecting the Website Redesign Cost

There is no fixed price for a website redesign. Why so? This is because various websites face different issues and as a result require improvement accordingly. Resultant, the price is also get affected.

I am making you aware of some factors that affect the website redesign cost in the space below. Have a look.

  1. 1. Number of Pages

    How many pages of your website need changes and how it impacts the cost? Generally, a website has 51-100 pages. If it has more pages, the redesigning process would be lengthy.

  2. 2. Size of the Pages

    The size of a page is 720 pixels wide. So, if the size goes wider the developers have to work accordingly to revamp the website. Moreover, page height and weight are also crucial factors.

  3. 3. Complexity

    The web page complexity measurement system is developed to find the complexity level of the website. It is checked at two levels, transport, and content. Consequently, changes will be done on the complex web so it will require more time.

  4. 4. Design

    What is the design of your website? It depends on the business objectives and the services you offer to the customers. If UI/UX designs are simple, redesigning would not take much time.

  5. 5. Target Audience

    How can the target audience affect the redesigning cost? If you know the target audience, you can customize the website accordingly and offer a better user experience. So, this is how the target audience affects the cost.

    There are a few other factors that affect the cost of a website redesign.

    • 404 Errors and redirects
    • Optimization of images
    • Optimize the site’s structure
    • UX Copywriting

5 Simple Steps to Select the Right Web Redesign Agency

If your website is not working properly and you have plans to redesign it, what should be the next step? Look for a professional web design company. But there are many companies, so how will you find the suitable one?

Here are the 5 simple steps:

  1. 1. Know the Need

  2. Know_the_Need
  3. Why do you want to revamp your website? You must know the reasons and requirements because then you can find the best website redesign services.

  4. 2. Find Suitable Firms

  5. Find_Suitable_FirmsOnce you know all the requirements for redesigning. Now make a list of top web development companies. And compare these firms on the basis of price, services, and experience.
  6. 3. Check The Portfolio

  7. Check PortfolioThis is a crucial step, so you should not miss it. You can know the projects of the company and developers. Moreover, the qualification of the developers and how old is the company.
  8. 4. Check Reviews & Feedback

  9. Check Reviews & Feedback
  10. By checking the reviews and feedback, you can know whether a company offers quality services or not.

  11. 5. Discuss Requirements

  12. Discuss-Requirements-transformedDiscuss the requirements that you want to redesign the website. It will help you know the estimated cost of different firms and you can select the best one within your budget.


Website redesign improves the features and functions and gives your web a new look. But, redesigning a website can lose your site’s ranking, so make sure you hire skilled SEO with professional developers. Technource has more than 50 professional developers and approx 10 SEO specialists, so you can get all types of software solutions on time.


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