How Much Does it Cost to Redesign a Website in 2022?

June 18, 2021

Did you create your business website a few years ago? Do you feel your website is outdated and needs a necessary tech update and redesign? If yes, you must know that a lot of factors must be considered before redesigning a website. And the preceding factors contribute directly to your website redesign cost.

In 2022, redesigning your website can cost anywhere between 3000$ to 50,000$. The size of your website to the functionalities you include directly affect your costing. Yet you can only calculate the exact cost by consulting a professional web design company.

As the process can prove to be a complex one we decided to bring you this blog that shares all the essentials related to redesigning a website. Read on till the end to make the best of it.

Let’s begin with the basics.

What is Website Redesign?

Most individuals think that website redesign is only targeted towards improving the look and feel of a website. The statement is partly true as creating an engaging user interface and experience is an evident part of developing a successful website. But a smart design is related to how your website functions and the usability it provides.

To ease the confusion of clients, designers have classified redesigns into 4 different parts.


As the name suggests redecoration is primarily related to enhancing the look and feel of your website. A redecoration would work best if you’re updating and rebranding your company colors. Redecoration of your site can be done at a lower price point as it involves less work with designing new elements from scratch.


Rewiring your website focuses on the backend of your website. Making use of the same you can migrate your upgrade your website’s content to a new content management system (CMS) such as WordPress. Rewiring your website would require some technical expertise and hence can prove to be pricey than redecorations.


This is a combination of adding visual and server-side updates to your websites. This type of redesign is time and resource-intensive as it needs expertise in both design and programming. Hence, can prove to be more costly than the above-mentioned types.


Rebuilding focuses on developing a new website by reusing a few elements from your previous websites such as copy or images. If you’re trying to transform your brand into something completely different this type of redesign would work best for you. But you should know that is the costliest of the redesign options.


Factors that can Directly Affect your Website Redesign Cost

The foremost question that you should be asking yourself is ‘how much redesigning does my website need?’ If it needs a lot of work then the cost-effective way is to create one from scratch. But if that’s not the case you can opt for redesigning.

Let’s understand how the preceding can be achieved and the factors affecting your overall development cost.

Redesigning on Your Own

If you decide to go this path, you will be saving a lot of money but investing a lot of time. From frontend and backend programming to designing an engaging UI/UX, creating a website on your own requires a lot of skills.

If you don’t possess these skills you will have to put your dedicated efforts and time into learning the same. An average cost for redesigning your website can cost anywhere between 50 USD to 500 USD.

Redesigning With a Freelancer

By giving your revamping of a website project to a freelancer you free up your time by paying for the same. Yet it’s a difficult task to choose a freelancer. As you might not be aware of the skills that s/he might be possessing. At times the freelancers also tend to overcommit and underdeliver wasting your time and resources. It’s also possible that the freelancer you choose knows too little about your industry and isn’t able to deliver results on the decided timeline.

Freelancers can also prove to be a decent option as they offer quality work at a decent price range, can possess high industry knowledge, and are fairly communicative. To earn recognition many might go the extra mile to meeting deadlines and delivering desired results.

The charges you may incur highly depend on the freelancer’s hourly rate and can cost you anywhere between 500 USD to 7,000 USD. The charges also depend on how much work your website needs.

Redesigning with a Professional Web Design Company

This is the third option to redesign your website. A website redesign company offers many benefits as opposed to the preceding two options. These companies are experts on the subject as they might’ve worked on several such projects. Hence, they can offer you multiple options on how you can redesign your website.

By hiring them you can rest assured that several professionals are working on your website. They will do all the necessary tasks such as analyzing your competitor’s website, adding SEO-friendly and relevant content, assist with marketing, and more. They will even help you choose the best hosting option for your website, monitor the hosting provider’s services, and offer suggestions.

Hiring a website design company can cost you anywhere between 3,000$ to 65,000$.


Relevant Content & Multimedia

Maybe you’re not getting enough visitors due to your website’s poor design and content. Hence, you decide to revamp the website that gets you more recognition and engagement with your target audience. But to achieve this you have to invest in replacing your old content with interactive multimedia that can be anything from a visual animation to a game. You would also have to add relevant content by seeking help from a content specialist.

If you choose to hire web development services achieving this feat can become easy as compared to working with freelancers. The simple reason behind the same is that an IT service company would already have experienced content specialists and digital marketing managers that can research and write industry-specific content for your business.

Investing in the same can be a resource-intensive process but it can also generate quick leads for your business.

The above-mentioned were the factors that would directly affect your website redesign cost. In addition to this, various ‘Extra’ costs add to your overall costing. Let’s explore the same in detail.

Additional Costs while Revamping Your Website

Revamping the website is an unpredictable journey. While doing so you can come across certain things that can add to your overall budget. These “extras” add unique functionalities to your website while others boost its performance. Here’s a list of the same.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Inculcating SEO practices in your website content requires ‘n’ number of things that you have to improve or update at regular intervals. You can include product or service-specific keywords in your website redesign. By doing the same you can increase your website traffic and get higher in SERPs. But you must know that SEO is a long-term strategy and not a one-time tactic that will yield instant results.

Graphics Customization

There are two ways to go about this. The first is by customizing your vector images using your company’s colors, and the other is to rearrange the same to fit your page’s purpose. But if you don’t have budget constraints you can also opt for unique solutions by paying an additional fee for the same. You have to pay more for the same as this graphic work requires an illustrator, who has separate skills from that of a website designer.


Additional Integrations

Certain services are necessary for your website to function well. They can become more labor-intensive and complicated as there is an increase in the scope of the project. These integrations can be anything from a CRM to making use of AI to learn user patterns or adding an eCommerce shop to your online website.


If you have made major changes to your website’s design or have made platform changes, there will be thousands of URLs that need to be addressed in your redesign. These redirects should be addressed when your project is scoped out as they would be unique to your website.


You need to make use of hosting services to host your website. The platform you choose for your website development will affect your hosting costs.


The greatest lesson you should take away from this blog is that there are plenty of small and big changes that contribute to a successful website. It can happen that what appears true on paper or in theory might not be the case when put into action. Hence, your website should be reviewed by an expert decision-maker who has considerable experience in the current trends related to your industry. They should also be aware of the pains, needs, and wants of your consumers. If you want your website to be successful from the go, you should designate this right to a single decision-maker. They should take part in the entire process i.e. from inception to launch.

What will be the cost of Redesigning your Website?

Recap: As we learned above, redesigning a website by yourself can cost you anywhere between 50 USD to 500 USD. Hiring with a freelancer can cost you somewhere between 500$ to 7,000$. While hiring a web development service would cost you in the range of 3,000 USD to 65,000 USD.

The cost can vary for different types of websites. For instance:

Small Business Website: 2,500$ – 10,000$
Corporate Websites: 8,000$ – 40,000$
eCommerce Solutions: 3,000$ – 50,000$
Progressive Web Apps: 5,000$ – 70, 000$

This is a tentative cost range that can apply to redesigning your website. If you’re planning to add major changes to your website, your costing can be around the preceding numbers. But if you trying to map some small changes it can cost less.


Web Redesign Component Costs

Depending on how your website is currently, you might only require certain tweaks and redesign components. Here’s the cost of different components that you can use for your website redesign.

  • Responsive design: 2,000$ to 20,000$
  • Attractive themes: 1,500$ to 15,000$
  • Content management system: 1,000$ to 20,000$
  • eCommerce solutions: 3,000$ to 30,000$
  • Interactive multimedia: 300$ to 8,000$
  • Database integration: 1,000$ to 25,000$

Things to Remember About Website Redesign

The components mentioned above are some of the most essential factors for creating an attractive and responsive website. Using any number of components can improve your website’s functionality.

Before finalizing on who you want to hire for revamping your website, you should research well and analyze their prior work on similar projects. As you also don’t want to waste money and time on a lost cause. One more thing that you should keep in mind is that you should only invest in features that matter to your consumers. As there are many features in web apps that the users just don’t use or aren’t aware of. Using too many flashy videos and products can work against your aim. It can distract your consumer and force them to look for a similar product on a different website.

Final Word

Running a successful business surely requires a strong online presence in today’s age. If you do have a website but isn’t functional and engaging it can create an adverse impression on the user’s mind.

So if you have a website that was created years ago, you should consider redesigning the same. How much or what you should redesign is dependent on you or you can seek help from website redesign service providers such as Technource.

We can provide you with assistance in all the above-mentioned areas of website design. As an IT service provider, website designing is the most fundamental part of our services. We’ve worked on many prominent projects and you can observe the case studies of the same on our website. Get in touch with us today to equip your website with the redesigning it needs. Thank you for reading.


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