Why Should You Use Mobile Retargeting for Your Travel Business?

Mobile app retargeting is essential, as it helps to re-acquire the customers that you already lost. The travel industry lost many customers due to the uncertainties caused by the Pandemic. Many travel businesses had to replan their strategies for gaining their customers again.

The best way you can achieve such a result is by using hiring iPhone app developers, you will be able to include features designed specifically to retarget the customers and obtain better results.

Retargeting offers many benefits. It reduces cart abandonment by 6.5%. Likewise, brand awareness is the reason that 70% of marketers opt for retargeting. It is helpful for the established companies that are losing their customers and facing a low conversion rate.

If your travel business is also losing customers, you need a good mobile app development company, that can help you retarget the customers with innovative and beautiful UI/UX designs.



What Is Mobile App Retargeting?

Mobile app retargeting is a process in which you have to rework the design, functions, and ad campaigns to retain the customers. Well, you can make new customers also, but it has become expensive now. So, it’s better to retain the existing ones.

You can make some changes in the approach, you target the audience and study the market to make better retargeting plans. It is prevalent in today’s time because of high competition, and the nature of the customers to switch to the new app as they find it more beneficial than they have on their phones.

Around 60% of marketing agencies now have an allocation for remarketing. Because around 90% of people leave a web or app, they never come back to it. So, it’s better to retarget and retain them. The below image shows the targeting parameters used for app users acquisition as per the app developers.




Benefits of Mobile Retargeting for Travel Business

Since the travel industry faced a lot of ups and downs in recent years, businesses have started to look for ways to regain their growth. Mobile app retargeting can be for iOS and Android devices. However, iOS provides robust and secure features. So, people want to hire iOS developers for innovative yet robust designs for their Travel apps.

Have a look at the benefits of mobile retargeting in the space below.

  1. Retain the existing customers
  2. Improve the value and visibility of the brand
  3. Personalize the tours
  4. Better conversion rate
  5. Improves engagement with the existing users
  6. Retargeting ads drive more conversion
  7. Mobile app development trends attract more customers

Why Retarget Your Travel Business via iOS App?

The primary reason why using retargeting for iOS app development services is that traffic gets more expensive. The cost of getting some new users is growing. This means, that retargeting and re-acquiring the attention of older customers will be the best option.

Plus, notifications, SMS, and emails will end up nagging the user instead of offering him any good information. Which is exactly the type of thing that you need to avoid here? You also have to realize that around 80% of the users won’t go back to the app 3 months after installing it.

What Can You Do?

The first thing you should do when you hire iPhone app developers is to focus on proper deep linking. In addition, universal linking will help a lot, as it improves the UX quite a bit.

It’s also imperative to segment the users into multiple categories so you can get the best possible results.

Some users see the products but don’t add them to their carts, while some add them. Some people buy the products but they abandon the idea of coming back. If you encounter any of the solutions above effective, your iOS app development services need to focus on a few important factors. For beginners, you can provide a special offer with a discount for the next order. This type of approach can make your product the best flight booking app for the customers.

Also, adding new functions to the app when you hire iPhone app developers can help a lot.

Sending a message about the new ways to use the iOS app can prove beneficial. Sharing banners with the items that the user sees can make him/her come back. You can also share banners with products, that are complementary and supplement what the user sees. A simple reminder about, whether the user has items in the cart or not, helps him a lot.

You can hire iOS app development services provider that will make it a lot easier to regain customers. Of course, you will be able to regain a lot of customers. But making the new ones would be difficult, anyway, that’s not the goal here. Getting the attention of previous leads and customers will be the goal, and you should think about that!



How Does Mobile Retargeting Work?

The app developers have to use deep links technology. It is basically a website link, that redirects the users to the mobile application. Deep-link opens the main application screen and a specific screen within an application.

But the application must be configured with a URL scheme for retargeting purposes. Let’s understand better with an example.

The Instagram:// profile link opens the profile screen in the Instagram application. You can offer a better user experience with accurate deep linking. For this, you can take iOS app development services also because professionals can deep link impeccably. They can update the conventional URL schemes for easy configuration and clicks.

Many times businesses also want to know the cost to Redesign a Website. Because they want to improve their websites for recapturing the old customers and attract new ones. You need front-end, back-end, quality analysts, and testers in your team for revamping the website.

Companies that Soared with Dynamic Retargeting

We all know that the Travel industry faced various fluctuations in its growth rate in the last couple of years. Many Travel companies are regaining the growth by retargeting their customers. Know about the travel agencies that soared with dynamic retargeting in the space below.

  • Bravofly

    Bravofly is one of the top online Travel agencies. It used Criteo’s dynamic travel segmentation to increase traffic, sales, and brand exposure. This company helped to keep the loyal customers of Bravofly. Moreover, it helped to turn the new users into customers. Thereby, Bravofly received a 25% of increment in the conversion rate.

  • Interpark Tour

    Interpark Tour is Korea’s leading Travel agency. It also partnered with Criteo to increase budget and market efficiencies. Consequently, Interpark Tour company benefitted with 168%
    More impressions and 400% more clicks. Moreover, now Interpark Tour is focusing on cross-device users.

  • Atrapalo

    Atrapalo improved its online marketing strategies. It focused on enhancing the Travel website design, and in-app solutions including app advertising. Moreover, this popular agency in the European market is up to expand to Latin America.

Wrapping Up

If you are worried about, how to use mobile retargeting for your travel business, our top Mobile app retargeting company can help you. It has experienced app developers and designers who have retargeted for many businesses. Moreover, our prices will suit your pocket because we offer affordable mobile app development services.



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