Important Questions For Startups Before They Decide To Have An App

Numerous start-ups are designing stunning mobile apps to engage their consumer base and generate high-profit from their launch. And this can be supported with some stats.

  • 26% of the world’s total funding was captured by iOS and Android apps.
  • 20% up from the previous year, consumers spent about 143 billion USD on app subscriptions.
  • Mobile Ad spending reached 240 billion USD in 2020 i.e. a 26% increase.



When you think about how to start up a business, ‘Mobile App’ and ‘Website Development’ come to your mind. It is because these days no business can survive without an online presence.

With the help of an on-demand app development company, your business can have an excellent online presence in the form of an app and website. It is because on-demand app developers offer you the product as per your choice. If you are new to the business world, you must be aware of the significance of an app and website.

Significance of Website or Mobile Application Development

  • Reach Potential Customers Easily & Quickly: You don’t know how to build a startup and reach the target audience when you run a business offline. But when you have an app or website, you can reach potential customers easily and in a short time. 92% of the total time spent on apps, thus getting the potential customers is easy.
  • Better Customer Retention Rate: Your competitors can attract customers in many ways. But when you run a business with the help of an app and website, you can have a better customer retention rate. It is because people find it easy, time savvy, and profitable to shop online.
  • Improve Brand Visibility: How many people know what business you do when you run it offline? Only those who are near your residence, friends, family members, and some vendors. But when your business has an online presence, millions of people know about it. So, an app and website improve brand visibility.
  • Easy Access for a Large Number of Customers: When you run a business online, you can generate more customers. It is because buying services and products online is quite easy for people. A large number of people can easily take your services. And, it not only benefits them but also you.

So, if you are planning to start up a business, the above information will help you a lot. When you hire a top mobile app development company and start a business, you need to be aware of some questions. These are vital for startups. If you avoid these questions, you can fail to have an excellent app or website.

So many questions and queries surround app development. Some of them can be as basic as, how to start a startup? Therefore we decided to write this read, that shares a list of questions that startups should ask to ease their confusion on certain subjects.

Here’s a list of questions that should be answered by every entrepreneur before they decide to develop an app. Without any more delay, know them below.

  • Does your startup need an app?
  • What are your objectives for creating an app?
  • What Is Your Business Idea?
  • How will you maintain the confidentiality of your idea?
  • What is your targeted niche? Who Is Your Target Audience?
  • Who Are Your Competitors?
  • What will be your total mobile app development cost?
  • Which is the most suitable platform for your app?
  • What Features Do You Want in the App?
  • What Makes Your App Different from Others?
  • When do you plan to release your application?
  • How much time will go into developing your application?
  • Have you already created a website?

Let’s answer each question one by one.


Question #1 – Does your startup need an app?

Before any investment you make this should be the first question that you should ponder on. This isn’t simple as asking do you wish to have tea or coffee? And also isn’t a one size fit all answer. This process needs a thorough consideration of various parameters. You can always learn more about the same by trying a mobile app development guide.

One of the most important ones would be is identifying what stage your business is at? As app development would require you to invest your time and money. Therefore it’s essential that you analyze the kind of financial backup that you have and if an app would add to the revenue you earn.

Question #2 – What are your objectives for creating an app?

What is the goal for you to explore the mobile app development space? Are you trying to be a part of the on-demand app development economy? Is it solely money and fame? But would this be enough for consumers to adopt or switch to your service leaving the one they’re currently using?

App development isn’t one of those trends that you follow only because everyone else is doing so. Your app should serve a well-defined goal and purpose. Does your app offer anything new that isn’t yet available in the market? Having a clear idea of what your app has to offer is as important as knowing if the same is feasible or not?

To learn the preceding you would have to conduct a market research study. This would require expertise in predictive analysis. The data you observe would give you a detailed analysis of how one can use their prospects to become profitable.

Question #3 – What Is Your Business Idea?

Most of you would find it a common question. Although it is common, it carries great importance. You can’t put the best foot forward and know how to start a startup if you are not clear about the business idea. Nurturing an idea from its early stage to complete one takes a lot. When you are not clear about the idea, the later stages of the business get affected.

Clarity of business ideas helps you move ahead smoothly. You can discuss the idea and prepare SRS effectively. Do market research and understand exactly what the situation is. After the research, you can understand whether your business idea is correct or not.

Question #4 – How will you maintain the confidentiality of your idea?

If you know that your app idea is unique then your priority should be to protect the same. As a leaked idea would only benefit someone else. Other companies might launch the same idea in less time and capture a good amount of your market share.

Hence it’s imperative that you maintain confidentiality about the features you wish to inculcate to make it a stand-out app in the market. One must try and protect their idea from all possible ways. Top mobile app development companies sign an NDA with their stakeholders. Yet having an NDA isn’t enough. One must wisely choose a company that understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality.

Question #5 – What is your targeted niche? Who Is Your Target Audience?

First, we’ll talk about the target niche-

Your app is trying to solve a pain or problem for your consumers. Something that adds value to their life. Depending on the industry you belong to, there would be various age groups that will be interested in using your services. For instance, a liquor delivery app would appeal more to the young generation and millennials than the older lot.

The issue you’re trying to resolve would become your USP for a successful application. But to do the same, you will have to learn what they expect from your service. How will you serve them differently?

Here are some other questions that can be food for thought.

  • Question1) Will you need a web and mobile app or would a web app be enough?
  • Question2) Which mobile platform would you like to create an app for, Android or iOS?
  • Question3) What is the demographic difference between the two?

If you don’t narrow down on your demographic target, you can fail to actualize your app’s presence.

Let’s discuss your Target Audience-

What is the point of the product, if it doesn’t have customers to buy it? The growth and survival of the business depend on how people like your service or product. There is no point that how amazingly you promote the brand if you are not targeting potential customers. You may get shocked; around $37 billion is wasted by businesses every year because they can’t get the target audience.

If you want to do business in the technology field, you must know how to start a tech company and know its target audience. Otherwise, you can go into huge losses. Suppose, you do an app development business, then only those people who want to start their business online will contact you. So, they are your target audience.

Question #6 – Who Are Your Competitors?

According to the embroker website, 51.3% is the highest five-year survival rate of a start-up business. Surviving in the business is tough, and you can understand it by just knowing the above percentage. The main reason for failure is not knowing the competitors. Many entrepreneurs think that they don’t have any competitors, but every business has some kind of competition. Ignoring competitors can lead to business failure.

Only knowing the competitors is not enough, you have to understand their strategies as well. If you know about it, you can decide what strategies you need for the growth of your business. Likewise, you can make better choices for your app development. This clarity also helps to decide the mobile app development cost.


Question #7 – What will be your total mobile app development cost?

Understandably, you might be unaware of how much you can stretch your budget, but you must at least have a range in mind. This is extremely helpful for the app development company, to prepare a proposal.

Anyway giving an app development cost estimate is difficult to calculate. There are plenty of variables that have to be accounted for. But knowing the features would allow the company to concentrate more on the critical features and prioritize other functionalities of your app.

You would also need a budget fix to learn the investment that would go into research, planning, developing an MVP or MMP, and more. Not having a fixed budget is considered a red flag by the development community.

Question #8 – Which is the most suitable platform for your app?

This has a lot to do with the market research that you’ve done. The more important question is which platform is most used by your targeted niche? Is it iOS, Microsoft, Android, or any other OS? You might be aware that Google has the most extensive app store, followed by Apple, Microsoft.

There are more Android users in the world than iOS. Therefore a more logical choice offered by the developers is to create an Android app followed by a secondary iOS app. What adds even more spice to this discussion is whether you should build this with a Native platform or a Hybrid platform? You would need one of the best mobile app development frameworks to create a seamless mobile app.

Hybrid platforms offer your multiple apps using a single codebase while costing you way less than building the same with native techs. Cross-platform apps offer well-refined apps that have to be fine-tuned with the platform you want to use them for. While native apps offer a robust and reliable app.

Question #9 – What Features Do You Want in the App?

As we discussed in this mobile app development guide, features in the app matter to beat the competitors in the business, so you need to be clear about what features you want in your app. It can be possible when you know the business idea properly, understand the audience, and know the strategy of your competitors. Easy navigation, responsive designs, contacts, maintaining relevancy, social media log in, and regular updates are important features. And most importantly, keep it simple for both the user and the developer.

Getting and retaining your customer is quite important for the constant growth of the business. Mobile apps are the best and easy way to increase the visibility of your brand and retain customers. If your app doesn’t have excellent features, and they are not simple as well for the customer, he would not use your app. And the leads will bounce from your app. So, be clear about what you want in the app and how to make it easy to use for the customers.

Question #10 – What Makes Your App Different from Others?

More than 142 billion apps and games were downloaded in the year 2020. The Play Store is flooded with all types of apps. Around 3.2 billion smartphone users in the world, and it’s a clear indication that the app industry will continue flourishing. As you must have understood by seeing the facts, attracting the users to your website or app, is not a cakewalk.

You have to think about what can make your app different so that it can leave a powerful influence on the users. Otherwise, your app can get lost in the sea of apps. Analyze your target audience and study the market, then come up with different, useful ideas, and features. Moreover, thorough research for alternative apps.

Planning, analysis, and research all are important for a cost-effective and impressive online presence of your business. These 7 questions will help in the same.

Question #11 – When do you plan to release your application?

Your launch day is the judgment day for your application. And probably the most important day for an entrepreneur. There should be a definite plan on how you wish to make your releases. Do you wish to make multiple releases? If yes would you like to make those releases in installments or all together?

Is there any other big release clashing with your date? This is because a big release from a tech giant can steal your app’s thunder. To make a successful release you would also have to work on submission, development, ideation, and testing. You can also market your app well and get your crowd excited for your big day. It’s essential to plan your app’s release to keep your development process in check.

Question #12 – How much time will go into developing your application?

When compared to other processes, the development or coding of your application would consume the maximum amount of time. This is because it requires the maximum amount of coordination between various individuals or teams.

More development time would also account for higher development costs. Hence, you must plan a timeline for different phases of app development. This would offer you clarity of thought on how you should arrange your finances and go about promoting your app.

Question #13 – Have you already created a website?

This should be an important part of your discussion if you haven’t already developed a website. A website is an essential tool that helps a learn what your business is all about in the quickest of ways. Imagine yourself getting to know a new product or service that you wanted, what would be your first step? You would surely look for the same on the internet.

Therefore it becomes the first point of recognition for your consumer. So, you must spare some funds to develop a small but decent website for your business.

Wrapping Up:

The blog is going to end here. If you want an impressive app or website for your startup, hire the best and affordable app development company. Technource is known for its timely and quality project deliveries. The developers are skilled in new technologies, so you will not have to worry about the best app or website.
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Are you looking forward to creating on-demand app development solutions for your business? Or are you stuck with the question of how to build a startup? No matter what your concerns are, when it comes to mobile and web development we can surely help.

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