5 On-Demand Food Delivery App Business Ideas Worth Investing


On-demand food delivery businesses have seen some great heights in the past 5 years and are predicted to see an exponential rise in the coming 5. The food delivery business started by connecting the restaurant partners with its potential customers. They were known as “Aggregators”. As the customers grew prone to the service, they demanded a dedicated application that was a bit more personalized.
This gave rise to “New Delivery” platforms. They added logistics to the aggregator business model and suddenly every customer could order from their favorite restaurants. This brought a spontaneous hike in revenue streams. This raised many brows and with the astounding success that some platforms such as Uber Eats, entrepreneurs all over the world went berserk on introducing other on-demand food delivery platforms that appealed to different niches.
This gave rise to other successful on-demand food delivery apps like DoorDash, Grubhub, Zomato, Swiggy, and likes. The on-demand food delivery business has boomed so much over the years that various other business models have emerged out of the conventional food delivery service.
This blog explores the different areas that on-demand food delivery can conquer. Read on to learn about how various niches can be offered different on-demand food delivery services.

Glimpse into Statistics

  • The on-demand food delivery services are predicted to earn 1.82 Billion USD in revenue by 2024.
  • The CAGR between the years 2019 – 2023 is expected to be 11.51%.
  • The total valuation of the on-demand food delivery sector is predicted to reach 154 billion USD, this figure is higher than the GDP of 134 countries.

Why you Should Invest in the On-Demand Food Delivery Business?

  • What seemed (home delivery service) as a nascent business idea is a multi-billion dollar industry today. Hence, you can imagine the potential a successful food delivery business holds.
  • There are various domains in food delivery that can be explored. Successful apps like Delivery Hero or Uber Eats have managed to do the same.
  • Ordering food on these platforms is the most convenient option for time-poor individuals.
  • With the advent of technology, home delivery is as simple as taking a walk in a park.
  • A huge number of restaurants are joining these platforms to become an evident part of their customers’ lives.
  • The stats of this business look too promising. A well-planned business model is all one needs to give rise to a new unicorn in the industry.
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5 On-Demand Food Delivery App Business Ideas

1. Grocery Delivery

With the success of food delivery apps, the most intuitive market that could be captured was grocery delivery. It’s easy to predict that time-poor individuals that don’t have time to cook would also be facing problems with buying their groceries.

The grocery market in the year 2019, observed a 22% hike, and the cumulative growth rate is predicted to rise from 51% to 57% between 2020 and 2021. The pandemic also gave the grocery business an edge over conventional brick-and-mortar grocery buying practices.

The way to go about creating a grocery delivery business is by creating your online store or by creating a marketplace.

2. Corporate Food Delivery

It’s not only families that are in dire need of online food delivery options. Corporate offices are places where so many people work and eat together. The tech giants such as Google and Facebook offer free food to their employees. However, your company should be a wealthy one if you want to offer free food.

Various other companies also provide food in the form of pre-packaged foods or coupons to their employees. It’s a cumbersome task to convince corporates to avail of your services. A company would order food from your platform only under two conditions, firstly if there is a free lunch policy or if there is an event in the company.

A corporate food delivery service can work in two ways. First, you have your kitchen, cooks, and deliver it yourself, and second, where you partner with restaurants and focus on deliveries.

Any model you choose needs a high level of discipline in execution. Corporate companies only trust companies that deliver results no matter what the cost. Hence, proper market assessment, identifying the target audience, and a disciplined approach is of prime importance in creating a corporate food delivery service.

3. Homemade Food Delivery

The need for eating homemade food is increasing in metro cities. As people are growing health-conscious day by day, the need for eating healthy homemade food is on a rise. Homemade food makes a person feel safe about whatever food they’re consuming. It also offers the user the option to choose meals appealing to their taste buds.

Nowadays, eating outside has become more of a trend than a necessity. Professional life demands a lot out of individuals. A tasty homecooked meal can be the ultimate satisfaction at the end of a tiring day. Variety, taste, and hygiene are the primary concerns of users while ordering any kind of food. Homemade food is the perfect way to combine all the preceding qualities in one box.

Though this business model is quite new in the market, it’s gaining traction with each passing day. Many homemade food delivery services are also approaching small corporate offices, schools, training institutes, and shops to offer their services.

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4. Fruit Delivery

You would be shocked to know that the food and vegetable industry was worth 104 billion USD in 2016 in the US. Yes, the fruit delivery service can be included in the grocery delivery business but offering a dedicated 24*7 fruit delivery service can prove to be highly profitable.

The fruit delivery service has taken the world by storm since 2016. The fruit delivery service can be optimized using fruit salad delivery services. The best thing about fruit delivery is that it appeals to all age groups of people. It holds an added health benefit over other cuisines. Once you introduce fruit salads, you can eventually make way for fruit juices and other seasonal fruits.

Organic fruits and diets are also appreciated by health-conscious people. You can also try partnering directly with the farm owners and removing all middlemen.

5. Packed Lunch & Dinner Delivery

The incoming of on-demand food delivery services has given rise to this niche where these platforms offer packed lunch or dinner. The packed meals are sufficient for the ‘X’ number of people that are mentioned in the menu.

As per a survey, the packed lunch and business are predicted to grow double in the coming years. The targeted niche has responded positively and is appreciating new ideas in the packed food delivery business. Packed lunches are made keeping individuals in mind. This also helps save a lot of food on a day-to-day basis.

Due to the meals being individual-specific, the rates can also be optimized accordingly. The budget-friendly meals appeal to a wide variety of customers.

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