How To Start eSalon Business? Quick Guide To On Demand Salon App Development


Have you experienced the change that technology and related services have brought to our day-to-day lives? Even the older generations have grown prone to availing services using a few taps. Whether it’s food, groceries, cab, or even salon service, users nowadays want everything at their own time and convenience. So if you own a Salon, then on-demand salon app development may be a good idea to grow your business.

Not only the conventional industries but beauty and wellness business owners are also joining the tech revolution to offer their users services as they demand. The on-demand services have created a different landscape for its users. It provides users with such ease that the services are gaining more and more attention with each passing year.

This blog offers essential information on things one should know before creating an on-demand app for your salon. Read on till the end if you own a salon business or wish to get into one making optimum use of technology.

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Overview: On-Demand Salon Services

Imagine yourself coming back home from a tiring day and feel like pampering yourself, what would you do? Here’s where the on-demand services play a vital role. The online spa and salon services offer you this luxury at your doorsteps. The services have generated a whopping 44 billion USD in revenue between the years 2012-17 at a yearly growth rate of 1.8%.
If you observe yourself closely, today if you want to avail of a particular service, the first thing you would do is search for the same on Google. As one always prefers using services well suited to their budget, availability, and proximity, having an online presence can surely earn you additional business and recognition.
On-demand services offer a business approach that can work well in congruence with your traditional salon services. But sooner or later everyone would have to increase their online participation for two good reasons:
  • To increase their brand’s recognition and reach in a short period.
  • To stay ahead of their competitors.
An on-demand salon and spa service can help you put a tick on both the above-mentioned points. An on-demand service allows its users to experience your world through the business owner’s imagination. The consumers can check reviews, scout through your services, book or schedule appointments, and even pay for the same using your in-app payment gateways.
There is one evident difference between a traditional and on-demand salon service. An on-demand service becomes a perfectly designed catalog for all your services that can be represented using engaging a UI/UX design.
Let’s gain a deeper insight into the subject by learning the benefits offered by creating an on-demand salon app.

Benefits of Developing an On-Demand Salon App:

A feature-rich salon app can streamline business operations, help attract more customers, and expand your business to different verticals. Let’s have a look at some of the core objectives that can be achieved by creating a salon app.
ic_Clock Availability

Round the Clock Availability:

No matter what you do, your traditional salon cannot offer you round-the-clock availability. This is only possible by the means of an app. Using an app, a user can at anytime browse through your services and book appointments at their will.
You can also create your business page on various social media platforms. In this way, you can stay relevant in your user’s life. You can use other marketing tactics where you post ads or special offers and try to attract consumers.
ic_Attract Customers

Attract New Customers:

There are several marketing tools that you can use with your eSalon app. This would enhance the productivity of your app by sending referrals to your existing customers and their known associates.
Apart from this, if a user is extremely satisfied with your services, they would surely share their experience with their friends, family, and colleagues. Having an app for your service can work to your benefit as there is a higher chance that the potential users would want to browse through your services rather than hunting for them physically. You can make use of push notifications and promotional messages to make your users aware of the services you provide.


As compared to 5 years ago, people have started living busy lives, and therefore the on-demand business has gotten such high recognition in a short time span. If you observe consumers, no one likes to wait to avail of any particular service.
An app to access your services can solve this problem. To add further more convenience to your users you can send a push notification as a reminder before a user’s appointment. In this way, you can inform your users if they should be running early or late for their appointment.

Redefine your Brand:

Wouldn’t you love it, if your salon service becomes the talk of the town? Such is the power of the digital world if you just follow the right practices of app development. You can increase your brand’s popularity by offering convenient and quick solutions through your app.
As users in today’s times prefer convenience over anything else, your app would encourage them to use your app. As more and more users join your platform, your brand name would gain tremendous publicity.
ic_customer loyalty

Customer Loyalty:

Have you noticed that once you start using a particular app you tend to use the same until and unless you have an adverse experience with the platform? Consumers are extremely loyal to the services they use and don’t prefer changing them often.
So, once you pass the initial barrier and make the list of a client’s regularly used services, your job is done. Now, you only have to concentrate on offering the best of services and maintaining the app.
To do this, you should have an expert team of developers, that can equip your app with the upcoming latest techs, fix bugs, and carry out other maintenance services from time to time. Another important factor to customer retention is the type of service you provide in your salon. But a healthy mix of tech and your salon services can surely multiply your customer loyalty by ten folds.
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Wrapping Up:

Developing an app for your business is every entrepreneur’s dream. The path to the same may hold some challenges but compensates with high ROIs. If you’re still confused about whether creating an app for your salon and spa is a good idea or not, you should surely have a chat with us.
Our 8+ years of experience working with IT services have made us an expert in creating on-demand apps. Whether you want to develop an app from scratch or want to go with a clone, we can make this happen for you using our Agile-Scrum app development methodology. The idea of having your app run your business can be scary and exciting at the same time. But as you might’ve heard that the biggest risk in life is taking none. Get in touch with us today, by signing up for a free consultation form on our website. Thank you for reading.

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