Stay With These 4 Trends to Improve Digital PR in 2016

January 22, 2016
By Technource


In this digital era, everybody wants to do business online and earn maximum. But it’s not easy; it requires high ability to research market and work with the latest trends. Till 2015, you might be walking with trends but 2016 is different. So, stay with these below 4 trends if you want to improve digital PR.

Earned vs Paid Content:

Publishing content is one of the vital way to improve digital PR but in current era it is not enough; it needs more. Start working with right media & influencers to improve PR. Find the appropriate content marketer and provide them with relevant content they value. By this you will earn media coverage and stay ahead in this highly throat cut competition.

Audio & Visual Content:

We all know content is king and will not go out of demand any time in digital world whether it is a visual or audio. To get attention of audience, informative infographics, smart images, engaging & attractive videos are must. Now we have live streaming video too. Try it to improve digital PR. The main thing is that one needs to create quality visual materials that attract visitors. Same like visual content, podcast is also available, create good quality audio which is easier than video & promote it. One can listen it while multi-tasking.

Social Media:

Major brands and online stores use social media platforms to inform their audience about latest activity. Hire social media experts who is expertise in research skills &  human behavior so he/she can easily identify which platform is suitable & when to post content to get best result.

App is available for you:

Since smart phones are launched in market, the app has become one of the most vital element for digital PR. People use app for personal way whether it is for online shopping, healthcare etc. Build a well designed & featured app with engaging content to get benefits of digital PR.

Over to You:

This is the time to start getting advantages from these above 4 elements of digital Public relations. If you are not having sound knowledge of Digital Marketing or SEO then you can Hire SEO Expert. If anything is missing, just write it down in comment form. We will look forward to it.


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