Top 10 Secure NFC Payment Apps for Effective Money Transfer

Today, it’s impossible to fathom a world without digital payments because it continues to strengthen its iron grip. NFC payment apps offer a great level of speed, convenience, safety, and efficiency to online transactions. NFC-enabled payment device helps to make payments quickly and securely.

If I talk about the statistics of contactless payments online, approximately 51% of American adults use one or another contactless payment method. More than 58% of merchants in the USA are capable of processing payments online. Whether online purchases, paying a bill at the restaurant, or transferring money for other reasons, NFC payment apps make it effortless.

Having an app like Google Pay, Apple Pay, or other apps can be a contract with benefits for businesses. That is why our Finance software development company receives many projects for app development around the world. We integrate money-related features into the apps keeping the latest trends in mind.

Today, most people want to know how to find a new app idea to make money because most businesses are working online. They receive money online through various types of mobile apps. Most apps work on both Android and iOS phones.

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What Is NFC?

NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication. NFC technology allows contactless payment within two devices in the range of around 4 CM. You can use NFC payment applications for paying bills at restaurants, stores, and other places. Your smartphone works like a credit card. The only difference is that you don’t need to pass your phone like a credit card to confirm your PIN.

NFC is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. You must have used a key card to the office building, it is one of the examples of RFID.

What Is NFC

2 billion NFC-enabled devices are available across the globe. Around 70% of smartphones used to support NFC in 2018, the increase in the usage of NFC was fueled by the contagious disease Covid-19 outbreak. The contactless payment rose like never before after 2018. Today, more than 3 billion NFC-enabled smartphones are in the world.

What Is NFC?

What Is the Mobile Payment App?

A mobile payment app is used for online payments instead of credit and debit cards. Mobile payment apps have details of your bank accounts and recipient’s accounts for peer-to-peer payments. Many Android phones have NFC payment apps installed on them. It is an effective way for person-to-person payments.

A contactless payment app uses necessary bank details from the linked bank account for secure transactions. Buyer protection is considered important while making online purchases through the best mobile payment apps. Besides all this, Mobile payment adoption is soon growing to 4.8 billion by the end of 2025.

Benefits of NFC Payment Apps at a Glance

Mobile payments have many benefits which is why most businesses are adopting different NFC payment apps. A payment app makes the lives of retailers and customers easy. Although most mobile payment apps have some common features crucial for making payments, I will talk about the key features contained by the best mobile payment apps.

  1. Quick and Easy Payment Transfer
  2. Cost-effectiveness
  3. Safer than Traditional Payments
  4. Customer Convenience

Let’s read about all the above features in detail below

1. Quick and Easy Payment Transfer:

Why the number of users of NFC payment apps is increasing? The reason is, these apps allow quick and easy methods to send money. You can keep digital money in the apps in mobile wallets. And send money whenever need to do so. The transaction volume through mobile payment apps reached 1.7 billion in 2021

2. Cost-effectiveness:

Businesses understand how cost-effective is to take online payments. So, most online businesses and even offline businesses as well have started to use NFC payment apps. Likewise, it is effective for person-to-person payments. However, customers spend more when they use a contactless payment app than cash.

3. Safer than Traditional Payments:

NFC technology has made sending and receiving money safer than traditional payments. you can receive money and send money through the secure contactless payment method. It is your personal banking system which is different from the traditional one and it is secure too. Near Field communication uses the recipient’s bank account securely and protects the customer’s information.

4. Customer Convenience:

You can pay bills or transfer money in a few seconds using mobile apps and also check your cash balance in real time. Even international payments are possible with the help of the best mobile payment apps. Having a Paypal account, allows you to make overseas transactions as well. So, payment apps offer great convenience to customers.
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Top 10 Secure NFC Payment Apps in 2023

The market is now overloaded with various types of payment apps. The competition is raised among small businesses to offer the best NFC payment apps, but some apps have been at the top of the ladder to date. You might already know some of these NFC payment apps. Check out the best mobile payment apps here.

    1. Google Pay
    2. Samsung Pay
    3. Apple Pay
    4. Paypal
    5. Square Wallet
    6. Venmo
    7. Zelle
    8. Visa PayWave
    9. Xoom
    10. Cards-Mobile Wallet

Google Pay


Many people use Google Pay as a personal banking system ever since its release in 2018. Businesses and individuals use the Google Pay app for secure transactions with end-to-end encryption across various devices. Google Pay is the second most popular in the top 10k sites in the payments processor category.

Moreover, Google Pay is the third most popular mobile payment app in the Indian subcontinent. Google Pay app has been at the top of the list that supports peer-to-peer, in-store, and online payments. But how Google Pay works so efficiently? You can download Google Pay on both Android and iPhone. However, in-store purchases are only available on Android. And when someone pays, you receive rewards on the Google Pay app.

Samsung Pay


Samsung Pay is also a popular NFC payment app. It works on Samsung Phones and some other compatible devices. The NFC technology in the Samsung Pay app supports multiple cards. The magnetic secure transmission sends card magnetic stripe data to complete the transaction. The USA has around 8% of digital payment users using Samsung Pay. Likewise, around 100 million use the Samsung Pay app.

Samsung Pay works with the help of NFC technology. NFC transfers the credit and debit card information to the NFC-enabled payment terminal. Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) makes Samsung Pay more efficient.

Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay is simpler than physical card. It offers a secure environment for sharing credit card information. Apple Pay app is popularly known as Apple Wallet. It works only on Apple devices. You can manage the Apple Cash app to send and receive money from friends and family members. It also enables purchases from participating businesses.

Apple Pay has around 383 million users worldwide. Well, Apple Wallet was launched before Google Pay in 2015. Apple Wallet offers security features like it provides virtual account numbers instead of real credit card and debit card numbers.



Paypal is older than Google Pay and Apple Pay. NFC app Paypal was introduced in 1998. There are around 429 million Paypal accounts as of March 2022. Paypal also holds 29 million active merchant accounts. Moreover, the revenue generated from Papal is more than $25 billion in 2021.

You can easily send money internationally by selecting a Paypal account. Xoom is a Paypal service. Most businesses that pay freelancers use Paypal for it. Paypal is widely popular for making international payments. You can also have a Paypal account for global payments.

Square Wallet



Square is a cutting-edge payment processing for small businesses because of its low cost, ease of use, versatility, and reliability. Point of sale and business management tools in the Square Wallet are effective for easy payment.

You can create a Square account on Android and iOS devices also. This contactless payment app is location-based and connected to a credit card terminal. It has an option for portable checkout, allowing you to bookmark the shipper. Well, this is a free mobile wallet application.




Venmo is another popular app for contactless payments. You can download it from the Google Play store for contactless payments. Venmo QR code allows in-store purchases using the Venmo account. You can purchase on the eCommerce websites using the app. This app is not different from Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay mobile apps.
After downloading the app, link it to your credit card, debit card, and bank account. Now you can send money and receive it using this app. Even, this NFC payment app allows crypto purchases also. Likewise, you can add personalized notes to keep track of transactions at your level. Although Venmo has less number of users than the apps I mentioned above, it is making goodwill in the market.

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Zelle is one of the best apps for mobile payments. It offers a speedy and secure Peer to Peer payment network. Zelle is a competitor of Venmo in terms of quick transactions. Well, Zelle services are owned by PayPal. It also supports peep to peer mobile payments.

The user-friendly interface of the app offers convenience to Zelle users. It has features like money requests and split payments. Zelle allows you to send and receive money in minutes. You can enroll using your email address or phone number. However, the app doesn’t allow linking a credit card and a debit card. Click here to know how does Zelle make money?

Visa PayWave



Visa PayWave supports the NFC payment to send and receive payments online. In a few seconds, you can make payment at the counter. This NFC mobile app is good for seamless contactless payments. Visa PayWave uses an embedded computer chip. It sends payment information to a secure reader at the point of sale.

Visa PayWave uses contactless technology through which users can pay with just a wave of their card and device. They can wave their cards within the range of 2.5 to 5 CM to share payment details. So, swiping, signing, and PIN are needed.




You can make payments with the help of Xoom in more than 150 countries. Xoom holds a strong position in the market because it was acquired by Paypal and offers an effective service guarantee. However, it supports domestic and international transactions. Around 250 million people use Xoom in the world.

You get different delivery options for international payments. It allows one to pay to a recipient’s bank account, card, and wallet. It offers a fast, safe, and reliable way to transfer money to friends and family members. You also get 24/7 transaction protection and fraud monitoring.

Cards-Mobile Wallet

Cards-Mobile Wallet

As the name suggests, Card keeps all your necessary things in one place. You can keep passes, tickets, credit cards, key cards, and any other card on the Cards app. You will not have to open different apps to search for different cards. Just open one app and get all the cards in one place.

Cards make access to various cards safer, more reliable, and quicker.
It is like an amazing card manager. It offers coupons, barcodes, discounts, messages, and store navigation services. Pay digitally through your credit or debit card and claim coupons and discounts

How to Develop an NFC Payment App?

Do you also need an NFC payment app for effective payment processes in your business? You can hire developers from the best software development companies. You can also go for freelancer developers and explain to them your idea regarding creating a payment app. The developers follow some steps to build an innovative and robust payment app. Check out the steps below.

  1. Understand the app or business idea
  2. Select the platform Android or iOS
  3. Discuss the features, designs, and functionalities
  4. Select the suitable technologies
  5. Develop the NFC payment app
  6. Create prototype and MVP
  7. Get feedback from client and app users
  8. Test the software
  9. Improve the app for a strong market launch
  10. Remove errors, maintain, and support the app

You can go for freelancers and an in-house team to build an app. Besides it, overseas developers also offer quality services to clients. You must know the benefits of hiring an offshore software development company for it.

Wrapping Up

I have provided you with a list of the best mobile payment apps. Now you can select anyone for the money transfer. Some apps support only domestic or international payments while some support both types of money transfers. If you also want an online payment app for your business, contact Technource to hire experienced developers. Professional and We use AI, AR, and VR technologies for cutting-edge solutions


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