How to Come Up With New App Ideas to Make Money

PUBG game app generated $2.01 billion of revenue and TikTok generated $1.71 billion revenue in 2021. There are many other apps that generated good revenue. Consequently, several people started to look for app ideas to make money.

Apps are helpful and convenient to use. Likewise, they automate the work of people. So, thinking about apps to make money, is an excellent step. But if you don’t resolve the problem of people through your app, they will not use it. Moreover, making a mistake in selecting a top Mobile app development company can also adversely affect your app.

How Can One Make Money with Apps?

How to generate revenue from Mobile app ideas? It is a common yet important question. There must be an appropriate monetization strategy because ways are many, but choosing the best ones can only help. We are presenting you with some important ways to make money through apps.

  • Advertising
  • Transaction Fees
  • Freemium Upsell
  • In-App Purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • Selling Merchandise
  • Physical Purchases
  • Referral Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Crowdfunding

When you hire developers, make sure you discuss the above money-making ways.

How to Come Up With an App Idea?

When you look for the best app ideas to make money, it requires time and focus, and most importantly the right path. So, we have made the work easy for you. If you follow the below-mentioned ways, you can come up with a great and successful app idea.

  1. Find Problems
  2. Analyze the Existing Apps
  3. Reasons Behind Popular Apps
  4. Keep Eyes on Trends
  5. Conduct Survey
  6. Do Market Research
  7. Find the Potential Users

Explore each way meticulously in the space below.

  • Find Problems: Why would anyone use your app? You can’t get traffic on your app until you find the need of the people. So, your first step should be to find the problems or needs of people.
  • Analyze the Existing Apps: You know that there are many apps in the market, then how would you make a competitive app? For this, analyze the existing apps and find their drawbacks or pros and cons.
  • Reasons Behind Popular Apps: Why some apps are popular and some are not? You should look for the reasons behind the success of popular apps. It will help you collect the beneficial features for your app.
  • Keep Eyes on Trends: Keeping an eye on trends is an important thing in the digital world. It helps you know what people like these days and where they want to spend time and money.
  • Conduct Survey: You can conduct a survey and know what are the issues with people and what they need. Create a list of questions, invite the participants, and analyze the results. Moreover, conduct market research to collect information.
  • Find the Potential Users: Who will use your app? You must find the potential users of your app. For this, you analyze your competitors and their customers. It’s crucial to know, for a successful app idea. These ways will help you find the best app idea to generate revenue. Moreover, you can check the 21 industry-based app ideas suggested by our professionals.

The below image shows the daily app uses worldwide sector-wise.



You can see social apps are used most and casual game apps are at the second position. Moreover, the other sectors of apps.

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10 Simple App Ideas to Generate Revenue


Our on-demand app development experts are presenting you with some beneficial apps ideas. You can save your time looking here and there for the best ideas.

Simple App Ideas to Make Money

Read the 10 simple app ideas to generate revenue and find which is the right choice for your business.

  1. Game Apps
  2. Money Lending Manager
  3. Wedding Planning
  4. How to Apps
  5. Budget Planner
  6. Fasting Apps
  7. Food Delivery
  8. Healthcare
  9. Education
  10. Weather Forecasting

Let’s know about each app in the detail.

Game Apps

Total revenue in the game apps is expected to reach $31,669 in 2022. Game apps are liked by every age group, so making a game app can be the best option to generate huge revenue for you. Have a look at the popular game apps by a number of monthly users in the image below.




Money Lending Manager

The world faced turmoil due to the Pandemic and many economies in the world faced uneven or poor growth. In this situation, Peer to Peer money lending became the need of the hour. You can create a money lending manager app to manage all the loans and funding. It is one of the best app ideas to make money.

Wedding Planning

Finding a dream venue, planning invitations, and honeymoon, a wedding journey can be covered with a wedding planning app. Although there are some apps already in the market, it is a simple but effective choice of ideas for apps to generate revenue.

How to Apps

How-to apps give solutions to the problems of the people. For example, you don’t know how to make a cake, repair a watch, how to use a washing machine, how to design a room and many more queries related to the How-to.

Budget Planner

You can create an app to track spending, organize the money, categorize the expenses, and many other things related to money. A budget planner app will help several people to plan their budget. Include impressive features in the app to fetch more customers.

Fasting Apps

Fasting app is one of the great developer project ideas to get money. You can include regular tips and tricks in the apps for feeders. Moreover, provide research-based articles besides scheduling and tracking health. This type of app is becoming popular because people are now more conscious about their health.

Food Delivery

Online food delivery generates more than $26.5 billion and the number is going to rise by $32 billion in the coming years. There are many similar apps, so how will you compete with them? You can create a successful food delivery app when you know the advantages and disadvantages of an online food ordering system.


People can monitor their health condition with the help of a mobile app. Health is a crucial matter, but due to lack of time and hectic life people can’t focus on it. You can help people and students with AR medical training apps and VR meditation apps. But analyze the existing healthcare apps in the market to survive.


Online classes and personalized learning have become trends these days. Students now look at the internet for every solution and use apps for dedicated studies. Not only students but also teachers also are automatizing their work with ready-made questions papers and more. So, it can be one of the best Mobile app ideas to make money.

Weather Forecasting

You can create a Weather forecasting app and run advertisements to make money from it. This idea will be helpful for people who live in uncertain locations and need such an app to inform them about natural disasters through weather forecasting.

These simple ideas will help you find the answer to what app to build to make money. But there are some other ideas as well. Have a look below to know them.


  • Subscription Organization: People can track their subscriptions and expenses with the help of a subscription organization app. There are many social media platforms, websites, and apps, thus, many times you can’t remember all the subscriptions and face chaos while managing them. This type of app can simplify the work.
  • Tax Calculation App: It is one of the best app ideas to make money because people have to struggle a lot to calculate the taxes and remember the tax filling dates. So, there are many people who will use your app for tax calculation.
  • CryptoCurrency App: People want CryptoCurrency for long-term, reliable, stored value. Thus buying, selling, and managing CryptoCurrency can be a business opportunity for you. It is because you can create an app for the same and ease the work of people who invest in Crypto.

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Advanced App Ideas to Make Money

  • NFT Market Place: NFT is a Non-Fungible Token and fresh tech trend in the market. It is created with programming and the codes are unique. “Covid Alien” is one of the most expensive NFTs, sold to date, the price is 11.75 million. There are many NFTs in the market, you can create an app for them and provide a platform to buyers and sellers.
  • AR Home Design: The market of AR is expected to reach 18 billion by 2023. This technology offers a great user experience. You can create an app to design an entire home with the help of AR. The user can have a pre-idea about the look or interior and exterior of the home using the AR home design app.
  • Voice Translation: It’s an app that can translate speeches into different languages. People and enterprises face issues in understanding the foreign language speeches thus the app will translate the speeches in their native language. You can include many other features in the app as per the need.

Now you know the best Mobile ideas to make money. So, you can choose the idea as per your need and business opportunities.

Applications That Are Generating Good Revenues

Many apps are already generating huge revenue for the owners. It is crucial for you to know about them before you start making an app for yourself. Knowing these apps will help you understand which type of apps can be successful. Likewise, these are the best app ideas to make money.

The total revenue in the app market is expected to reach $465,655 million in 2022 (Statista). Whereas the paid app revenue can reach $5,441 million in 2022. Here is the list of apps that generated good revenue as per data till February 2022.

Leading-Android-apps-in-the-Google-Play-Store-worldwide-in-February-2022-by-revenue (1)


The revenue is in million US dollars and this statistics shows top Android apps by revenue.

If you running a business and not getting customers, you need to know how an app can help you dominate your competitors?

How Much Does App Development Cost?

Knowing the app development cost is a crucial step because a scalable and beautiful app requires many resources. These resources determine the cost of an app. Likewise, many factors influence the cost of app building. The prices for hiring a team of dedicated developers, a company, or freelancers are also different and vary on geographical locations too. You should know some vital points about the app price. Here are they.

  • Who will build an app for you?
  • How it will be built?
  • Who are the users
  • Which platform (Android or iOS) will be the right
  • How much time will be needed for an app?
  • What will be the designs and their cost?
  • The complexity level of the app
  • Maintenance cost of an app

Moreover, app development Frameworks also affect the cost of app development. A simple app can cost you around $10,000-30,000. But if you want a customized app or innovative features in an app, the cost can be around $30,000-$70,000. Furthermore, the cost to design a mobile app is also important to know because UI and UX designs influence the final cost.

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