How To Develop Virtual Classroom Software? [Cost, Features, Benefits]

After the virtual classroom software development, a lot of changes are noticed in the way students learn, and educators teach. Students have access to smartphones, laptops, computers, and many other devices. So they can access the classes with the help of the best virtual classroom software in the comfort of their homes. Consequently, they can’t miss classes because of any reason as we saw during the Pandemic when schools and colleges were closed.

A virtual classroom is a software that is used by educational institutions to host classes remotely. It is like an environment of physical class in which you see the functionality available in the traditional classroom. Many educational institutions want to hire an Education software development company for creating the best virtual classroom software for their students and teachers. The virtual classroom holds real-time lessons remotely, so students can attend an in-person virtually.
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What Led to the Popularity of Virtual Classrooms?

A virtual classroom is the future of distance learning because you can create online courses. As per the report by Statistathe eLearning market worldwide is expected to surpass $243 billion by 2022. Faculties in educational institutions support less traditional and digital education models. Have a look at the reasons leading to the popularity of online virtual classrooms.

1. Pandemic Outbreak

Around 65% of households with children in the USA reported the use of virtual classrooms during the pandemic. So, it was one of the major reasons that led to the popularity of virtual classroom software.

2. Educational Continuity

Students don’t have to miss class due to any reason if they use virtual classes. It is because they can join online classes from the comfort of their homes. Resultant, they can avoid discontinuity in their education.

3. Material Availability

In the traditional way of studying, you have to carry a lot of books, notes, and copies from school to home and vice versa. Digital classroom software solutions provide study materials that students can download to their devices. Moreover, they can access the material in the software itself.

4. Education in Remote Areas

This is one of the crucial reasons that accelerated the need for the best virtual classroom software development services. People can earn a degree from any educational institution in the world without physically going there. Moreover, virtual classrooms offer great help for rural and remote communities.

5. Comfortable Learning Space

“No better place than home”. You feel more comfortable at home and virtual classes offer you this comfort. You will not have to go out to take classes, just join the real-time class and learn from anywhere you want.

So, these are the reasons that led to the popularity of e-learning. Many businesses and educational institutions want to develop such type of system and generate revenue.

Virtual Classroom Software Market

It is crucial to know about the market status before you hire any eLearning app development company because then you can make the right decision. Many applications for online classes and websites are doing a great job of teaching people.

Some reports projected the status of the online education software development market. The virtual market size in 2027 is expected to reach 16.20 billion from 8.6028 billion in 2020. Moreover, 65% of faculty supports the use of open educational resources in teaching.

Let’s have a look at the image below to know the market research by Databridge company and know what it says.

Global Virtual Classroom MarketGlobal Virtual Classroom Market

As you can notice the market size in different countries is increasing, so virtual software must offer various benefits.

Benefits Offered by Virtual Classroom

Around 75% of schools are planning to operate online and many businesses are coming forward with different on-demand app development ideas for online classes. You will no about the advantages of best virtual classroom software in the space below.

We have divided the advantages into two parts for the teachers and students. Have a look at the image.

Virtual classroom software development is a complex process

If you are planning for online classroom software development, knowing the benefits will help you in providing different features to the users.

Crucial Features of Virtual Classroom Software

The traditional classroom has tools, and functions, and allows easy interaction. Moreover, you can ask questions by raising your hand at any time and give exams in real-time.

Can a virtual classroom offer these facilities?

You often come across a debate that which is better. But, do you know that most virtual classrooms run in real-time and offer all the facilities you get at the physical class? This is possible because of technology and IT professionals. They enrich the best virtual classroom software with all the crucial features. Here is the list of 15 vital features in an online app or website.

  1. Video Conferencing
  2. Immediate Communication
  3. Storage Options
  4. Students’ Progress Matrics
  5. Digital Wallet, email, & calendar
  6. Live Help Desk
  7. Host Webinar
  8. Push Notifications
  9. Planning & Scheduling Modules
  10. Live Streaming
  11. Screen & File Sharing
  12. Countdown Timer
  13. Raise Your Hand
  14. Cloud Recording
  15. API Integration Capability

Let’s read about each feature in the detail below.

1. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows face-to-face meeting that makes the class interactive. Students can see the whole class, the teacher can see who is online, and the students can see what the teacher is drawing on the board.

2. Immediate Communication

You can integrate instant or real-time messaging features so that students can ask questions and communicate through messages. So, add chat rooms, collaborative note-making, message boards, and breakout rooms to your software.

3. Storage Options

When you take Virtual classroom software development services make sure you talk about good storage options. It is because students will access the entire study material from your app. Students can store video lectures, assignments, & documents.

4. Students’ Progress Matrics

Measuring and analyzing the student’s progress is the most important task. For this, you should include such type of feature through which teachers can provide the assessment results and the students can access and understand them.

5. Digital Wallet, Email, & Calendar

Integration of a digital wallet, email service, and calendar is crucial so that students can pay and receive payments, check important emails, and schedule classes with the help of a calendar. So, your Native LMS (Learning Management System) module development will have vital features.

6. Live Help Desk

If students face any issues during the live video streaming, they can contact customer support or leave a message to a specific team to handle the problem. The help desk is a crucial feature for the smooth running of the classes.
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7. Host Webinar

You can make your software useful for a wider audience by including the Host Webinar feature. It can be for a product launch, business conference, online meeting, and educational session. But, be aware of the virtual classroom software development cost because the number of features affects it.

8. Push Notifications

Push notification is an important feature because it is good for the user experience. Students and teachers can know about the next class with reminders, updates, and promotions. Push notifications grab the attention of the user.

9. Planning & Scheduling Modules

Teachers can schedule the classes and plan them with the help of modules. This feature will make the work of teachers and students easy because they don’t have to tell students about the class manually, instead, they can schedule it and turn on push notifications.

10. Live Streaming

This is a crucial feature for real-time classes, so you should include it in your school management system development process. Live streaming connects many students at the same time. Multiple students can take a class simultaneously via live streaming.

11. Screen & File Sharing

You can share the screen with online people using the app during live streaming. Moreover, you can share the presentation and pinpoint where you want the focus of the viewer. File sharing helps to transfer study material and notes.

12. Countdown Timer

This is a crucial feature for taking exams online. The teacher can set a countdown timer and ask students to answer some questions within time. Likewise, a countdown timer helps teachers to judge students in real time.

13. Raise Your Hand

This feature gives the feel of a traditional class in which you can raise your hand and ask questions or take permission. You can go for custom virtual classroom software solutions to have features of your choice as per your business needs.

14. Cloud Recording

You can record classes, meetings, assessments, and webinars to the cloud of the virtual software. You can download the recorded content at any time using the link shared in your email. Generally, cloud recording is enabled for some period.

15. API Integration Capability

Enable API integration for third-party connectivity in your virtual classroom software. API allows the users to synchronize with any learning management system. Consequently, data sharing becomes easy and fast with API.

These are only 15 features, but you can make your software more advance and effective by including more features. Likewise, you can tell your Mobile app development company to use emerging technologies like AR, VR, AI, cloud computing, and others to make a cutting-edge product.

Steps to Build a Virtual Classroom Software

What is the process of online classroom software development? Well, this is a complex process and requires at least 6 months time to complete. This is because almost all the types of functionalities and features developers have to incorporate into the software.

So, the experience of using different technologies, observing trends, and including functionalities is a must to come up with a proper Virtual classroom software solution.

Still, we tried to compress the process and highlighted simple steps to make a virtual classroom software.

1. Understand the Demand for Virtual Classroom

Why would anyone like to use your application? Find the answer to this question. You can do so when you look for the demand and target audience. If you see people want a virtual classroom and there is demand go for it.

2. Check Examples & Note-down the Requirements

Now comes the second step. You know that there are already big players in the game. So, check the examples of virtual classroom software, analyze the features, and functions, and note down the requirements for your product.

3. Decide on the Type of Virtual Classroom Software

Discuss the type of software with the eLearning app development company. The experts in the company will give you insight. You can also hire freelancers for your project and discuss the same with them. But, do you know the protection of the idea is also important? Technource sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your business idea.

4. Read about the development technologies

Although you have less knowledge about technology, knowing the basics will help to hire the best developers. Read about the development methods and basic technologies for app development. So that you can put forth your requirements properly.

5. Check some good Software development companies

There are many good software development firms. But choosing the right one is important. So, make a list, read about their services, and check the portfolio to know about the company. Likewise, compare the agencies to screen them.

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Which Are the Popular Virtual Classrooms?

Several virtual classroom software solutions are present in the market. We are highlighting some of them below. Have a look.

  1. Samba Live
  2. Kaltura
  3. BigBlueButton
  4. Edsby
  5. MindScroll LMS
  6. ClassIn
  7. Kahoot

Know about all the virtual classrooms one by one below.

1. Samba Live

Samba Live

Samba is awarded the top virtual classroom by G2 in the 2022 spring report. Simba is a webinar solution with an edition supporting most virtual classrooms. It is built entirely in HTML5. Screen sharing is also one of the effective features of virtual classrooms.

2. Kaltura


Kaltura is 100% web-based-no flash, no downloads, no installations, and has digital whiteboards. Moreover, has a content management system to share presentations, videos, screen sharing, and cloud recording.

3. BigBlueButton


BigBlueButton was developed in a school. It is available in 65 languages and many teachers contributed to its designs. But, some people reported that it doesn’t have community support so it’s hard to deal with issues.

4. Edsby


Edsby is a k-12 learning management system. It is an award-winning system and the best for educators, k-12 students, and parents. Screen sharing helps to discuss queries properly. Such software encourages self paced learning as well. Teachers can improve quality and learning styles by experimenting while recording classes.

5. MindScroll LMS

MindScroll LMS


It is a cloud-based learning management system. The key features of this virtual classroom tool are course management, training calendars, notifications, and online tests and surveys. Likewise, screen sharing features improve teaching quality.

6. ClassIn



ClassIn is a company that offers a one-stop solution for eLearning. It provides tools to learn online and offline as well. Moreover, thousands of schools and educational institutions use it around the world.

7. Kahoot


It is a different type of virtual classroom because you can learn with gaming. The educators can supplement their lessons with quiz reviews. Games like Kahoot help learners to succeed quickly.

Our Virtual classroom software development company Technource has developed the Tuitment online virtual classroom application. The agency included unique features and functionalities in it. Some of the software is suitable for web conferencing and video conferencing also.

You can check the app in our portfolio section.  You must check a virtual classroom software comparison before hiring any company. It ensures the best online learning platform development.If you want to know how you can generate revenue through this type of app, read below.

How to Generate Revenue from Virtual Classroom Software?

Spending money on app development has the purpose of generating good revenue through it. But how can virtual learning software generate money for you? There are 4 ways through which you can make money.

  • Discount for Group Admission

You can enable group admission for a course to fill specific seats. Allow discounts for those students who get admission in groups. It improves direct-to-customer sales.

  • Sell Out

Many educational institutions sell courses to students at a fixed price. This sell-out can be for a limited time and course-specific. Moreover, the direct selling mediums are Subscriptions, Physical assets, and Bundles.

  • Advertisements

You can allow some relevant advertisements on your app at the initial level. Later on, you can move to different types of ads and make money through them.

  • Sponsored Learning

Some organizations generate learning programs for advertisers for user engagement. Moreover, they support the community and poor children’s education.

Now you know how to make money with the help of an eLearning app. But how much you will have to spend on its development? Let’s know.

Virtual Classroom Software Development Cost

The cost to develop Virtual classroom software is around $30,000-120,000. But the cost depends on various factors like features you want in the app and technologies needed to integrate apps. Moreover, various tools are also needed because Virtual classroom software is a combination of all features and technologies.

Likewise, if you want advanced functionalities in the app it also affects the cost. Have a look at the image below to know how a virtual classroom software development cost is divided.



Wrapping Up

This is the end of the blog. You must have enjoyed the information. If you want to read more informational blogs, check out the website of Technource. We are the top app development company with 10+ years of experience, so you can hire developers for your project at a reasonable price.
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