What will be SEO Strategies for my Local Website in 2016?

January 11, 2016
By Technource

Nowadays, competition is too much tough not only for global websites but also for local websites too. It’s time to build strategies for the local websites to stand out in the crowd. If you have a local website and want to get revenue from it then you need cutting edge local SEO strategy. Here below are the factors that you should consider while making strategies.

Target Geo Keywords:

You think that what is Geo Keywords? It’s nothing but keywords with geo region in which you want to target audiences. Keywords like: “Photography Services in Melbourne” or “car dealer in Florida” etc. It’s a simple logic that if you are providing services in your nearby area and you are targeting global keywords, it’s just waste of time and money. Use such keywords in your title, meta description, header tags & content.

Local Place Listing:

This is must for any local business. I hope you know very well that Now Google shows only 3 location based information on SERP. Every business owner or Local SEO Expert do this for local website. If you are going to fill same business description on local business listing sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. then stop. Do some little work on writing unique content for each and then submit details. Don’t submit incorrect information that mislead visitors as well as search engines. It may harm business.

Local Business Listing:

If you have already listed your local business in many sites then it’s time to check out the listing information. If any misaligned information is filled out in listing sites like yellowpages, yelp etc then correct it ASAP. If not listed on such websites then fill the business information on sites as you have filled up in local places sites like same business name, address, number, email etc. It definitely helps to improve local rankings.


In today’s world, no one is free for anyone; but if anyone is writing good on your business services then it’s a big complement for business. Google is now considering reviews as ranking signal. Star ranks helps website popularity in visitors mind as well as Search engines.

Proper Information & Photos on website:

Lets take an example that a visitor jumps to your website by searching the car dealer in Florida, and your website display information relevant to carwash services. Now what happen, a visitor suddenly close your website and move away. No businessman loves this. Always stick to your services relevant content and photos to your website.


There is saying that as much you build quality backlinks for your website, your website get high rankings in search engines. It’s vital part for any SEO strategy whether it is local, eCommerce or global. For any blog posts, content shares likes with company name can help to get reputations & attract more potential visitors.

Over to You:

Have you hired a local SEO company and following the above strategy then your choice is the best & if not then it’s to move out. Find the local SEO agency which follows this strategy to rank your website in local crowd. We missed anything? Just write it in below comment section.


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