Why is Flutter App Development Trending & Demanding Among Startups?

The mobile app market is undergoing a revolution since we’ve switched to smartphones for daily chores. Statista projected the estimated mobile app downloads 133 Billion for 2022. Businesses today are utilizing mobile apps like never before and approaching Flutter app development firms. But why is Flutter app development trending in 2022?

It’s difficult to develop an app in the already competitive market. So, for your app to be successful you should pick the right development team and tech that creates a feature-rich application and Flutter fits the same criteria.

As a top Flutter app development company, we can say that one such tech that has been gaining massive attention in the mobile app world is Flutter. If you wish to explore the digital market, your app should offer exclusivity, engagement, and required features. Flutter offers everything in one place i.e. fast coding, usability, and compatibility. Therefore it’s called the future of cross-platform app development.

So we decided to write this blog that shares insights on what makes Flutter a suitable choice to develop apps for startups. Why it is a smart choice to hire Flutter developers? Let’s begin!

Why is Flutter App Development Trending?

Flutter is developed by Google and is an open-source software development kit. Using Flutter developers create natively compiled apps for desktop, mobile, and web. Flutter uses the tag line “Build beautiful native apps in record time”. Using its interactive UI app developers can build apps as per user requirements. It’s currently one of the best mobile app development tools as compared to its competitors.

One can create a scalable, robust, and performant mobile app using a single codebase. The framework follows the OOPs concepts and therefore the written code can be easily compiled into native code without the need for any extra bridges. 
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Benefits of Using Flutter for Mobile App Development

Attractive Designs

To earn the required capital your app should be able to attract investors. Due to Flutter’s exclusive design and UI capabilities investors and customers are drawn to Flutter. It also consists of custom widgets that can mimic native apps. Using the same one can create a clear and smooth user experience. As compared to other cross-platform tools, Flutter offers the highest number of widgets.

Highly Performant Applications

Flutter’s programming language Dart makes use of ahead-of-time development tools to compile into native code. Due to the same, there is an evident decrease in an app’s start-up time. While using widgets with Flutter one doesn’t have to specify the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as it uses its own.

With this framework, apps can communicate natively. Therefore developers can build complex apps without compromising in quality. It’s best suitable for start-ups as it offers an excellent UX at a low cost. 

Reliable Back-End

You can code your back-end with Firebase, a reliable server-side scripting solution that’s in-built with Flutter. Flutter and Firebase are a great combination that offers hosting solutions, real-time databases, stable and out-of-box solutions, user authentication protocols, and other back-end tools. 

Enhanced Productivity with Hot Reload

Flutter is considered one of the most interactive and rapid app development platforms. Thanks to the “Hot Reload” feature developers can examine the code changes immediately. In a nutshell, one can anytime make corrections in the code without compromising its functionality. This helps them keep a track of their progress in real-time, experiment, add new features, and fix errors. 


Native app development for both iOS and Android can prove to be a costly affair. This is because developers have to write tons of lines of separate code to offer similar features and functionality on both platforms. Also, you need to hire Android app developer or hire iOS developer separately for both of the apps.

With Flutter one can use a single code base to build mobile apps for numerous platforms. Due to this, the cost of developing apps for different platforms becomes almost half. Start-ups appreciate this cost-cutting in their initial years.

Smart & Extensive Library

Developers can access widgets based on different platforms such as Google Fuchsia, Android, and iOS. So, you can include all the platform-based features in your app by integrating widgets as UI builders. They include navigation, scrolling, icons, and typefaces.

Flutter can easily design a platform-dependent, robust, and native experience. This can help one create apps for internal communication or certain geographic locations. It also works best while creating persuasive and well-structured UI based on geographic locations.

Key Features of Flutter Apps

Now that you know the basics of Flutter, as per Technource let’s learn some of the key features of using this framework.

  • Develop web, desktop, and mobile apps using the same code-base.
  • One gets numerous widget options, the hot reload feature, and offers a dynamic interface to function.
  • There is a specific command named Flutter Doctor to learn the bugs or errors in a code and troubleshoot.
  • It’s a highly easy-to-use and flexible framework for app creators due to its widget library.
  • Flutter is the top choice for tech start-ups today due to its RAM code feature.
  • You can add graphic designs to your mobile apps by making use of the GPU rendering UI in Flutter.

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Why Has Flutter Received Such Popularity as a Development Platform?

Support by Google

Google’s unprecedented support is a big reason for such a quick adaptation of this framework. Flutter offers cloud-based solutions to build comprehensive native apps. Apart from the single code base feature, the framework has gathered huge popularity due to the enhanced user experience it offers.

Rapid App Development

Dart, the language used by Flutter, is meant to offer high optimization of UI. Programmers can use Dart to maintain easily, write code, and develop an app architecture with standardization. The syntax of this language is quite similar to TypeScript and c#, this makes it extremely easy to learn and fosters quick app development.

Most Suitable for MVP Development

MVP is the preferred way for start-ups to validate their business idea without investing all of their budgets. If one opts for native development, they have to pay for two individual apps which also doubles the development time. Apps created using Flutter offer faster time to market. 

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Why is Flutter a Top Development Platform in 2023?

Here are some of the prime reasons why Flutter is trending in the development market in 2022.

Saves Time

As compared to other programming languages, Flutter uses hot reload technology to simplify app deployment. It can apply new changes to the app without losing its current state. One can fix bugs, add new features, and build UI without compromising on the development and speed of your app.

Same Business Logic for all Platforms

There are common patterns for UI creation using reusable widgets for UI. Hence, there arises no need to adjust individual properties such as styling, color, and more. One can make changes to both the iOS and Android platforms to make changes to the business platform or UI. 

Native Feel & Performance

Flutter doesn’t use Javascript bridge to compile code to native machine code. This makes compiling code even faster, releasing apps quicker than any other development platform.

Responsive Apps

Apps created using Flutter can function on any platform without modifying the Dart code. This has extended the app development process from mobile apps to desktop and web apps. 

Why is Flutter App Development Demanding Among Startups?

Here are some of the prominent reasons why Flutter is the best choice for startup app development. 

  • Startups don’t have to put their eggs in one basket when it comes to spending their budget.
  • Being an open-source tech makes it more cost-effective.
  • It’s extremely easy to integrate Flutter with an existing app.
  • It offers support to the recent reactive framework.
  • The framework has a wide range of ready-to-use and rich widgets.
  • It’s easy to learn, robust, and fast.
  • Due to the seamless interface and programming Flutter offers tough competition to native apps.
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7 Reasons to Choose Flutter For Startups

  • Huge community
  • Use of widgets
  • Native functionality
  • Optimum performance
  • Adaptability
  • Lifecycle management
  • Code Structure

How Did Flutter Emerge in 2021?

Here are the points to inform you how Flutter emerged as a development trend in 2021.

Web Apps

Flutter community is continuously working on improving its services. It’s hot news that Google has invested in a project named Hummingbird. In near future, we might observe iOS and Android app development using a single code base.

Desktop Apps

One can also develop desktop-compatible Flutter apps and not just mobile and web apps using Flutter. This allows developers to create applications for various OS like Linux, macOS, and Windows. Apps can also introduce minor changes to make them compatible with desktop platforms.

Embedded Techs

Flutter community is working day and night to take this tech to the next level. One can expect provisions for IoT technology with this framework in the future.

Thus due to the preceding reasons, Flutter has managed to emerge as a top development language in 2021. Though it was released much later as compared to its partner React Native, Flutter has managed to grab the attention of the whole developer community in such a short period. You can try the Flutter 2.5.0 version to learn the latest updates on the framework.

What are the Expectations of Flutter App Development in the Future?

Flutter is expected to be a game-changer for the cross-platform app development world not only in 2022 but also in the coming years. Businesses all around the world are inclined to hire Flutter developers to create all their apps using this single framework.

Have you built yours? If not, then this is just the right time to do so. Digital presence is going to be the most important thing in the coming years. We are a top app development company that has created successful Flutter apps for our clients around the globe. Get in touch with us today. Sign up for a free consultation now.
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