Why Does Popular App YouTube Use AngularJS?

YouTube has more than 2.5 billion monthly active users in 2023, and around 60% of people in the USA use it on daily basis. The number can increase in the coming year as more people will use the app for Vlog, Music Video, News, Education, and Entertainment purposes. Likewise, people want to hire the best AngularJS development company because YouTube used this technology for developing its app. You can check YouTube stats here.

Having a dream of an effective app like Youtube is not enough because you have to focus on several things. In the same way, YouTube developers also focused on several important points that can make the app attractive yet robust. And choosing the best framework is one of the crucial tasks.

Very often, you get to hear that YouTube uses AngularJS because both are the products of Google. It can be right but do you know AngularJS is used by 21% of developers in the world. And every year several people seek angular js development services to bring their business ideas online.

You must be thinking about what makes AngularJS so important that YouTube uses it, and should I use this framework for my startup idea or not? You will get the answer to all your questions in this blog.
So, begin here.

What Is AngularJS?

You must know basic things about this technology to understand why YouTube uses AngularJS. By doing so, you can also use it for your app development.

AngularJS was developed by Google in 2010, and this is an open-source front-end framework to develop single web page applications. It is the best framework for flexible and quick app or website development. For the same, AngularJS extends the uses of HTML and replaces the lengthy codes. For custom mobile app development, AngularJS has come out as the best choice for developers due to its flexibility.

Billions of people use YouTube for Video sharing and Hosting. So it is a general query of the people to know how YouTube was built. Let’s know what makes YouTube popular below.

Why Is YouTube So Popular?

Free Platform:

Yes, this is an important reason to mention here because millions of people still use its free version even after the premium one. People don’t have to pay YouTube to upload and share their videos. This video-streaming app is dominating its competitors because of its free availability.

Informative Content:

YouTube promotes informative content for users. You can notice many educational tutorials run on this platform. And the new feature of YouTube shorts also gained the attention of entertainment lovers. After seeing its popularity, angular js web development company Technource is getting more projects for the development of apps similar to YouTube.

Diverse Videos:

You can find several types of videos on this single platform. It fulfills the need of all types of people. From product review, how-to, top list, comedy, gaming, music, film, to news and politics, you can find various types of videos in just one click. Now you can understand how an app can help you dominate your competitors.

Are you also planning to develop an app like YouTube? If yes, you must know that YouTube comes under the video-streaming apps. And AngularJS is widely used in this type of app. Let’s read below why this is so.



Why Does YouTube Use AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source front-end framework, and many big companies use it for their apps development like YouTube. If we talk about AngularJS benefits, Technource has compiled some of the important reasons below. Have a look.

  • Two-Way Data Binding
  • Supports Single Page Application
  • Declarative User Interface
  • Code-Reusability
  • Model View Controller Design

Two-Way Data Binding:

Synchronization is very important between the view and the model so that if any data is changed in the model it can reflect in the view. And if the change has happened in the view it can appear on the model as well. Therefore, many businesses choose AngularJS for custom mobile app development.
AngularJS offers this type of binding between data and simplifies the work of the developers. Moreover, it has the custom attributes to make the work of developers easy.

Supports Single Page Application:

Faster page transition is important to maintain the user’s attention on the website. If the pages take more time to load, the user can leave the website or app. In the same way, YouTube users want faster video transition, and AngularJS helps to load the pages faster. With AngularJS, you can make your app or website look native in functions and features.
When you change the Video while watching, you must have noticed some parts of the video don’t change like the header shows what you searched previously. The video recommendation, title, and description change but not the header. It means it doesn’t load a new page.


AngularJS developers enjoy an important advantage of using this framework. They will not have to write new codes for similar features, because it allows code-reusability. It saves the time that developers give to write fresh code. Suppose, you write code for ‘Button’, and if there is a need to add this type of ‘Button’ in other pages of the app also, you can simply reuse the code.

Model View Controller Design:

It is an important module for web app development and maintaining data. Since YouTube is a rich internet application, this type of architecture is crucial for its development. YouTube has a huge database, and MVC help to manage it and UI effectively. Today, user want easy-to-use, versatile, and dynamic applications, and MVC architecture help in the same.

Product of Google:

YouTube and AngularJS both are products of Google. So, when YouTube uses AngularJS, it promotes the framework automatically. And, not only YouTube but also many other products of Google uses AngularJS. It is supported by Google and it is an important reason that helps to its popularity.

So, these are the main reasons why YouTube chose AngularJS for development. If you also have a start-up idea and want to develop an app like YouTube, why not come up with a better app than YouTube. Know the important questions for startups before they decide to have an app. By doing so, you will know the right way and time to start the app.


Features of AngularJS for Developing an App Like YouTube

You know how popular is YouTube so, you can find many other similar apps like Youtube. Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Utreon, and Crackle are apps like YouTube. They are available in the video-streaming market. If you are also planning to develop a YouTube clone and want to hire an AngularJS developer, you must know some more features of this framework.

It is important because if your app will not have additional features why would people prefer it over YouTube. So, know about the other features of AngularJS for app development.

  • Real-Time Testing
  • Declarative User Interface
  • Impressive Flexibility
  • Quick Deployment

Real-Time Testing:

The AngularJS developers can test the functions and features of the application while developing them. It is an important characteristic of the framework that saves the time and effort of the developers. And this is possible due to its unique testing feature Dependency Injection.

Declarative User Interface:

AngularJS uses HTML for user interface development because it’s a good declarative language. This language is intuitive and less convoluted to define the interface. In comparison to JavaScript, HTML is less brittle to reorganize.

This feature makes the work of many developers easy when they provide angularjs web development services. Special attributes in the HTML help to determine which controllers to use for the elements. You only have to define what you need, and the AngularJS will work accordingly for UI.

Impressive Flexibility:

You can hide the comment section in your account on YouTube and delete the comment you want. Likewise, you can perform many other tasks and this is all because of the impressive flexibility allowed in YouTube. Since AngularJS is a client-side framework, it allows the user to utilize the functionalities to the fullest. Our top angular js development company in the USA also makes sure the client gets a flexible application.

Quick Deployment:

AngularJS allows you to write less code and speed up the development process. Moreover, you can re-use the code as well. This all leads to faster development and testing. As a result, timely deployment of the app is possible. Well, the project size often demands more time and affects the AngularJS app development cost. We have also written a blog about TikTok app development cost.

Final Words

It is all about AngularJS, Why YouTube uses it, and how beneficial it would be for your app. For a successful business, a robust and effective app plays a vital role. And for this, the developers must be experienced and know about different technologies.
Video streaming app development company Technource has these types of skilled developers. So, you can discuss your business idea with us and hire an AngularJS developer with the simple steps.



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