5 Future Retail Technology: Are You Prepared For it?

January 10, 2017
By Technource

In the beginning of a new year, everyone is contemplating for new strategies to fulfill their expectations. Most of the retail experts are ready for inception with their fresh insights and predictions. In 2017, all retailers promise to figure out the change in customers etiquette which was more turmoil for them during shopping, especially from digitally savvy shoppers.

Implicit reality and augmented are often lumped in combination even though the experience is different for the end users. Nevertheless, it may consider as a great opportunity or potential to stay engage with consumers in modern ways.

At every stage of shopping and its standpoints, technology has contributed immensely to every retail success. From browsing, supply chains, its payments, a point of sells, every shipping checkouts won’t going to change because all top notch retailers have new strategies for their technology in upcoming days of 2017. Let us focus on some predictions which are conjectured by some experts:

1. Increase in the growth of auxiliary methods

Tony Rodriguez – CTO of digital identification solutions provider Digimarc said growth in checkout methods will increase with the advance usage of smartphones, enlargement of advance barcodes. As mobiles are taking place of desktop and raising traffic in mobile purchasing every year, consumers want a smart touch checkout. Make your mobile experience smooth, easy purchase for the customer which will definitely increase your conversions.

2. Omnichannel marketing will be fruitful

Retailers are habituated with the idea of omnichannel purchase process; if it will not actually be implemented then also they approach customers to start shopping from one device and finish on another. Now 2017 has been started to turn for omnichannel marketing process. This concludes simple meaning that retailers will become stronger to hold shoppers start and submit their reviews on the basis of purchases in digital products. Retailers focus only on the quality of technology instead of a good picture which are shared by customers which enable contribution of customers.

3. Chatbots will become limelight for retail channels

This year, chatbots are improved with advanced data streams which can build retailers impression stronger of break their sophisticated scenario. Present survey shows brands are more excited about chatbots in comparison of consumers. So its is more important for retailers now to improve their messaging applications.

4. Supply chains will be boosted efficiently by the internet of things

To interact with consumers from inside and outside the store, the internet of things plays a vital role to connect retailers with real-time or digital world. IoT facilitates retailers to enable overlook of optimizing operations in composite chain supply, evolving customers demands. For improving the in-store experience of customers, sales associates will spend more time to interact with customers with such strategies, like adjusting prices of real time by using smart tags, managers can control all settings with enabling IoT sensors, etc.

5. Brands will enlarge globally by adopting technology

Luxury brands are anxious to grow their sales with international visitors but for that, they require to improve their platforms to amplify purchases of various channels. The main key point of marketing strategy is the use of tech in the unique and innovative way. Every brand wants to be in frame with lead time. Logistically, all retailers will use more technology with the purpose of experiments.

In nutshell, retailers are very well aware of the consumer’s needs and their shopping experiences. That is why retailers are looking for more consistency. Furthermore, technologies are struggling to fill the gap between digital credential market to the physical payment process. There are lots of more interesting tactics are supposed to adapt by the retailer.

If you want to implement the above technologies on your online retail store; We are here; just an inquiry away. Technource is a well-known name in the online store development as per customers’ demands.



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