Adventurous Sports day & Group Day celebration at Technource

February 11, 2016
By Technource

On 10th, February, 2016, Sports day along with group day was celebrated by Technourcians at Prahalad Nagar Garden. There were 5 groups of SEO , PHP, Designing, Mobile application and Sales. Different dress code was decided as their unique identity by different groups. S.EO group was dressed up in red and blue, PHP group in green & black along with cap, Mobile application group in blue, Black was the color code of Designing group and the 7 colors of rainbow was the color code of Sales team. Have a glimpse of Group Day Celebration.

Other then group day, Sports day was also arranged. There were 5 teams as  SEO , PHP, Designing, Mobile application and Sales. First game was kho-kho in which Designer + SEO played as a single team and their rival team was  Sales + PHP; Mobile App team was equally divided among two teams. Then, three legged race was played between girls of 5 teams and SEO girls – Dimpy + Avni Patel was the winner. Here there was a twist,  the boys of the team whose girls achieved 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position in tri race was supposed to move forward towards kabbadi. So, again SEO + PHP played as one team and Designing+Sales as their rival team. But the boys of Mobile application was excited to play so they were divided equally among both the teams and the winner was SEO + PHP team. After that “Langdi Tang” was played between SEO+PHP and Designing+Sales and Designing + Sales won the game. Have a look at the unforgettable & fun moments of Sports Day.

Entire day was thrilling and everyone enjoyed playing. We had lots of photography and fun. But at the end of the day everyone was tired but no one wanted to go home.

technource group day celebration

Thanks to Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit (CEO) and Dixit Parmar (HR Manager) for this wonderful arrangement and enjoyment.
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