What’s New in Angular 14? All the Important Features & Updates

Angular is Google’s one of the excellent frameworks. It is a type-script-based web application framework. After the success of Angular 13, developers were waiting for the release of Angular 14. So, on 2nd June 2022, Google released the latest version, Angular 14. It is a methodical pre-planned update of Google.

Our Angularjs development company has already started to take on projects for Angular 14. This latest version induces new opportunities for typed forms, improved template diagnosis, and standalone components, directives, and pipes.

Are you excited to know more about Angular 14? Explore the blog and know what new features it has come up with.

A Quick Introduction About Angular and Angular 14

Angular is a type-script-based open-source framework by Google and is supported by a large community of developers. It is used to create single-page client applications using HTML and Type-Script. Moreover, Angular has standard directives. One has to be cautious while using these directives. There are many benefits of using Angular, which is why various businesses use this framework for their mobile and web app development.

Angular 14 is the latest version of Angular. It has the most systematic pre-planned upgrades. The team Angular has carefully upgraded it and reduced the amount of boilerplate code required to start the application. You can better understand the features of Angular 14 if you know the comparison between Angular 13 and Angular 14.

Angular13 vs Angular14

Do you know, that many developers prefer to use React over Angularjs, why it is so? The Type-Script developers found the framework tricky when compared to other front-end frameworks like React. You can read about Angularjs vs Reactjs and know more comparison points.

Moreover, you need a new route to simplify the process of adding a title in an Anglar13. This is not the case in Angular 14 because there is no need for additional imports while adding a title to the page.


Features of Angular 14

The developers’ community is excited to know what is new in the Angular 14. Are you also excited to know how each feature in Angular makes it a more powerful framework? Angular 14 doesn’t only offers new features but also fixes many errors. From adding router strong typing to more free shakable error messages.

So, here are the features of Angular 14, have a look.

  1. Standalone Components
  2. Angular CLI Auto-completion
  3. Strictly Typed Forms
  4. Streamline Page Title Accessibility
  5. Extended Developer Diagnostics
  6. Error Type “Banana in a Box”
  7. Tree Shakable Error Messages
  8. Built-in Enhancements
  9. Latest Primitives in the Angular CDK
  10. Optional Injectors
  11. Ng Completion and Ng Analytics

Let’s know about each feature in the detail below.

  • Standalone Components

    The standalone components of Angular 14 make the development process easy. They streamline the authoring of Angular applications. For this, they decrease the requirements of Ng Modules. Standalone components reside in the developer preview, so the developers can use them for exploration and building an app.

    But sometimes API can not be stable and could change outside of the regular backward compatibility strategy. Moreover, Angular has RFC (Request for Comments) to make Ng modules optional on standalone components.

  • Angular CLI Auto-completion

    You can improve productivity by delivering the required commands to create modules, components, and directives for your new or existing project. And it’s all because of the Angular CLI Auto-completion. Angular 14 offers many easy-to-use commands for you.

    You can find the latest features of Angular in CLI. It allows real-time auto-completion in the terminal. First, execute the ng completion command. In the second step, type the ng command and press Tab to explore all the possible options. Now enter to opt for the options.

    The Latest Angular 14 version offers many auto-completion options from the ng create command options list.

  • Strictly Typed Forms

    You can hire Angularjs developers to get a mobile or web app developed in the latest version. It is because now it has rectified the major Github issues that used to execute the strict typing for Angular reactive forms packages.

    Now strictly typed forms can enhance a modern-driven approach for Angular to function effortlessly with the existing forms. Moreover, Angular 14 provides a smooth transition experience from the previous version to v14.

    You can maintain the existing applications during the upgrade. In addition, you can now work with form controls that call a particular value, except the generic type of value.

  • Streamline Page Title Accessibility

    In Angular 13, the entire process of adding titles was aligned with the fresh route. However, you will not find the additional imports that are required while adding a title to your page in Angular 14.

    The new route. title attribute in the Angular router in v13.2 eases down the application’s page title process. You will not need any extra import to add a title because it is strongly typed.

  • Extended Developer Diagnostics

    Angular 14 provides you with more extendable developer diagnostics that give you more details about your templates, also you can improve them. Diagnostics render compile-time warnings with exact, actionable suggestions for your templates, and catch the bugs before run-time.

  • Error type “Banana in a Box”

    Flipping the brackets and parentheses, writing ([]) instead of [()] in two-way binding is difficult for the developers. Since () Sorta looks like a Banana while [] Sorta looks like a box, that is why is named “Banana in a box”.

    Although it is valid syntax, the framework CLI can acknowledge that this is in a rare case what developers plan for. You can find detailed messaging on this mistake and also get guidance on how to solve it. Likewise, this is all within the CLI and the code editor.

  • Tree Shakable Error Messages

    Angular 14 has new run-time error codes. The robust error codes make your way easy to recognize and reference information on how to debug your failures. So, you can build an optimizer to keep error codes while tree-shaking error messages from production bundles.

    Angular recommends visiting the Angular reference manuals and replicating the mistake in a development environment. You can restructure the current errors gradually to use this updated format in your next project.

  • Built-in Enhancements

    It is one of the important new features in the latest version. Angular 14 can enable the CLI to deploy small code without reducing its value. So, the built-in enhancements help you in connecting to the protected component member from your template. You can have more control over the reusable components with the help of a public API surface.

  • Latest Primitives in the Angular CDK

    Angular CDK is a component development Kit. It provides a detailed set of tools for building the Angular components. Angular 14 has come up with the latest primitives by enhancing the dialog and CDK menu. Likewise, you can build more accessible custom components.

  • Optional Injectors

    You will not have to face difficulties while developing an embedded view using ViewContainerRef.createEmbeddedView and TemplateRef.createEmbeddedView because Angular 14 provides support for passing an optional injector. In this process, the injector then enables the dependency behavior to be personalized.

  • Ng Completion and Ng Analytics

    You get real-time auto-completion for commands like ng serve. When you face an error in the command line, typos appear at the same time. Angular 14 provides a solution to this problem. It offers new ng completion and introduced real-time type ahead autocompletion.

    You can control analytics settings and print analytics information. Moreover, the detailed output communicates your analytics configurations effectively and provides the team with telemetry data to inform the project prioritization.

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How to Install Angular 14?

You can install Angular v14 via NPM by employing the next flag. Now, move ahead and open a new command-line interface and run the below-provided command.

npm install –global @angular/cli@next

Now you can install the version Angular CLI worldwide on your development machine



How to Upgrade Angular 14?

If you want to upgrade your software from Angular 13 to Angular 14, click on the link below.


Angular Web App Development Cost

The cost to hire a dedicated Angularjs developer is around $16 to $30/hour, according to Upwork. This price is for freelance developers. If you hire in-house developers, the cost can be higher. The average cost to hire an Angularjs developer in India is $15-$50/hour.

Moreover, a complete Angular web app cost is around $5,000-$30,000. But, remember the cost of web and app development always depends on many factors. These factors make the price high and low because some businesses want basic features while some want unique features.

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Final Words

Angular 14 offers many new features that can make the life of developers easy. You can think of including this latest Angular version by Google in your app and web development project. Technource provides Angularjs development services to various businesses and uses the latest versions of the technology. Moreover, you can hire Angularjs developers from us at an affordable cost.




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