10 Best Fintech Apps (Cost of Fintech App Development)

Smartphone users can check on the stock market, pay bills, deal in multiple currencies, and make financial transactions with the help of Fintech apps. It is also known as an online banking app. It helps businesses, companies, and individuals to manage their digital payments. Fintech is not an old concept, it emerged around the 21st century.

Many businesses have launched their Fintech mobile apps. If you are also planning to have a fintech app for your business, you will need help from a reputed app development company. It is because for online banking platforms specific technologies are used and professionals know about them.

With an improved online banking app, the fintech industry is growing exponentially. Around 90% of Chinese citizens use Fintech banking and more than 48% of American citizens use the Fintech app or wealth management app. Furthermore, according to a report by Deloitte Fintech industry is worth around $180 billion.

Your plan for the personal finance app for your business or providing online financial services to people can be successful if you have crucial information about the fintech app. There are already many players in the ground, so to beat them read this blog thoroughly and ensure the success of your fintech mobile app.

What Is a Fintech App?

Fintech is a combination of Finance and Technology, also called financial technology. Financial app developer builds digital apps to eliminate struggle with traditional financial services. It offers banking services like mobile payments, features to manage personal finance and bank accounts, checking accounts, getting personal loans, and most importantly instant money transfers.

Fintech apps are transparent money management tools because they are safe and secure. The linked bank account with the Fintech app reduces the stress to manage traditional bank accounts manually, track expenses, and going to traditional physical banks. A smartphone user enjoys the below-mentioned benefits of using financial apps.

  • Quick money transfer saves time
  • Provides cashback rewards
  • Saves money because of safety features
  • Provides more control
  • Reduces stress over financial services

There are various other benefits of using mobile apps for digital banking. Blockchain is one of the sought-after emerging technologies that is used in fintech app development. An app like Dave is a fintech app and also uses this technology.



What Is Digital Banking/Mobile Banking App?

Digital banking apps are designed for people on the go. These apps include most of the banking features that you find in traditional banking services. You can better understand it with the below formula.

Online banking + mobile banking = Digital banking

More than 60% of people in the USA use digital banking services and the percentage can increase in the coming years. Well, an app helps to dominate competitors, so most businesses want at least one for growth.

Types of Fintech Apps

Fintech apps have helped many businesses and organizations. It improves the customer experience. Different types of apps are used by businesses and individuals as per their needs. Types of Fintech apps will help you decide which type of app would be the best for your fintech startups.

  1. Banking App
  2. Insurance App
  3. Investment App
  4. Loan App
  5. Tax Filing & Management App
  6. Payment Processing App
  7. Personal Finance App

1. Banking App

A banking app is the most common example of a fintech app. Most people want the best fintech app for online banking. A fintech mobile app linked with bank accounts to enable banking services on the app.

2. Insurance App

As the name implies this type of app is weighted to provide insurance-associated features. Bill payments and automated reminders help you to pay for insurance EMI regularly.

3. Investment App

You can handle your financial life effectively with the help of investment apps. There are various apps to invest in and get returns. Acorns, Wealthbase, Betterment, Invstr, Robinhood, Ellevest, and others.

4. Loan App

People can borrow money for their next paycheck through a loan app. Different apps ask for different interest rates and fees. However, by using a loan app you can avoid bank overdraft fees and bank queues.

5. Tax Filing & Management App

People go for such apps to manage their money and pay taxes on time. It’s handy to check the status of your refund with the help of an app. E-filing makes the life of app users easy and stress-free.

6. Payment Processing App

Many businesses use payment processing apps so that they can transfer big amounts safely and securely. Enterprises and even individuals can send and receive money without hassle and error by using a payment processing app.

7. Personal Finance App

This type of app manages all your personal finances. It tracks your spending and saving, and investment. It provides statistics about the same so that you can know how to curb expenses.

Let’s move to the next section so that you can find the best example of a fintech app for your business.

Top 10 Fintech Apps of 2023

Global fintech industry revenue is expected to reach around $250 billion dollar by 2024. It was only $90.5 billion in 2017, it has grown by 97% since then. The number of fintech apps also increased. Moreover, there are more than 2500 Fintech startups in the world.

There are different mobile banking platforms as per the requirements of people and industries. Fintech companies in the USA are many. I have curated some of the best fintech apps here.

  1. Robinhood
  2. Mint
  3. Chime
  4. MoneyLion
  5. Nubank
  6. Revolut
  7. N26
  8. Coinbase
  9. Acorns
  10. SoFi

These fintech apps are used by most people across the globe. Let’s know about them in the detail below.

1. Robinhood


It is one of the best fintech apps because of its user-friendly trading software. It is an online stock brokerage firm that lets users invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and EFTs without any commission. So, it is a commission-free stock trading and investing app for everyone and has no hidden fees.

However, the average Robinhood user is 31 years old. $500 was Robinhood’s average transaction size and is just in the first two months of 2021. Users can invest in public companies and in exchange-traded funds. They are listed on the US stock exchanges.

What Makes Robinhood App Different?

  • No transaction fees for trading in cryptocurrencies
  • Robinhood is integrated with 3500 banks
  • Robinhood app users can directly invest in IPOs

Positive and Negative Points About Robinhood

Positive Points

  1. Free stock, EFT, and cryptocurrency trading
  2. Quick digital account opening
  3. Streamlined interface

Negative Points

  1. Support for limited customers
  2. No mutual funds and bonds
  3. Limited product range

2. Mint


Mint is the best fintech app in the USA. It gathers helpful information for users such as accounts, transactions, user cards, and others. Similarly, this fintech mobile app allows you to track transactions, pay bills, and check your spending. It helps to create a budget that is reasonable so you can stick to it.

Mint is a secure app because its data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. Exchange data with Mint is encrypted with 128-bit SSL for safe transfer. Likewise, notification alerts are crucial to remind users about bills and reports for spending patterns. It helps to manage personal finance and a savings account.

What Makes Mint App Different?

  • This mobile banking app provides a daily budget planner and a free credit score calculator
  • You can adjust your goals and save money
  • An effective income and spending category to know about transactions

Positive and Negative Points About Mint

Positive Points

  1. Notification alert for unusual account activities and spending summaries
  2. The Mint app offers customized income and spending categories
  3. Find the accurate net worth of physical assets like cars and real estate

Negative Points

  1. No support for multiple currencies and account reconciliation
  2. Takes a long time to set up
  3. Sometimes connection issues in the account

3. Chime


Chime is another alternative to traditional banking in the series of examples of personal finance platforms. Under the basic package, Chime offers one savings account, a protected credit card, and one checking account.

It is a popular finance management app because it offers various automatic saving alternatives. Its large and free ATM networking is a plus for the app. It enables users to enjoy quick money transfers online. Moreover, Chime charges no hidden fees or transaction fees for managing users’ spending accounts and saving accounts.

What Makes Chime App Different?

  • It is the only app that partners with two banks to provide checking and savings accounts
  • It provides notifications on every money transaction
  • Its accounts still have FDIC insurance

Positives and Negatives Points About Chime

Positive Points

  1. Access to more than 60,000 ATMs
  2. Round-the-clock service

Negative Points

  1. A saving account has a low-interest rate
  2. Straightforward checking and saving account
  3. Limited withdrawal and transfer of money

4. MoneyLion


MoneyLion is used to invest, manage users’ day-to-day banking, establish credit, and receive cash advances. It is one of the best fintech apps in America for mobile banking. It offers financial suggestions and offers loans when required. Many people use it for managing personal finances.

The MoneyLion app is accessible to all smartphone users for managing savings accounts. You can pick is replace traditional services like direct deposit, money transfer, and others. If you also want such app mobile app development trends to come up with the latest app.

What Makes MoneyLion App Different?

  • Limits are based on your direct deposit
  • It has effective financial features
  • It’s easy to borrow, save and invest with MoneyLion
  • MoneyLion has 15 investors
  • It is known for providing organized banking service across 55,000 free ATMs
  • It has 5.99% of APR loans for members of MoneyLion plus membership

Positives and Negatives Points About MoneyLion

Positive Points

  1. Allows easy access to loans through a mobile bank
  2. Users get cashback on every purchase
  3. Integrated digital personal financial services

Negative Points

  1. Limited investment options for users of MoneyLion
  2. Pricing depends on the features of users interested in core or credit builder membership

5. Nubank


Nubank provides more control to users over their financial life. You can use Nubank for everything that is to save and spend money. This brazil based top Fintech app allows instant money transfer, access to invoices, tracking of spending, and others. It is one of the top payment apps.

Get instant information about saving balances, credit cards, and rewards through the Nubank app. It is about to reach 12 million users within its home market. Users can enjoy free money transfers, business, and personal accounts, and free credit cards.

What Makes Nubank App Different?

  • It provides a credit card that is controlled through a mobile app
  • It is the sixth-largest financial institution
  • It is one of the top fintech apps

Positives and Negatives Points About Nubank

Positive Points

  1. Unlimited TED and no transaction fees
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. Credit cards are accepted worldwide

Negative Points

  1. Fixed cost over every cash withdrawal
  2. Sometimes app automatically logouts a user

6. Revolut


Revolut is a London-based mobile app to send money. It offers various online financial services to app users. The app enables currency exchange, peer-to-peer payments, cryptocurrency exchange, prepaid debit cards, and others. It has leveraged effective financial technology for a better user experience.

Revolut business has secured series E funding of $800 billion. So, it has the potential to enhance more in the future. You can go for these types of top fintech mobile apps to manage your money.

What Makes Revolut App Different?

  • It supports spending and ATM withdrawals in more than 100 currencies
  • Users can have access to cryptocurrencies Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin trial, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin

Positives and Negatives Points About Revolut

Positive Points

  1. Revolut can hold many currencies
  2. Premium subscription with great benefits
  3. Crypto trading and disposable virtual cards

Negative Points

  1. The current account facility is missing despite a banking license
  2. Poor customer support service

7. N26


Get ready to say bye to hidden bank fees to receive and send money. It is Europe’s first 100% mobile bank. N26 has more than 750 million users in 24 countries. It is one of the fast and most flexible money management tools. Moreover, you get two free ATM withdrawals per month from the nation you live in.

Likewise, you get total control over your funds by using N26, a top fintech app. App users can enjoy fast, accurate, and versatile money management solutions.

What Makes N26 App Different?

  • You can withdraw cash from ATMs for free twice a month
  • It does not charge commission on card transactions in a foreign currency

Positives and Negatives Points About N26

Positive Points

  1. Automatic generation of spending statistics
  2. Spaces to organize and achieve financial goals
  3. N26 is bank-licensed

Negative Points

  1. It can hold only one currency
  2. Some budgeting and saving features are missing
  3. It lacks phone support

8. Coinbase


Coinbase provides a wide spectrum of decentralized innovation. It collects rare digital arts and other digital collectibles. Likewise, it accepts cryptocurrencies as well. Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are used in the Coinbase app. It is one of the top apps for Mobile phones. By using this top fintech app, you can keep track of cryptocurrency exchanges.

What Makes Coinbase App Different?

  • Its pro version offers types of transaction types with lower fees
  • It has 89 million users in the 100 countries in the world

Positives and Negatives Points About Coinbase

Positive Points

  1. Provides guarantee for Bitcoin deposits
  2. Allows instant transfer between Coinbase users
  3. Provides online and mobile wallet services

Negative Points

  1. Deposits and withdrawals get delayed for three days
  2. Slow support to constant account monitoring

9. Acorns


Acorns is one of the micro-investing fintech apps for beginners. This app can make your investing journey less daunting. Simplified interfaces and educational resources help investors to put their best foot forward.

Newcomers can opt for Acorns because of its user-friendly features for mobile banking. People with mobile phones can use the features like Robo-advisor platform, tax-advantaged IRAS, and a bank account.

What Makes Acorns App Different?

  • Newcomers in the stock market can have a good start
  • Offers Robo-advisor platform and tax-advantaged IRAS for retirement

Positives and Negatives Points About Acorns

Positive Points

  1. Selecting merchants will give cashback
  2. Provides quick access to educational information
  3. Automatically invest spare change

Negative Points

  1. High fee for small account balances

10. SoFi


SoFi is a social financial mobile banking app. You can use this digital platform to get student loans. It also provides career advice in its marketing campaigns for youngsters. Users can make sound financial decisions with the help of one of the top fintech apps SoFi.

The innovative financial products and services of SoFi help to save, spend, invest, and borrow. The best fintech helps in various ways from purchasing a house, getting a student loan, paying off bills, and saving for retirement.

What Makes SoFi App Different?

  • Generate revenue in interchange
  • No bank fees and early access to paycheck are also exempted from charges

Positives and Negatives Points About SoFi

Positive Points

  1. Provides high saving rate
  2. No management fees
  3. Human advisors offer advice

Negative Points

  1. Some types of loans are accessible in all States
  2. Tax loss harvesting is missing

These are some of the top fintech apps. There are many others also. If you are planning for fintech startups, know about these apps’ features carefully in the below section.



Features of Top Fintech Apps

Features of the fintech apps are built as per the current market demand and requirements of the users. Different payment apps have different features leaving some of the common features. Many features and UI/UX designs are user-friendly so they make the journey of customers easy.

You can know about the difference between UI/UX design here. It will clear doubts about the fintech app designs and features effectively.

  1. Real-time Notification
  2. Live Spending and Tracking
  3. Investment Advice
  4. Budget Organization and Spending
  • Real-time Notification

    Users can get information about finance news, updates, and money transfer through real-time notifications. They get investment notifications, instant money transfer notifications, bill payment notifications, and many others. This feature makes a fintech app user-friendly.

  • Live Spending and Tracking

    This is one of the top features of a fintech app. Users can know where they have spent money by checking track reports and statistics. Live tracking helps users to save time. It helps to limit expenses. The best fintech apps provide this feature to their users. You can also include it in your first fintech app.

  • Investment Advice

    Fintech apps are not only meant to offer banking services and cryptocurrency exchange, you get free investment advice from the experts. It makes your investment decisions accurate to avoid loss. Many best fintech apps provide Robo-advise and human advice for investment. It is offered weekly, monthly, and quarterly depending on the investment type.

  • Budget Organization and Spending

    You can know about actual finance spending by organizing a budget. You get monthly and yearly reports from the top fintech apps regarding the same. Users can cut their expenses after analyzing the report.

How Much Does Fintech App Development Cost?

There is no fixed price for the development of fintech mobile apps because of the types of apps. Likewise, some factors also affect the app development cost. A simple fintech app with standard features costs around $30,000-$70,000. The exact figure depends on various factors.

If you want an in-house team, app development costs can be higher. Moreover, the cost of developers also determines the final price of app building. Have a look at the table below to understand the variation in the prices of fintech app development according to time.

App Type Development Time Needed Cost
Lending App 2000 Hours $110,000
Investment App 2300 Hours $120,000
Consumer Finance App 2500 Hours $130,000
Banking App 3000 Hours $150,000
Insurance App 2700 Hours $155,000

Technologies Used for Fintech Application Development

Different technologies are used for Fintech app development. Blockchain technology is one of the primary technologies for such apps. It is used in NFT as well. If you are not aware of it, here is our blog on what are NFT and its uses. Besides this technology, machine learning also plays a crucial role.

Have a look at the technology stack of Fintech app development

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Blockchain
  3. Python
  4. Django
  5. Robotic process automation
  6. IoT
  7. Big Data

4 Best Fintech App Development Ideas

If you are also planning for fintech app development, you must have a great idea. App ideas will help you make the best fintech apps.

Check out them in the space below.

  1. Personal finance management app
  2. Peer-to-peer payment app
  3. Investment app
  4. Payday loan app

How to Find the Best Fintech App Development Company?

Do you want custom application development to give a personalized touch? A team of professional fintech app developers can help you. But how to find the team that can offer you what you are looking for?

Follow the below steps to find the best mobile banking app development company

  1. Be sure what you want in the app
  2. Check the portfolio of developers or companies
  3. Discuss your idea and get advice
  4. have some basic app development knowledge
  5. Check reviews and feedback about the company

You can find various top app development companies in the USA and Technource is one of them. It has experienced, qualified, and dedicated developers. It not only offers fintech apps, but also maintenance, migration, web revamping, and many other services. Moreover, you can get advice on how to patent a mobile app idea.

Wrapping Up

Here is the end of the blog about the best fintech apps. You can also develop a competitive fintech app and information like examples of fintech apps, types, cost of app development, and others will enhance your knowledge. It will add value to your app development process and help you hire the best team for your business app.




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