What Is the Difference between UI and UX? (With UX vs UI Design Cost)

A user takes 5-8 seconds to form an opinion for a website. If your website is not attractive and user-friendly, you can lose traffic. It directly affects the leads and sales of your business. For beautiful and interactive designs, UI and UX are responsible. So, it is very important for you to know about UI vs UX.

Often, people use both terms interchangeably and think both are used for the same purpose. It is because, when you go for a professional web design company, you can’t explain what you want and where on the website. Although both terms look the same, they have different purposes.

You will know everything about UI and UX in this blog. So that you can find the top web development services in a short time as per requirements. Let’s begin by knowing about the UI and UX.

What Is UI Design?

‘UI’ stands for User Interface. UI designs are what you see on the website like buttons, images, sliders, icons, and others. It means UI allows interaction between humans and machines. A user interacts with the UI first to make a purchase, take service, consume information, deliver feedback, interact with people, and many other purposes. For example, when you open a shopping app, where do you click next? You click on the search bar or the product list, so you can direct to the products available on the website. For interactive & impressive UI, a developer must know major web design trends.

UI design development time: 20-45 days.

What Is UX Design?

‘UX’ stands for User Experience. When you visit a website, the moment you click on a button, you are directed to a new page. Here you experience the services provided by the company. This is called user experience. In other words, this type of design defines how easy and difficult your interaction is with the website.

But, it’s not like, UX designers have nothing to do with making attractive designs. They have to focus on interfaces as well. Maybe this is why people get confused between the terms UI/UX and can’t distinguish between them.

UX design development time: 30-60 days

Our mobile UI design company follows an iterative process to ensure flawless designs and development. If you want to know why most businesses focus on innovative and engaging UI, read below. Here you know the importance of UI and UX for app and web development.


Importance of UI/UX Design in Your App or Web

The UI and UX designers are called front-end developers. According to research, the developers have to make stand out website design because in just 50 milliseconds users can form an opinion about the website.

If people will not like the design, do you think they will further spend time on your website or buy something? So, UI and UX have great importance. Those people whose websites are not attractive or getting fewer leads, want to know the cost to redesign a website to make UI and UX impressive.

Can you imagine a website or app without buttons and icons? It will cause chaos in the website, and the products will be un-organized or shattered, you will have to spend more time to find products; as a result, you will leave the web or app. So, UI and UX save users’ time and efforts to find products and reach the page they want to.

Have a look at the key benefits of UI & UX design below.

  • 1. Customer Satisfaction: If the customers can find products easily and effectively, they will feel satisfied. You can include millions of products and types of services on your website. When you provide interactive UI to find them, the customer will be satisfied with your work. But make sure you get responsive web design services for smooth functions.
  • 2. Improves Brand Value: Brand value means how many people remember your website and recommend it to others. Impressive, simple, and easy-to-use websites increase the interest of the customers, and they visit the website many times.
  • 3. Sets the First Impression: It is an important benefit of having impressive UI and UX for the website. Would you like to visit a website that you don’t find attractive at all? You know the answer. Attractive UI & UX leave a good first impression on the visitor. Developers use the best front-end frameworks to design the website because frameworks have a predefined codebase. It helps the developers to save time and effort in developing new codes. If you are planning to have an app, but don’t know the difference between UI and UX, you can get confused at some points. Read the below write-up and clear your confusion about UI and UX.


What Is the Difference Between UI and UX?

People interact with a website with the help of UI & UX. But both are developed with different purposes and work accordingly. There are some differences between UI and UX, know them below.

User-Interface User-Experience
1. Users interact with visuals in this part Users interact with the actual product in this part.
2. User interface is a bridge that leads you where you want to go UX gives you the feeling that you have reached where you wanted to.
3. It deals with Typography like images, texts, and colors Refer to the users’ journey to deliver actual service.
4. Most focus skews on how products look Designers focus on conceptual aspects in UX design development.
5. Focuses on looks to attract potential customers Focus on products and services for the customers.

Most web development companies know the differences and have dedicated developers. So, if you are thinking, why to hire a web development company, you must know the reasons. Now you must have understood the difference between UI vs UX.

There are some responsibilities of these developers. If you know them, you can understand the difference between UI and UX more effectively.

UI Designer Responsibilities

A UI designer has to live up to the expectations of the clients. He has to understand the need for the type of features so that he can make designs accordingly. Scroll down to know the crucial responsibilities of a UI designer.

  • Intensive research is done by a UI designer to find trendy and attractive ideas.
  • He must have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to make buttons, icons, and text that suit the website.
  •  Effective communications skills play a crucial role to understand what a client wants. So a UI designer must have good communications skills.
  • Often, the client can ask for changes, in this case, a UI developer must be adaptable enough to implement changes.
  • Creative and problem-solving skills are also crucial for a UI designer.

UX Designer Responsibilities

Since UX designers deal with the actual services experienced by the customers, they also have to focus on some areas and be responsible for them. You can understand the difference between UI vs UX properly after reading it.

  • UX designer has to do competitor analysis for impressive services.
  • Have the track of goals and business objectives of the client.
  • Coordinates with the developers and UI designers for flawless designs.
  • UX designer has to understand the strategy and product structures.
  • Also focuses on testing and iteration for effective and timely work.
  • He has to do wireframing in which he creates the user’s flow, then test and analyze the same.



You should know mobile app design cost to have the best product within your budget. The below write-up will let you know about the estimated cost.

How Much Does UX Design Cost?

Demand for UX designers is increasing because competition is also rising every day. People want to make their website competitive, thus they need skilled UX developers. The estimated UI design cost is $1000-$5000. But the price largely depends on the features and complexity level of the website. But discuss your requirements properly for professional design services to know the reasonable price.

How Much Does UI Design Cost?

UI designs lead the customer to reach the actual product on the app or website. If they are not proper the customer can get confused. Most traffic is defined by UI design because it leaves a good first impression. UI design cost lies somewhere between $15,00-$5000, but it’s not fixed. Even the price can be higher if you ask for an innovative user interface on the website.

Wrapping Up:

You must have understood the difference between UI and UX. But, only skilled developers can live up to your expectations for impressive and trendy designs. Technource has such developers. They are experts because they have handled several projects, therefore dealing with complex projects is easy for them.web-design-development-company


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