21 Excellent Industry-Based App Ideas For Startups

The annual growth rate of the app market is expected to grow more than 11% between 2021 to 2025 (Statista). People know the significance of apps, as a result, they want to know the app ideas for startups. Smartphones of people are full of different types of apps. They use apps for all types of activities.

From the morning alarm to the soothing night music, various types of apps have their importance in daily life. The total revenue of the app market has been $94,660 million in 2021. Since the apps are proving beneficial, several people have planned, and many are planning to have an app for their businesses.

If you are also planning to have one for your business idea, you need to be aware of some specific sectors. It is because almost all the apps from these sectors are getting huge traffic and proving amazingly beneficial for the owner. But before that, you should know some interesting facts about app development, so you can make better decisions while hiring an on-demand app development company.

Scroll down to know the interesting facts about apps.

Interesting Facts About App Development for Business

    • Apps owned by Facebook are on the top four spots in the list of most downloaded apps.
    •  $45,726 million is the advertising revenue in the app market in 2021.
    •  People spend 92% of their total time on their phones using apps.
    • 49% of people open apps on their phones more than 11 times a day.



  • Around 70% of all United State media time comes from apps on mobile phones.
  • There are three types of apps, namely native, web, and hybrid apps.
  • Mobile apps are used more than websites.
  • Users don’t like complicated designs, thus interactive designs are essential.
  • Although iOS is considered superior to Android, 70% of people buy smartphones with Android OS.
  • More than 73% of Mobile developers use more than two platforms for app development.

These are the interesting facts that will help you to decide on app ideas for startups.

Now read the important sectors that you should know so that you can understand which type of app would be the best for you. We have divided the 6 sectors, and each sector has 3-4 categories of apps. After the market analysis, all these categories are made, so that you can decide which type of app would be the best for you.


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Deciding on the business idea needs you to know all the sectors. Moreover, the type of the app depends on several factors. Suppose, you want to create an app for students, then what type of service do you want to give students? You want to provide them a platform for learning programming/ foreign language or subject-wise courses. So, you need to be specific about what type of app you want to develop as per the audience.

Best On-demand App Ideas to Start Money Making Startup in 2022

We have made it simple for you. Here is the list of the sectors and the famous categories in which 90% of people like to have apps.

  • Healthcare/Fitness Sector
  • eCommerce Sector
  • Food/Beverage Sector
  • Education Sector
  • Entertainment Sector
  • Travel & Tourism Sector
  • Banking/Finance Sector
  • Service Provider Sector
  • Real Estate Sector
  • Other Sectors
Sector Famous App Category Popular Apps
Health & Fitness Healthy Lifestyle App
Doctor Appointment App
Headspace, Healthtap
PlushCare, Zocdoc
eCommerce Business to Customer App
Business to Business App
Customer to Customer App
Food/Beverage On-Demand Delivery App
Table Booking App
GrubHub, Ubereats, BeyondMenu
OpenTable, Eatapp
Education Translation Services
Education App for Kids
eLearning App
Entertainment Video/ Music Streaming App
Social Media App
Game App
Netflix, Spotify
Clubhouse, Pinterest
Minecraft, Cookie Carver
Travel & Tourism Finding & Booking App
Travel Journal App
Hopper, Airbnb
Minube, Bonjournal
Banking & Finance Fintech App  Robinhood, MoneyLion
Ally, Discover Mobile
Service Provider Carwash App
Task Booking App
Mobile Wash
Real Estate  Property Management App
Auctions App
Xome Auctions
Other Sectors On-Demand Apps DoorDash, Shipt, Five Senses, Glamsquad, Parker, SpotHero, BestParking

Let’s move ahead and read about these categories in detail for an industry-based app idea. By doing so you can also understand which top mobile app development company will be the best for you.

Healthcare/Fitness Sector



The fast-paced lifestyle and the advent of novel diseases are leading us to an unhealthy life. In this situation taking care of your health becomes a priority. Several apps can keep you healthy. These app ideas for startups are divided into two categories.

1. Healthy Lifestyle App

Headspace, Healthtap, Impulse, Fitbit, Workouts by muscle booster, and the list is long. These apps are used by several people worldwide. Since health has become the most important asset, people do not want to lose it.

Likewise, numerous people want to hire a mental health app development company to have such an app for business. After the uncertainties created by COVID-19, people have started to use healthy lifestyle apps more than before. Thus having an app like this can benefit a lot. Meditation app development can also be the best choice if you want to make a healthy lifestyle app for business.

2. Doctor Appointment App

Often, you end up wasting all your time waiting for the doctor outside his cabin. Due to this, you have to leave several important works. But with the help of on-demand doctor app development services, it is possible to take consultation from doctors at the comfort of your home. Apps like Practo, Plushcare, Zocdoc, and others, are doing the same thing and you can easily get rid of long hours waiting for the doctor. Doctor appointment app development has gained a boom in the health sector, as people have become more conscious of health than ever before.

Since social distancing has become vital, numerous people started to use on-demand medicine delivery apps instead of going to shop manually.

eCommerce Sector

eCommerce (1)


Buying and selling goods and services have revolutionized the eCommerce industry. As a result, more people want to know about eCommerce app development cost to have one for business. Around 230.5 million are digital shoppers in the USA in 2021. There are three categories in the eCommerce sector. You will know which type of app falls in which category below. It will help you decide on IT solutions for the eCommerce and retail industry for your app development.

3. Business to Customer

In this type of app, you notice businesses sell products directly to customers. Amazon and Walmart are the best examples of business-to-customer apps. Many people want to know ‘how to build a website like amazon?’ after seeing its success. Online retailers can sell their products over the internet on this type of app.

4. Business to Business

Shopify, Asana, and HootSuite are excellent examples of business-to-business apps. When businesses use apps to connect with others’ businesses for growth, it is called the B to B app. For example, Samsung is a company itself, but it sells products of the Apple company like the iPhones. Moreover, Shopify allows you to create your online store, so it is also a business-to-business app.

5. Customer to Customer

In this type of app, individuals can sell their products to other customers. For example, if you have any old products and want to sell them, you can use an eBay app. We can put Zendesk also in this category because it allows tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support by putting the entire information of the customer in one place. Zendesk is created to enhance customer relationships.

Food/Beverage Sector



Several people want to hire a food app development company because they know this industry has a huge scope of profit. And has negligible chances of failing or facing recession. There is no lack of apps in the food and beverage industry. We have divided the apps into two categories. Have a look.

6. On-Demand Food Delivery App

Whether it is courier delivery app development or uber like app development, on-demand solutions help startups to create the desired app in just 90 days. GrubHub, Ubereats, Glovo, and BeyondMenu are famous examples of on-demand food delivery apps. If you want to start a food business check the GrubHub business model. It can be the best industry-based idea for app development because there are fewer chances of failing it. Over 112 million people in the USA used food delivery services in 2021. Hereto, online food delivery is expected to become a $32 billion industry in 2022. You can also build a BeyondMenu clone for your business and earn a profit because this is also an excellent app.

7. Table Booking Apps

How do you feel when you go to a restaurant and you don’t have to wait for the empty table? You just go and sit at your booked table; it saves your time also. OpenTable, Eatapp, Wisely, Yelp, and many other apps in this category allow you to book your table online for any restaurant. Restaurant booking app development is on the boom these days, as more people want to come into this business.

Education Sector



Mobile apps have revolutionized the education sector, and due to this, education software development has also been boosted. In the first quarter of 2020 more than 450 million education apps were downloaded through the Apple app store. Hereto, Google play had around 466 million education apps.

Due to COVID-19, students could not go to schools and colleges, thus they had to rely on education apps more than ever before. Moreover, this type of apps will continue to rule the world of students. If you want to develop an app in this sector, know what type of app you should go for below.

8. Education App for Kids

Kahoot, Klassly, Starfall free, Classdojo, and many others are educational apps for kids that helped them a lot to learn in the time of Pandemic. Kids can learn by playing games like Kahoot, and grasp the information easily. These apps are not only helpful for kids but also for teachers.

9. Foreign Language Learning App

As per Statista, around 7.3 million people downloaded the Duolingo app in a single month in the world. It is the most popular foreign language learning app in America. Apps like Duolingo have gained surprising popularity, and Babbel is another app in this category. These app ideas for startups can prove beneficial as more people like to learn other languages besides local ones. As a result, language learning app development companies are also getting many clients.

10. e-Learning App

Udemy and Coursera apps don’t need any introduction. You can do courses provided by top education platforms using these global online learning apps. Coursera has partners from 48 countries to provide different courses to worldwide students. E-learning app development can be the best idea for business because due to Pandemic, students need to learn online and this business would have exponential growth in the future. If you want, you can go for tutor app development, as this type of apps is also beneficial for students.

Entertainment Sector



What do you do to get rid of a stressful life? Several people like to watch videos and listen to music. Music streaming app development has gained impressive growth in recent times. In the same way, video streaming app development company is also enjoying success because watching videos is the best way for entertainment. Here are the two categories of apps.

11. Video/ Music Streaming App

Whether people are alone, at a party, going on a trip with friends, or traveling, music and video are the best ways of entertainment. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora, and Spotify are the most popular examples of video & music streaming apps. If you want to know how to make an app like Spotify? then media and entertainment app development companies can help you to create a similar app with your desired add-on features.

12. Social Media App

How often do you check your social media account in a day? According to a new study from Uswitch, in 2020 Americans spent around 1300 hours on social media apps. Snapchat, Clubhouse, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are examples of social media apps. Moreover, the cost to build a social media app depends on the features you want in your app.
After the massive success of clubhouse, many people want to build an app like clubhouse, however, they do not know how to avail voice chat app development services at affordable prices? Technource is a trustable firm that can develop your dream app with the desired features. Its team will also clear your doubts at any stage of development.

13. Game App

This type of app entertains people. 7 out of 10 people have at least one game app on their phones. Cookie Carver- Life Challenge was the most downloaded app in the Google play store in the USA. And, Minecraft is a popular app that entertains young and adult people as well. Games like Kahoot are also popular among people.

Travel & Tourism Sector



Who would not like to travel? All the people like to explore new places and experience different cultures. Several apps help travelers to guide them. From planning the trip to completing it, the travel app development company includes all the relevant features in the app. Developers divide this type of apps into three categories. Have a look.

14. Finding & Booking App

Finding the location, especially where you are going for the first time can confuse you. Often you can’t get the flight and hotel booking on time. Airbnb is an excellent app that keeps the host and guest in touch. The Airbnb clone app for your business can prove profitable as a large number of people will go traveling after relief on lockdown due to Covid-19. Hopper also is the best app that helps to book flights and hotels easily.

15. Travel Journal App

You like to enjoy traveling to the fullest. Sharing trip photos with friends and loved ones complete your journey. You can cherish the memories, record, and share the travel photos using Minube and Bonjournal like apps. Moreover, these apps create an album of travel adventures.

Banking & Finance Sector



Management of money is not an easy process. Often, you think about where you should invest and where not. Going to the bank and waiting to withdraw or submit money takes away much time. Some apps help in banking transactions and share market investment. You can go for financial web development if you want a web app for your business.

16. Fintech App

This type of app improves the convenience of online money transfers. It is an excellent app type for the finance and banking industry. We have further divided the app into two categories for your convenience. Have a look.

A) Investment App

Fintech apps modernized money transactions. After the easy availability of the internet and the increase in smartphone users, fintech apps have attracted millions of people. Now, Robinhood and MoneyLion like apps are ruling the investment apps. It is because these apps have made the investment easy and profitable.

b) Mobile Wallet & Banking App

You can connect your credit card, debit card, bank accounts with the mobile banking apps. So that you don’t have to carry the cards along with you. These types of apps make your banking work easy and quick.  Ally, Discover Mobile, and Citi Mobile are examples of mobile banking apps. Wallet app development is also gaining popularity among entrepreneurs as more people want these types of apps. Apart from it, POS Software development is also the best idea for a business.

Service Sector



There are so many things in the home you have to do. They are related to organizing, planning, cleaning, and others. Often, you can’t complete household works like fixing the tap, car wash, and others. There are some apps to make it easy for you. Know them below.

17. Fuel Delivery & Carwash App

If you don’t have time or due to any other reason, you can’t fuel your car; in this situation, you can use a fuel delivery app. Fuel delivery apps will help to deliver the fuel to the comfort of your home.
Do you still keep in a long queue to wash your car? Car washing apps can save your valuable time. Just book your carwash via the app & keep your car ready to wash at the given time. Some car wash companies also provide pickup & drop facilities. Mobile Wash is one of the other best examples of this type of app.

18. Task Booking App

You can use an app to book tasks like moving, running, cleaning, and assembling furniture. TaskRabbit is this type of app that connects you with independent contractors in your area.

Real Estate Sector



Covid-19 is forcing every industry to come online and real estate is not devoid of it. Now you don’t have to deal with the broker or middle man while buying a house or auctioning it. Real estate app development companies have made several apps that gained an excellent response from people.

19. Property Management App

This type of app helps both landlords and tenants. You can post vacancy ads for tenants, likewise track rent payments, check expenses, and generate invoices. Moreover, upload pics of the sites for the convenience of the users of the app.

Apps like Redfin and Zillow are the best examples of property management. If you want to start a business in this industry, you must know the real estate app development cost. It will help you make a decision about which type of app you should have.

20. Auctions App

Digital auctions have increased in the past couple of years. It’s now easier for people to bid on houses than ever before. It’s all because of online apps like Xome Auctions and HubZu. For luxury property, the Xome auction app is an effective one and Hubzu helps to manage property deals and bids.

Other Sectors



There are several other industries that are becoming favorites of the people to have apps in. Mentioning all the sectors and apps in a single blog is not possible. But we tried to mention some other on-demand apps in the next section. By knowing them, you can understand that you can also have an app for any business as per your choice.

21. On-Demand Apps

Technource is a famous company that offers on-demand app development solutions to people. You can share your business idea, features you want in the app, and after complete discussion, our team starts working on your project to offer you an on-demand app.

Other On-Demand Apps ideas for startups

You can check the below examples of this type of apps you can develop.


Concluding Note

Here is the end of the blog. It includes ample choices for app development. So, you will not have to struggle to decide which type of app would be good for your business. If you like these app ideas for startups, developers in Technource can help you make your dream for excellent apps real.



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