Top 5 Celebrity Look Alike Apps: Features + Business Model + New App Ideas

Do I look like Angelina Jolie? Which famous person do I look like? How can I find my celebrity look alike? People have a lot of questions about their looks. Therefore, they search for the best celebrity look alike app.

There are many celebrity look-alike apps. They are not only benefiting the users to find their look-alike celebrity, but also generating good revenues for the app owners. If you are planning to hire a mobile app development company to get a celebrity look-alike app, this blog is crucial to read.

People have a curiosity to find their doppelgangers, so they browse for on

line help. If you help them with your website or application, your app can become famous. Consequently, it will have more traffic and generate good revenue for you. A good celebrity doppelganger site can tell you which celebrity is your doppelganger.


What Is a Celebrity Look Alike App?

Some people in the world look alike, but it’s rare to find each other. Moreover, several people want to know which celebrity do I look like, so they can do it with the help of an app. Celebrity look-alike apps use face recognition technology through which they recognize the features of your face. The app finds a celebrity or a famous person that looks like you as per your facial features it recognizes. Moreover, it suggests a celebrity look-alike filter that you can use to have an appearance of that celebrity.
If you want to know why look-alike apps are popular, the below write-up is for you.

Why Are Celebrity Look-Alike Filter Apps Popular?

You must have heard about some celebrity look-alike generators. But why do these types of apps becoming popular among the masses? The team of Technource has found some reasons. Have a look at them in the space below.

1. Curiosity to Know About the Look

Most people have a curiosity to know which celebrity do I look like. It feels amazing when you know about your look or which celebrity you resemble. Artificial intelligence technology is used in this type of app. You must know how to choose an AI app development company if you also want a look-alike app.

2. Interest in Playing with Different Filters

This type of app offers interesting filters that can change your look. Therefore, people love to play with their looks. App developers use Augmented Reality technology to include such features.

3. Share Results on Social Media

You can upload your pic on the app and use the features. The app will recognize the features of your app and show your which celebrity do you look like. You can share the results on various social media platforms. The developers use APIs to integrate social media in this type of app.

4. Find the Doppelganger

Many people believe that some people in the world have doppelgangers. Moreover, some celebrities can be from them. Therefore, they use look-alike apps to know which celebrity is their doppelganger.

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What Do You Need to Develop Celebrity Look Alike App?

Application development is a lengthy process. Most people know that only developers work on the app. But, many other resources and experts are required to complete an app or website. In the same way, if you want to hire an on-demand app development firm for a celebrity look-alike filter app, you must know about the 5 things for app creation.

1. An Idea

First of all, you need to find an app idea. For this, you have to research and analyze the market. It is because there is already popular celebrity look alike apps in the market. So, your app must have innovative, impressive, and new features to attract the audience.

2. UI & UX Designer

It is estimated that 184 billion apps will be downloaded in 2024. You can see there is competition, so impressive UI and UX is a must for an app’s success. The designers at Technource analyze the trending features and looks of existing apps and design accordingly.

3. Business Analyst

When you go for an agency for app development, a business analyst deals with you. He discusses the app idea thoroughly and answers your questions. You can know about the cost of app development after a discussion with the analyst.

4. Developers

Two types of developers work on an application. Back-end developers deal with server-side coding whereas front-end developers deal with client-side coding. Augmented Reality app development plays an important role to include various filters in the app. Likewise, they integrate facial recognition technology.

5. QA Engineer

If your idea is excellent but the app has errors, you can face many issues. And you may have to spend more money to fix the errors. Top companies have QA engineers to avoid this issue. They check the development at every stage.

6. Scrum Master

Particular development methods are used by firms. It helps to organize the work of development and provide value on time to the clients. Moreover, it helps a large development team to work together.
You need to hire Android developers or hire iOS developers to get your dream app.

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5 Best Celebrity Look-Alike Apps

There are many celebrity look alike apps. They somehow differ in features, functioning, and popularity. You can find your celebrity look-alike using these apps. Know about them in the below table.

Name of App App Features App Links
  • Allows sharing pictures with friends and family
  • Stunning hair collages
  • Doppelganger finding feature
Download App
My Replica
  • Multiple subtle and intricate features
  • Good accuracy results
  • Advanced machine learning technology
Download App
  • Twin-face identification
  • Impressive resemblance results
  • Free of cost
Download App
Star By Face
  • Attractive image quality
  • Allows adding multiple celebrities
  • Supports high-definition pictures
  • User-friendly environment
Download App
  • Take direct pictures or select them from Gallary
  • Matches with popular celebrities
Download App


1. Gradient

You can find a large number of impressive and innovative features in this app. The key feature of the app is “Look-alike” or “Celebrity face match”. It’s a good app for data security purposes as well. The users can upload their pictures and find celebrity look-alike results. Moreover, the app uses AI and beautification technologies. Gradient uses a series of images to make their collage.
My Replica:

It provides the best results for people who need to know look-alikes. You can upload your picture and find which celebrity looks like you. Moreover, you can use the amazing filters in this to edit the pictures. You can use subtle filters and have a customized result. It will not be an exaggeration if we call it an all-in-one app.

2. My Replica

It provides the best results for people who need to know look-alikes. You can upload your picture and find which celebrity looks like you. Moreover, you can use the amazing filters in this to edit the pictures. You can use subtle filters and have a customized result. It will not be an exaggeration if we call it an all-in-one app.

3. Celebs

As the name indicates, the app uses face recognition technology to match your face with celebrities. You can enjoy the impression comparison. Machine learning technology helps the app to understand facial emotions and save information about the face. So that it can scan your face features against thousands of celebrities.

4. Star By Face

You can call it the best doppelganger app because it uses face recognition technology and find the correct match for your face. Moreover, the app claims that it doesn’t store the personal data of the users so you will not have to worry about data security. All the pictures are deleted after you are done using the app. It offers the best resolution for all the modified pictures on the app. You can choose celebrities from the list.

5. Looky

Looky is one of the best look-alike apps for iPhone users. It provides easy and convenient ways to use the app. You can find which celebrity do you resemble with this app. Likewise, the app uses machine learning algorithms to show celebrity matching results. You only have to click or choose the picture from Gallary and upload it on the app, then click on find “Which celebrity do I look like?” Consequently, you have the best results instantly.

Look-alike apps proved a good and beneficial idea for many people. You can know how to come up with new app ideas to make money? There are many industry-specific ideas as well.



How Can You Make Money with Celebrity Look Alike Apps?

Most look-alike apps are free to use, then how do their owners make money? It is a genuine question and must come to your mind if you are planning to develop an app to make money. You should focus on some points during the Android app development process to make money out of an app.

1. Advertising

Advertising is a common feature to make money. 7 out of 10 apps allow advertisements to run in their apps to generate good revenue. 170 billion USD is global consumer spending on apps. Moreover, global revenue from mobile apps is going to be $613 billion in 2025 (Statista).

2. Subscription

Global subscription app revenue of the top 100 apps has increased by 3.3 billion from 2019. Now it is 34% higher. You can generate more reliable income from subscriptions. It is a popular monetization strategy for app owners. Netflix, Spotify, Tinder, Disney+, and many other famous apps use a Subscription-based monetization strategy.

3. Sponsorship

If you want what celebrity do I look like Android app, you must discuss this sponsorship method with the developers or development company. It is one of the crucial ways to make money through apps. But your app must get huge traffic daily so that you can easily connect with companies with a similar business niche.

4. In-App Purchases

This method has become popular in many apps. You can sell virtual or physical goods through your apps. The app users are allowed to use virtual currency, but they have to purchase it with real cash. In the exchange for your physical products and services, the users can pay quickly using the built-in payment structure.

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What Are the New App Ideas for Look-Alike Apps?

If you are planning to make a celebrity look-alike app, you must focus on providing what most apps are not providing. Moreover, you can go for new app ideas to make a look-alike generator. We are presenting you with some new app ideas below.

1. Voice-Based Look-Alike App

Voice-based technology can bring changes to the traditional way of adding pictures. Till now you were clicking pictures with the camera, and now you can speak the name of the celebrities you want to match your face with. It will give a more personalized experience. Likewise, the users can click pictures using their voices.

2. Sculpture & Painting Look-Alike App

You can develop an app that will find famous sculptures and paintings matching your personality or face. Moreover, you can make the app kids-centric, so as they click on the picture they can know their favorite cartoons. Likewise, which cartoon character does their faces look like. In this way, you can include various other features also in the app and make it different from the existing ones.

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