Hire Dedicated Developers to Develop an App like Careem

On-demand taxi booking applications are becoming popular like never before these days. People choose them to reach their destination easily. It is an economically viable option for app users. Taxi app like Careem is a new buzzword in the app market because many businesses want such an app for good revenue.

If you also have an on-demand app development idea, you will need to hire dedicated taxi app developers. But, before you jump to hire any developer or company, you must do your homework and gain as much information as you can about taxi booking apps.

This blog offers comprehensive information on the cost and features of an app like Careem. Moreover, you can know the Tech stack and business model of the app.

A Quick Introduction About the Careem App

Careem app is undoubtedly one of the popular taxi booking apps. It is a company that offers an app-based taxi booking service. It was founded in July 2012 by Mudassir Sheikha and Magnus Olsson. Uber acquired the Careem app in 2020.

You can book any type of ride with this ridesharing application. Likewise, you can select a drop-off and pick-up location and in a few seconds, your request will be accepted by the nearby driver.

Moreover, contactless payments are available in the Careem app now. So, you can transfer funds peer to peer with a digital wallet. Careem app received the award of the most innovative app in 2021 by PDA.

How Does a Taxi App Work?

You can use a Taxi app with simple steps and go to the place wherever you want in your country. UI of the Careem app is engaging and simple, so it drives more people to use this app over other taxi booking apps. Let’s know how it works.

  • Step 1: Register in the app by providing details like email, or phone number. You can create your account in a few minutes on an official iOS or Android Careem app.
  • Step 2: In the next step, log in with the password again to check if you are registered or not. After this, select the pick-up and drop-off location, or you can schedule the ride for any day and time.
  • Step 3: You can select the vehicle type from the list in the app. Careem offers three categories of car booking First class, Economy, and Business. It automatically locates your location where you want to start the journey and lets you know the position of your driver.
  • Step 4: The last step is to pay via cash payment or credit card. You can choose the payment method at your convenience. After the billing, you can rate the ride with the Careem rider and write a review.

Top Leaders in the Industry of Taxi Booking Apps

There are already many leaders in the Taxi booking app industry. If you are planning for Taxi app development, get some ideas by reading about these leaders and come up with improvised features.

1. Careem

Why do many enterprises want to build a Taxi app like Careem? The app increased the number of orders by 20% from the last year 2021. Moreover, it recorded 4.3 million rides in the first 10 months of 2021. So, that is why many businesses find this app idea lucrative.

2. Uber

The revenue of Uber was around 5.78 billion in 2021. It managed to capture the largest share of the market and delivered excellent social media marketing. Resulting, Uber became the most popular and largest company in the Taxi booking industry. Moreover, it has a smooth interface to connect drivers and passengers.

3. Lyft

Lyft is an established private transportation service. You can find convenient and innovative ways to request a ride and pay with easy payment methods. Like Careem, it was also launched in the year 2012. It offers emergency help with live ADT support. When you feel unsafe you can discreetly connect with a trained security professional at ADT.

4. Gett

It is a London-based ride-hailing service. Gett began the journey in 2010 before the Careem app. You can order and book a car using the Gett app, and most importantly, the company declared all the riders in the UK are carbon neutral. Because it aims to reduce carbon emissions.

5. Curb

You can book a yellow cab in advance using Curb. It is a USA-based taxi booking app. Moreover, the Verifone system operates the service. It handles the payment system for the app in half of New York City. Likewise, you can pay for rides contactless.

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What Are the Features of App Like Careem?

What is most important for an app to look complete? Its features and functions, if they are not impeccable and enough, you can lose customers. Know about some standard features of apps like Careem. You can incorporate them in your app and include other ones also to stand out in the competition.

I have divided the features into three categories so that you can understand them effectively.

Careem User App Features-

1. Profile- You have to create an account in Careem by registering with an email ID or phone number. It will let you have more access and use services.

2. On-demand Booking- You can select the destination and pick up location. Furthermore, search for a nearby driver. In a few seconds, you will be matched with a Captain (Taxi driver).

3. Calling- This is an important feature, so when you hire a dedicated Taxi app development firm, make sure it includes this in your app. Calling is the fastest way to connect with the driver.

4. E-Receipts- Once the ride is completed you will receive an e-Receipt at your email address and message as well. You can pay the fare as written in the receipt.

5. Payment Methods- People use different payment methods. So, integrate multiple payment methods into your app for the convenience of the users.

6. Billing- Whatever fare is shown after your ride, there must be an easy way to pay it. You can integrate excellent UI/UX features into your app to make this feature simple.

7. Feedback- How was your experience with the ride? You can tell about the same writing feedback. It is crucial for the improvement of services. Feedback can be related to drivers, services, fares, and others.

8. Schedule Booking- If you have a plan to go airport, railway station, bus stand, or any other place, in this case, you can book a taxi in advance. For this, you have to schedule a booking.

9. Edit Profile- You can update your profile like name, address, password, profile image, etc. Updating the address will help you get a ride to the correct location.

10. Push Notification- It has become a common and essential feature in all taxi apps. The app users can know about the offers, price fall, and special discounts with the help of push notifications.

11. Ride-History- How many rides you have taken, who were the riders, and what were the fares, you can know everything by checking the ride history.

Since you are planning for taxi booking app development, you should know about Driver and Admin app features also.

Careem Driver App Features-

1. Active/Inactive Status- The driver can set his availability as active or inactive. It helps to take a break and show his status to the passenger.

2. SMS Alerts- A driver can get an SMS alert for dropping off and picking up the passenger. Moreover, the driver can know about the new features in the app through an SMS alert, and it is crucial for safety purposes as well.

3. Navigation- You will have to integrate Google Maps or any other Map service for navigation to make an app like Careem. The users can see the driver coming to their location with AR technology.

4. Calling- It is a vital feature for drivers because they can call and connect with the customer easily. You must consider this feature and other ones also while discussing with developers to get the best taxi app development services.

5. In-app Messaging- In-app messaging means, you can talk to the users through messages when they also use the same taxi booking app. You can talk to the customer via message as you receive the ride.

6. Reports- The driver can know about his payments, rides, performance, and many other things by checking the report. This feature is for the convenience of the riders.

Now come to the Admin panel. Being an app owner, you will use this panel to know about the rides’ status.

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Careem Admin Panel-

1. Vehicle Management- The admin can see all the information related to the vehicles registered with the company. It helps him to know how many vehicles are available and what their type is.

2. Handling Complaints- You can improve the services by handling complaints effectively. Customer feedback plays a crucial role in knowing whether the services are beneficial for the customer or not. Likewise, there is any problem with the rides or not.

3. Vehicle Tracking System- The admin should have access to track the vehicles so that he can know how many vehicles are available and at which location. Admin controls the taxi booking and completion processes.

4. Billing And Invoice- The admin has the right to manage fare, rent, & invoices. He generates fares for the customers according to their rides.

5. Promotion & Discount Management- The app service provider makes a decision on what will be the next promotion strategy and how many discounts should be given.

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Business Model of Careem App

As per the report by Statista, the total revenue in the app market is expected to reach 437.80 billion in 2022. Likewise, the revenue of ride-hailing apps is expected to reach 314.20 billion in 2022. The Careem app must have an effective business model to become successful.

The app is perfectly modeled in the below categories.

1. Captain App

Whoever wants to be a driver in a taxi app like Careem will have to use the Captain app. He can register as a driver, and accept the trips. But the driver has to go through training before he starts working as a Careem driver to make money.

2. Passenger App

The passenger app is for the customers of the app. They have to register to create an account in the Careem app. You can find flexible options to register. Moreover, the interactive UI makes this process far easy. You have to tap on “YALLA” to confirm the booking.

3. Admin Dashboard

This is an important pillar of the business model of the Careem app. Everything is in the hands of the Admin, from fare setup, tracking the rides, to managing the bookings. He holds the power to view all the trips in real-time.

Let’s have a look at the revenue estimate of the Global car-sharing industry across the 5 countries in the image below.




Cost to Develop an App Like Careem

On-demand taxi booking app like Careem is developed with advanced technologies and contains cutting-edge features. The UI/UX design is well-organized and made as per the business needs. So the cost of taxi app development depends on the various factors, let’s know them below.

Factors affecting the cost

  • Project Size
  • Type of Features & Functionalities
  • Tech Stack
  • UI and UX Designs
  • App Testing
  • Salary of the Development Team

An estimated cost of a ride-hailing app is $20,000-$120,000. But the factors can affect the cost. It means if you want advanced features, the price can go higher.

You can know about the hourly rate of developers in different countries. For this, check out the image.




Since most enterprises want different features and types of apps, knowing the prices based on complexity level is crucial.

  i. Simple Taxi App Development Cost– $10,000-$50,000

 ii. Medium Taxi App Development Cost– $50,000-$80,000

iii. Complex Taxi App Development Cost– $80,000-$150,000



Development Stages of the App Like Careem

When you use a mobile app, it just looks like a collection of GUI and texts. There are many things, that you don’t notice while using the app. In the same way, when you use the Taxi booking app, you log in, add pick up and drop off location, and reach your place, and this process looks so effortless.

An app takes around 4-9 months to get completed. What you use with few clicks to take service, needs meticulous tasks to get completed. If you know the development stages of an app, you can have an idea of how long your app can take and what is required for the development.

1. Selection of the Platform

Who will be the users of your app? They can be Android or iOS or both. So, you have to decide on the app development platform. Likewise, you can go for cross-platform app development as well.

2. Discussion on Features & Functions

Discussion is an important stage of development. It lets the developers know about the business model, requirements, features, and functions. Until the development team understands all these things, it can’t come up with desired results.

3. Wireframe Development

Wireframe development brings clarity to the project. Developers can understand the features and functions effectively and have great attention to detail. It reduces the chances of mistakes because corrections are done at this stage.

4. Selection of Tech Stack

Tech stack includes a programming language, UI/UX designs, frameworks, and tools. Selection of a tech stack is a time-taking process because the entire development process is led by it. The tech stack for taxi booking app development is as follows.

  • Device Location– Corelocation Framework for iOS and Google’s location APIs for Android.
  • Navigation– MapKit for iOS platform and Google Maps Android API for Android platform.
  • Programming Language– Kotlin, Java, Swift
  • Push Notification– APNS
  • SMS Integration– Twilio
  • Payment Integration– Paypal, Stripe
  • Cloud Hosting & Storage – Amazon S3, Amazon EC2

5. UI/UX Design Creation

Before the actual development begins, UI and UX designs are decided and created. It prepares the look of your app. An impressive and interactive user interface brings more customers to the app, thus designers need to integrate innovative features.

6. App Development

It is the core process of development where actual logic takes place The developers have to analyze the development trends to make a robust, scalable, and cutting-edge application. They have to develop functions for the app according to the business needs.

7. App Testing

To ensure the app is functioning impeccably or not, app testers use some testing tools. Different type of testing is done to find errors in the app. Usability testing, compatibility testing, interface, testing, low level, performance testing, operational testing, and installation testing are important to ensure the app has no issues.

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How to Hire Dedicated Developers to Make an App like Careem?

If you also want an app like Careem, you will need a team of professionals, it includes developers, designers, quality analysts, and a project manager. You can hire a team for your app, effectively if you consider the below points.

1. Clear Business Idea- Do you know what features and functions you need in the app and who will be the app audience? It comes with analyzing the business idea thoroughly. So, be clear about your business idea.

2. Check Top Development Firms- With thorough research, you can find top development firms. Know about the services and projects they have worked on to date. Likewise, the development process as well.

3. Decide on Type of Developers- What type of developer do you want for Taxi app development, whether they should be intermediate level or experienced ones? Moreover, decide on offshore developers and in-house developers.

4. Compare Development Cost- Different mobile app development companies in the USA charge different prices for app building. You have to decide on your budget and then compare the development costs to find the suitable one for your project.

5. Check the Portfolio- Before you hire a company or developer, you should check the Portfolio. By doing so, you can know, the qualifications of developers, experience, projects, type of technologies, and many other things, which are crucial for your app.

6. Read Feedback & Reviews- Clients of the company can tell the reality of the service provider. So, don’t ever miss to check out the feedback and reviews of the people who have taken the development services from a particular company.


You have to focus on business needs, app features, functions, tech stack, cost, and understand the development stages, before you choose any Mobile app development company in the USA. This way, you can reduce the chances of mistakes and have an excellent team for your project. Technource is a top app development company and worked on many projects. Moreover, we sign NDA and provide post-launch support.




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