Game Day Celebration at Technource

December 4, 2015
By Technource

Everybody needs change from their day to day routine life. It makes one’s life stress free & happy. Technource did same thing for their all the employees by planning out a game day during office hours.

The CEO of Technource Mr. Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit & HR Manager Mr. Dixit Parmar decided to do some encouraging activities for all the technourcians. So, they divided the employees in 5 teams (Mobile App, SEO team, PHP Web Development team, Graphic Designers team & Sales team). There were winning prices too; first game winner will go for dinner and second game winner will go for movie.

There were two games, first is “Quiz Competition” & second one is “Dumb Shell Arts”. All the teams played games with lots of fun & enthusiasm. The first game named “Quiz Competition” was won by “Mobile App Development Team”. Second game was so much excited and till the end no one could assume that which one will win the game. In “Dumb Shell Arts”, there was a tie between “Graphics Designer Team” and “SEO Team”. Now it needed a tie breaker but Boss declared that both teams will go for movie.

See some flicks of Technource Game Day:

Game Celebration At Technource

Game Compitition At Technource

We ended a day with some mimicry of each other’s and had cold drinks. The whole day was amazing and every employee thanked to BOSS and HR (Dixit Parmar) who were behind these games.



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