Good News for Shopify Merchants, Twitter Adds Buy Button

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  • Before one year, Shopify added a buy button on two major social networking sites named Facebook and Pinterest. One day before, Shopify made possible to sell products from twitter too. It’s good news for all the Shopify merchants to sell products directly to their twitter followers. In general words, we can say that now Shopify is connected with three biggest social media networks.

    Twitter started testing the buy button in Sept, 2014 with major online stores & retailers; now it is opened for small & medium sized online businesses through leading eCommerce platform Shopify. Let’s have look at complete scenario of Twitter buy Button:

    How it Works?

    The new invention, twitter buy button makes it easy for the millions of valued shoppers on twitter to find and purchase product. The main thing is that it’s all done without leaving the social media. It’s as simple as you buy from online store website. One needs to click on the “Buy button” in a tweet which describes the product like size, color, specification etc. It doesn’t matter; you are clicking on button from website, tablet or mobile phones. After that just need to add payment & shipping details. Once confirmed, your order will be shown in Shopify website same as order from store.

    Why Merchants Should Use Twitter Buy Button??

    Nowadays millions of people use twitter, so there are many changes that you can generate sales from twitter too. You do not need to send any promotional emails to your valued customers all the time, you just need to tweet about your latest and discounted offer. It saves time and money. Most of the online store owners use Twitter to engage with customers in real-time. There are fewer changes of fake customers and can continuously engage with shoppers.

    Let’s take an example, as an online store owner, you recommended a product to your potential customers on Twitter; they can purchase it directly from your twitter feed without redirecting to website.

    Influencers and celebrities are given a direct access by Twitter and they can help you to get your products to be noticed to their followers. When they tweet about your product, it will directly drive product discovery and give twitter users a simple way to buy product smoothly.

    After reading all the above discussion, everyone may have one question in their mind that how can I Sell my product through Twitter right? Don’t worry here we are describing how you will sell.

    If you have an online store built in Shopify, you can start selling products via twitter, without any additional cost. You just need to add Twitter sales channel and connect to your Shopify store. Once connected, whatever you tweet about your products on twitter, it shows buy button automatically & visitor can buy product directly.

    The way to sell is simple and innovative. If you have a Shopify store and want to sell product on twitter and don’t have a technical sound, you can hire Shopify developer for that. He will help you to add twitter sales channel & your other Shopify functionalities too.


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