Google Latest Update: Showing 3 Local Results Instead of 7

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  • You might surprise with 3 local results instead of 7 for your local search in Google. Google has been updating the Local Results Format in SERP from August 6, 2015. Actually, Google always mentions that they are constantly exploring the best way to bring better search experience to their users behind every update.

    Now, Google provides more relevant information about given location with photos, review & prices with latest update. However, people have mixed opinion for this update. In addition, the change into display local results will be increase the completion among local businesses.

    You can find the 3 most relevant results for your local search for this update. Now, you see the local result for ‘Restaurants near Toronto, CA. You can see the above image.

    Perhaps you would remember that just a few days ago you had showed 7 local results for your query. You can see the screen shot of 7 local results which taken before Google update.

    Obviously, this update makes the toughest completion for local businesses. Therefore, many local business people are unhappy with this update. Now, you need more action on local internet marketing for getting ample organic traffic to your website. But, if you can take support of SEO experts for local search result then you can Achieve Plentiful Organic Traffic to your website.

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    Till date we are getting mix reviews. Share your view on the Google update in a comment section shown below & if any question, just ask us or contact us for further details about the latest Google Update.


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