What are App Clips? How Can App Clips Help Your Business Acquire More Customers?

What are app clips on iPhone? App clip is a way to use an app without fully installing it on your iPhone. It made its way to the digital world during the pandemic with iOS 14. The most interesting and helpful thing about the app clip is you don’t need to install it fully to order food, test a video game level, rent a city bike, message on TikTok while watching a video, and more.

This innovation by Apple is to bring the best user experience through innovative features in hardware and software. App clip helps you decide whether you should download the full app or not after trying it. Our iOS app development company also works to offer a sleek and compact user experience by developing app clips.

App clip is an effective technology for businesses because it improves brand reach, provides higher customer satisfaction, and improved transaction conversion rates. Moreover, you know the data about your app clip because analytics for this is also available. There is much to learn about the use of app clips.

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What Are App Clips on iPhone?

The app clip is a small part of the app. It gives you a quick overview of the app and allows you to use it without downloading the full app. As you can notice in the image below, there are three different app clips. It is one of the most followed and admired mobile app development trends. Likewise, it is a great idea for Apple to a better customer experience by allowing the to complete their task quickly.

What are App Clips on iPhone and how do they work


In the right-down corner of the image link to the app store is provided so that if the customer likes the app he can directly go to the app store and download it. Since it is small in size approx 10MB, it opens in a few seconds underneath your iPhone.

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How Do App Clips Work?

How does the app clip code work for a specific task? There are two functionalities of app clips.

  1. Use the small part of the app
  2. Download the entire app

If I talk about using a small part of the application, the users only have access to the particular part of the app that requires at the time. It is to perform the specific event. App clip codes for this type of functionality focus on the particular event and make it effective

Additionally, downloading the entire app, with this functionality, users have access to the full app by downloading it from the App store. App clips give an option for the user to download it directly. As you can see in the image below “Get the full app”.option is available.

Potential Benefits of App Clips

An effective user experience can increase conversion rates and sales. App clips have been useful to enhance the user experience. Users can use the app on their home screen without downloading it. It doesn’t abide you to download it, if you like the app’s functionality, you can go for download.

Similarly, there are many benefits of app clips for enterprises. Scroll down to know more.

  1. No need to download the full and multiple apps for one-time use
  2. You can showcase only crucial information to customers through an app clip
  3. It boosts sales and your e-commerce business automatically
  4. Users can save time and space on their phones that they can’t with an app installed
  5. Since app clips directly hit the need of the customers, they can help to increase business visibility and revenue.

potential-benefits of app clips


If you are also thinking of including this technology in your app, know how to hire an iOS developer in 2023.

Where Can You Find App Clips?

Apple app store is crowded with 1.96 billion and Google app store is loaded with 142368 apps. They have around 5.6 billion apps with a combined total. So, you can imagine that you cannot have all the apps on your phone.

So it’s better to use the app one time with an app clip. Or if you need it regularly then download the full app.

There are different ways to discover app clips. Know the different ways used by users below.

1. QR Code

2. Safari App Banner

3. App Clip Codes

4. NFC Tags

5. Cards in Maps

6. Recently Used App Clips

7. Links in Messages

  • QR Code

Users can scan the QR code with the help of their camera app. It will help the users to find the barcode without wasting a few seconds. The usage of QR codes has become common for payment in today’s time, so users look for app clips for them.

QR Code

  • Safari App Banner

The Safari app banner makes you aware of whether your phone has the particular app or not. It automatically determines whether the app is supported on a particular device or not. If it is not supported, it doesn’t show the app.

Safari App Banner

  • App Clip Codes

To Find app clips, app clip codes also help. It is quickly recognizable to the customers and informs the users that the app clip is available. You can get a fast and secure launch experience with the app clip code.

app clip codes

The visual design of the app clip code encodes your app clip’s invocation URL.

  • NFC Tags

NFC tag is also used to encode the invocation URL. Users can tap on the NFC tag that you have placed on the particular location on their iOS device to launch an app clip. Users can hold their device close to the code or they can scan the device with the NFC tag reader.

NFC Tags

  • Cards in Maps

Siri suggests the app clips and Apple maps also do the same. You need to register it to appear on a place card on maps. Users can open it directly, and register it to appear on a card map.

Cards in Maps

  • Recently Used App Clips

The new app library stops home screen clutter. Users can find recently used app clips and launched app clips in the new app library. Moreover, an app clip card will also be launched in December 2022.

Recently Used App Clips


  • Links in Messages

If you want to share the app clip with your friends and family members using your iMessage, you can do so. You can also manage app clips effectively. Moreover, developers use the 5 best ios development tools to make an app impressive.

Links in Messages

Likewise, with the help of apple pay, you can make payments easily. You can also delete app clips from your iPhone if you don’t need them.

How Can App Clips Help to Acquire More Customers?

Now it is easy to get information about the app clip and its data. You can know how users find your specific app clip. It means whether they use app clip codes, maps, or external referrals. However, it is only possible to see the details when users of your app clip allow sharing their diagnostics and usage information with app developers.

With the app clip open you can do various things such as with the apple pay make payments, use your iPhone’s camera, use the button labeled order food, parking payment, send notifications, play button, and many other things without using the full version.

For whatever reason you use the app clip, it can spotlight search on your iPhone. So, there are various services and Apple products to improve the customer experience and acquire more for the growth of the business.

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What Are the App Clips Use Cases?

Various brands are putting app clips in different ways to increase the customer experience. Turn to the points below to know about the use cases of app clips.

1. Media Companies

Media and entertainment companies use to provide many services to their customers like joining a loyalty program, purchasing tickets, and more.

2. On-demand Rental Vehicles

People can use rental vehicle services with the help of an NFC tag. They can scan the tag to launch the app clip. It is an effective way to rent a vehicle quickly.

3. Digital Workplaces

Employees can put their clock in and out time using an app clip at any time. Moreover, an app clip can be identified because it has a border around the app icon.

4. Financial Services

Financial services by Apple cards come to mind. They can effective for a small business where you need to make payments online.

5. Historical Architecture

 Visitors in a museum can scan visual codes placed near the exhibited thing or work. It will allow them to launch the app clip and view AR content and listen to audio content as well.

Bottom Line

App clips have come across as a great revolution in the life of iPhone users. They don’t have to download the full app to just use it once. Deep linking and Siri are also linked with iPhone apps to better user experience. You might notice many other changes in the future.

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