How to Develop an iOS App? [A Complete Guide]

It can be shocking that 90% of the time spent on mobile is on applications. Apps have become an important part of people’s phones and lives as well. It is because people look for every solution in the apps. Whether people want to buy clothes, order food, need home services, lead a healthy life, read books or novels, book flights, or do any other thing, they can do it with a few clicks on an app. There are generally two types of apps iOS and Android. Businesses use both apps as per their need. Today, you will know how to develop an iOS app for your business.

The iOS app store has around 3.59 million applications. It shows that the Apple app store contains various types of applications ranging from shopping, food, real estate, fitness, and most importantly, game apps. Our iPhone app development company receives many queries regarding iPhone app development for the game. Several businesses want to build iOS apps to accelerate their success.

Well, this is true that iOS apps are more expensive than Android, but they offer various benefits like security, better revenue, high-quality standards, a tech-ready audience, and many others. It drives many enterprises to have iOS apps for the growth of their business and generate good revenue. This write-up is going to help you know how to develop an ios app.

My team researched and came up with some solutions to create iOS applications in a better way. If you also got an app idea, this post would be a great help to you. I have gathered all the information from iOS professionals who have worked on various programming languages and completed iOS app development.

How to Begin iOS Apps Development?

iOS app development includes various tasks. These tasks are ladders to reach complete iOS app development. But, what is so difficult is the ‘Beginning’. Before the actual coding, you have to prepare something to commence development. You need three things to write iOS apps. Let’s know them below.

  • Set Up Your MAC
  • Register for App Development Account
  • Install Xcode

Read out about each step in detail below so that you can start iOS application development.

1. Set Up MAC



      First of all, you need a MAC computer with an Intel processor. As long as Apple prefers a closed system, you can’t build applications on any other system for Apple’s products. You have to work under the close ecosystem provided by Apple. It is an integrated development environment (IDE).

      Get a Mac mini, and attach it to your system’s screen. Now you can use it. VMWare or Hackintosh is also helpful


    2. 2. Register for App Development Account

    3. Install-Xcode-In-Mac-600x350
    4. You need XCode and iOS SDK for an IDE for the app development process. For this, register yourself as a developer on the website of Apple company. If you don’t know how to register, first check the comprehensive guide provided for registration on the website itself.

      This is almost similar to any other registration process. You have to provide personal information and complete the registration process to develop an iOS app.

      Without the registration, you can’t download Xcode and access iOS SDK for app development. It is one of the 5 best iOS development tools. Xcode is an integrated development environment created by Apple. It contains a software development kit, debugging tools, a source code editor, and many other features that help an iOS developer work effectively with mac OS.

    5. 3. Install Xcode

    6. Install-Xcode
    7. Source

      Xcode offers an integrated development environment for building mac and iOS apps. You can install this IDE from the App store of Apple. The graphical interface of Xcode helps an iOS developer to build applications easily.

      Many frameworks, compilers, tools, and SDKs help to perform seamless iOS programming. It is a complete package for different debugging processes, designing a user interface, and last but not least software development. Now you know how important is Xcode for iOS app development, so you can move ahead and know how to install Xcode.

      • Look for the mac app store icon in the dock. In case, you are not able to see it, check out the version and update it to the latest one.
      • In this step, search Xcode in the mac app store and click on the free button to download Xcode.

      As the download will be completed, you can see the Xcode installed in a folder. When you get acquainted with the registration process and installation of Xcode, you have done most of your work. Now you can start giving shape to your app idea. Our app development company has experience working on various projects. It knows how to use Xcode to the fullest. If you get stuck at any step, you can contact us at any time.

    8. Want a powerful iOS app for your business


How to Set Environment to Develop iOS Apps?

The environment for the iOS app makes the development process easy. Since you want to learn ios development, you must be ready with the proper environment. When you download Xcode for iOS applications, it offers an iOS software development kit, features, tools, and others. I will help you by telling proper steps to prepare a complete environment to develop apps.

First of all, get acquainted with Xcode’s interface because it is Apple’s integrated development environment. The interface is made up of 5 sections.

  • Toolbar
  • Editor Area
  • Debug Area
  • Utility Area
  • Navigator Area

Often people are confused between Android or iOS which is better. Well, the reasons can vary for choosing one platform according to your app ideas. However, the development tool is one of the crucial reasons for choosing iOS. It offers many effective tools. These tools are helpful to develop secure and robust applications. Let’s know some of them.

Tools for iOS Application Development

Tools for iOS application ease the life of developers. They have in-built plugins, features, and tools that eliminate writing codes from scratch for each design and function and repetitive tasks. I will present you with the top tools apart from Xcode because we have discussed it earlier. So, scroll down to know tools for application development.

  • App Code
  • Transporter
  • Simulator
  • Jazzy
  • Cocoa Pods
  1. 1. App Code

  2. App-Code-Xcode
  3. It is built on the IntelliJ IDEA platform. Jet brains launched this tool. It helps to extend the functionality of your app. It supports multiple programming languages like C, C++, Swift, and JavaScript. Moreover, it also has functionalities to catch different coding errors.

  4. 2. Transporter

  5. Transporter-Mac
  6. As the name implies, it helps to upload your content straight to Apple. The transportable tool makes it easy for an iOS developer to send different files like apps, music, books, tv shows, movies, and others on different apple products. Drag and drop feature of the transporter makes it easy for the developers to move the files.

  7. 3. Simulator

  8. Simulator-App-In-Mac-600x375
  9. Simulator plays a crucial role in the process of developing iOS applications. Developers check errors in the app before sending it to Apple for approval. Moreover, it is an Xcode tool that allows you to run various devices like iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TVs, iPhones, and others. It interacts with apps effectively and tests them impeccably.

  10. 4. Jazzy

  11. jazzy-icon-600x326
  12. It lets you create easy-to-use documentation for Swift code. It offers a Source Kit and Clang AST for generating correct and stellar results. You can generate professional-looking app manuals using Jazzy. Likewise, it is effective for building stand-alone applications impeccably. Moreover, you can use it with objective C as well.

  13. 5. Cocoa Pods

  14. Cocoa-Pods-Icon
  15. It streamlines the third-party integration libraries in the Xcode tool. The best thing about the tool is that it eliminates the dependency conflicts between libraries. So, the incorporation of third-party becomes easy.

    Once you know the crucial tools to develop iOS apps, you can make the development process easy because most features are ready-made in these tools. You just have to drag and drop. However, knowing tools only doesn’t help. Since Apple has a closed environment for app building, you have to follow its guidelines otherwise, the tech giant can reject your app.

What Are Apple’s Guidelines for Building iOS Apps?

Understanding Apple’s guidelines are crucial to launching the app without errors. It is better to know the rules before you begin the actual development of the iOS app for your project. Scroll down to know the guidelines.

  1. 1. Guidelines to Save From App Rejection

    Apple provides some guidelines to save apps from rejection. By reading the guideline you can keep your app at bay from issues like bugs, crashes, broken links, and placeholder content. Because they can put your app into the rejection list of apps by Apple.

  2. 2. Apple Design Guidelines

    Apple follows some basic designs to keep consistency in the app store. It doesn’t mean that you have to make a feature-rich application, it just means following some basic UI designs. It helps Apple to list the apps accurately with proper format and look. Try to give your best and reduce the chances of app rejection.

    • Follow the Human interface guidelines by Apple. It focuses on clarity, which means the text, icons, and adornments should be as per the functionality of the design.
    • Deference is associated with how you present the content on the app. It matters to keep the interface of the app light.
    • For a memorable experience, the visual designs should be innovative and impressive.
    • You will know the dos and don’ts so that you can keep the design mistakes at bay.
    • The current version of iOS provides some built-in tools for Xcode. It helps iOS development with beautiful designs. Check out the guide for SwiftUI for more detail.

    The current version of iOS provides some built-in tools for Xcode. It helps iOS development with beautiful designs. Check out the guide for SwiftUI for more detail.

How to Initiate the App Development?

Now I will explain to you how to develop an iOS app with step by step process. This guide will help you to write iOS apps for yourself. So, I believe you have installed Xcode. Now move to the next steps.

  1. 1. Set up Project in Xcode

    Follow the below steps to set up the Xcode.

  2. 1.Start the Xcode

2. Go to File and click on the new project

3. Click on ‘App’ and then on ‘Next’Set-up-Project-in-Xcode-Step-First-Img

4. Now give a name to your project as per your need


5. Select the storyboards or Swiftful UI

6. Choose one programming language and click on Next

7. In the last step select the patch where you want to save your project

  1. 2. Begin Code Writing

    You need Viewcontroller.Swift.file to start programming. You can just begin writing codes or first explore the features on it. So, for now, leave the AppDelegate and UI of the main storyboard and start coding for the iOS app development.

    1. Open ViewController.Swift and define the outlet of a label
    2. Assign text “Hello World”Begin-Code-Writing-Step-First
    3. Move to the Main.storyboard under the @implementation view controller add @synthesize label. In the ViewDidunload function, you can put self setlabel:nil.
    4. Now add the code mentioned ahead-IbLHello?.text=”Hello World”.


  1. 3. Incorporate the User Interface

    Developing the user interface for app development requires focus and innovative ideas. So in the next steps, you will work with UI.

    1. Open ‘Main.Storyboard’
    2. Look for the label and drag it onto the view. Check out the image below
    3. Since a label is not as per the requirement, you have to resize it
    4. Drag the squares on the corner to fix the size
    5. Move to the navigate inspectorMove-to-the-navigate-inspector
    6. Keep the label at the center
    7. Choose the size and font
    8. Keep the size between 25-30
    9. Right-click on the ViewController and connect label to storyboardKeep-the-size-between-25-30-Img-600x401
    10. Now run the application


Now you can see the app is showing the first words “Hello World”

How to Develop An iOS App on Windows?

iOS application on windows is not an easy task. You have to set up many things. However, if you follow the best ways to develop iOS apps on windows, it can be easy for you. There is a high chance that you can face issues while developing apps on windows. Follow the below-mentioned ways for an easy process.

  • Cloud-based Mac
  • Virtualize Mac OS
  • Cross-Platform Tools for iOS Development
  • Code with Swift Sandbox
    1. 1. Cloud-based Mac

      You will have to rent a mac in the cloud. It will help you to develop iOS applications with mac OS on a computer. You can connect cloud-based mac using various services such as mac stadium, Xcode club, MacinCloud, and others. Likewise, check the prices of the services as they can be different.

    2. 2. Virtualize Mac OS

      You can operate a virtual mac on a PC by utilizing virtualization software. It runs on the server and performs the same operation. However, you require good technical knowledge while setting up virtualization software for iOS applications. Virtual box and VMWorkstation are the two most important software for virtualization.

    3. 3. Cross-Platform Tools for iOS Development

      Cross-platform tools are useful to create apps for the iOS platform because you only have to write code once and use it on multiple platforms. In the Apple developer program, many developers use this method to build iOS apps on windows because it is cost-effective as well. Various-cross platform tools let the developers build apps on Windows pc.

    4. 4. Code with Swift Sandbox

      Since Swift is an open-source language, so you can use it on your hardware device. Moreover, you can use the language on different platforms Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. You will not need Mac and Xcode to write code. Just use Swift sandbox and learn Swift. Code from the Swift sandbox is sent to the web server.

    5. Is iOS app development too expensive We have cost-effective services for you


What Is the Cost of iOS Development?

The cost of iOS development is around $10,000-150,000. However, this is not the exact cost because app ideas differ for various sectors and businesses. Variation in the features and functions of the app leads to variation in the price. If you are developing the app yourself, still you will need some resources and have to use technologies. So, the cost can be around $10,000-20,000.

However, experienced developers can build a robust and innovative new app for you. Know how to hire an iOS developer in 2022? so that you can find the best talent for your app if you are not building it yourself.

You can understand the price effectively by checking the below points.

  1. Simple iOS App Cost: $10,000-25,000
  2. Intermediate iOS App Cost: $25,000-75,000
  3. Advanced iOS App Cost: $75,000-150,000

Types of developers also affect the cost of app development. If you hire freelancers you have to spend less but you will have to take care of your new project yourself. On the other hand, the in-house team handles all the tasks and you will not have to worry about anything. However, the cost of an in-house team is more than freelancers.

In addition, the geographical locations of developers and app development companies also affect the cost of app building. For example, in the USA developers charge $100-$200/hour to create iOS applications, in Canada, developers ask for $100-150/hour, in Australia, app development companies charge around $50,000-250,000.

So, the cost of app building depends on various factors. If you consider the factors before you decide on the budget, you can easily get a realistic budget. So, check out all the factors so that you can avoid any mistakes and develop a beautiful app within your budget.

Bottom Line

You have got the information about how to develop an ios app and ways to build on windows as well. However, there are many other things to focus on while developing an application. If you get stuck at any point while developing an app for the apple app store, contact Technource. We have professionals who can implement any app idea effectively. You can talk to these experts at any time, ask questions, and eliminate your doubts.

Moreover, we offer the best-customized apps with the help of cross-platform tools for the growth of your business. We sign NDA to secure your Android and iOS application. We can migrate your existing apps and write them with new technology. So, do you want your first app to be a trendsetter, talk to us today.

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