Easy Ways to Increase Revenue On Online Shopping Site?

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  • Obviously, you spent ample money for generating revenue on your online store. Online business quite depends upon the Google because your prospective traffic comes through there. Google frequently updates its algorithm systems for providing most suitable result to the user for their query. Therefore, your website position is fluctuated in search engines and thus traffic swing on your eCommerce website.

    However, you should not depend only on organic traffic for your business. For constant seeking traffic on your website, you have to focus on other possible ways to gain plentiful revenue with your eCommerce website. Well, you can implement my 7 creative tricks of this post to grab huge traffic and more revenue in your online shopping site.

    Free Shipping Services

    Free shipping is the great tactic to increase revenue. You should clearly display the free shipping tag line on your home page and shopping cart page. Promote this ‘free shipping on above a particular amount shopping’ on your eCommerce website.

    Example: “Get Free shipping on every $65 and more”. Imagine that customers buy as per their requirements from your stores and the bill is $56. When they see the above free shipping offer, they buy extra product to get free delivery.

    Alluring Discount Offer

    Undoubtedly, the discount offers can work in generating plentiful revenue in the business. You should frequently offer your customers a discount offer on festivals and seasons. You can regularly seek the traffic of your consumers by alluring discount offers.

    Example: “Flat 50% Off Over 1000 Styles”. You can easily entice any consumers with such alluring discount offers. They will visit your website for their requirements and more chances that they will buy your product.

    Limited Period Offer

    Never use long period offer if you seriously want to increase revenue from your website. Offer your customer with great deals for short periods. Consumers purchase the products, even though they not much need by enticing such a deal. You can also get the order from the customer who is thinking to buy a stuff, which you are selling.

    Example: “Summer Vacation Offer – 30% off on Our All Holliday Packages”. You will get more inquiries about your holiday packages and you sure, that you can finish it successfully.

    Bundles & Saving Packs

    You need little study about the similar products and shopping trend to implement this tactic. Make the bundle of two and more similar products or combo pack and offer its discount rate on the total value of the products. You can sell various stuffs to one customer and so increase your average order values.

    Example: “Women’s Dolores Leggings 2-Pack Bundle At £30.00 and Saving £12 “. Your female customer will buy the two leggings to save just £6.


    Nowadays, people are influenced by this business strategy and you can successfully gain the more revenue through this campaign. In addition, you can contribute to the community with your business. You publish on your website that you will donate some percentage of your order to the charity.

    Example: “Thank you. You are about to help 1 person in need.” Publish with ‘thank you’ page after shopping. Your customer will glad for it and they will come back to your site for their requirement.

    Cash-back Offers

    Cashback is the current trend in the market. Many online stores are offering the cashback offer their customers to entice for second shopping from their store. You should set cashback threshold on your web page to encourage the customer for next shopping to your online site.

    Example: “3.0% Cash Back on your next purchase above $50.” You can successfully engage with your consumer by this tactic. You will encourage your customers for next purchase.


    You should always upsell of your product to your customer after finishing their shopping. Promote the different products on ‘thank you’ page. May be, they will buy this product because they have in a shopping mood! You can increase Average value order by upsell.

    Eventually, all these seven tactics is the quite effective for increasing revenue and improve the figure of average order value. You should implement all these tips on your eCommerce website for increase huge traffic on your site.


    Mr. Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit, An early-aged entrepreneur who always leads his team from the front and achieved success. As the founder & CEO of Technource, a top AngularJS development company, he made a global presence in a short time by offering custom software development, premium mobile apps and website development services.

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