How To Build Online Marketplace Apps Like Letgo?

Is your closet full of clothes you don’t wear, and the old electronic items that you use no more are covering a space in your home? With the help of the best apps like Letgo, you can quickly and easily get rid of all the unwanted stuff in your home. Likewise, you can make money by selling items online.

So, you can get rid of the useless stuff and even make money from it. This is possible with sites like Letgo. There are many other apps similar to Letgo. Seeing the success of this type of app idea, many businesses started to look for the best mobile app development company so that they can also have this type of app.

If you are also thinking the same, you should read this write-up because making another similar app would not help you until you know all the details. Get thorough information here so that you can ensure the success of your app too.

What Is Letgo?

Letgo is a company that offers a website and app for buying and selling stuff. It was founded in 2015, and its headquarters is in New York. Letgo app facilitates buying selling of used Goods. Moreover, you can know who are you going to do business with and all the important information for safety and security purposes.

Selling apps like Letgo are the best options to make extra money by selling stuff. This is a unique yet effective business idea because the app owner first found the demand and problems of the people and after this tried to resolve the problems with an app.

However, there are many different Industry-based app ideas through which you can make money. But Letgo is not industry-specific because from electronics to the kitchen equipment, gaming consoles, used phones, small appliances, and real estate, you can buy and sell stuff like anything.

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7 Best Apps Like Letgo for Selling and Buying Stuff

App development requires intense planning so that you can keep errors and flaws at bay. Likewise, you come to know what is the best for your app by seeing the best in others apps.

It’s important for you to actively understand the problems and the qualities of an app. So, in the same way, if you are planning on-demand app development, you should check out the Letgo alternatives.I am presenting the 7 popular apps similar to Letgo for selling products in the space below.

  1. eBay
  2. Poshmark
  3. OfferUp
  4. Facebook Marketplace
  5. Mercari
  6. TrueFlip
  7. Bonanza

Read about each app in the detail below.

  • eBay



This global marketplace is popular among individuals and companies to sell their unwanted items and vintage items to potential buyers and make extra money. The best thing about eBay is that it allows local listings for bulky items so that people can sell locally. The main advantage of this free app is, that it has a broad audience so selling products would be easy. So, it is the perfect app for local deals and buy-sell all the things effectively.

  • Poshmark



The Poshmark app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. This online shopping app focuses on women’s clothes for buying and selling and you can create a virtual closet for women’s clothing. Moreover, the app offers you clothes of the latest fashion trends. And, you can find men’s and kids’ fashion items and baby products as well. And great deals with their owners on the app. You can add four photos of your single item, write a short description, mention the brand, color, size, original price, listing price, and write basic questions. It is available on the both Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • OfferUp


Around 12 million people use this app. You can buy and sell stuff related to household items using the OfferUp app. This is an app like Letgo because it also doesn’t provide a shopping option. Likewise, you can sell and buy brand-new items as well. So, if you want to buy or sell products, you can talk to the person through private chat and meet him to sell items using the OfferUp app. You can search for local buyers because this app is for local transactions. Moreover, OfferUp provides a free program to give Buy Sell tips. However, you don’t get the shipping options on this app.

  • Facebook Marketplace



Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is a popular social media platform and is the best marketplace to sell small items to big ones. Facebook marketplace is one of the apps like Letgo to find potential buyers and sellers. People use this one of the top social media platforms to buy cars, bikes, and other vehicles. So, it’s like a virtual garage sale app and you can sell the vehicle within a few weeks. Many people use Android devices to access this marketplace and download the app from the Google play store.

  • Mercari



Unlike other apps, Mercari allows you to sell and buy new items besides old ones. It gives the best experience to the app users. The app also allows the listing of used items and handmade products. Mainly, it provides collectibles and beauty products. Moreover, you can run classified ads on it. This is a Japanese app and allows the sellers to keep the 100% value of the product. You can upload up to four photos, and write a short description. Moreover, you can use the app on iOS devices

  • TrueFlip




TrueFlip was launched at the end of 2017, so it’s a new-one selling app like Letgo for sellers and buyers. TrueFlip has 5 stars and 9 reviews on the top rating app Yelp. You can sell items, that are no longer needed like you can sell furniture on this app. And for this, you don’t have to meet a stranger to complete the transaction, instead, the company sends a courier with a delivery team to send products. This app is available on the Android platform.

  • Bonanza




Bonanza allows you to make sales and build brand value by developing relationships with their customers. You can buy various types of apparel for women’s and men’s fashion with this easy-to-use platform. If you are selling things, don’t forget to write a detailed description of the product to make more money. This is an eCommerce platform. So, if creating an eCommerce website in 2022 is your plan, you can take an idea from the Bonanza app because it is one of the top apps.

You can search for the other app as per your need apart from the apps mentioned above because there are many other apps like Letgo.

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Top 7 Features of the Apps Like Letgo

The popularity of the Buy and Sell market is increasing day by day, which is why many businesses want to make an app like Letgo. This is an amazing idea for small businesses to buy and sell locally.

If you are also thinking to build an online marketplace app like Letgo, you must be aware of the features of the competitors’ apps. By doing so, you can understand how to build a creative, feature-rich, and impressive app.

You can know about the top 7 important features in the space below. These are vital for any Letgo type of app development.

  1. Social Media Login
  2. Geolocation
  3. Capture Photo
  4. Advance Filter
  5. In-app Chat
  6. Payment Platforms
  7. Ad Highlights

Have a look at each feature in the below write-up.

  • Social Media Login

    Social media has become the common way to log in to an app. It is the fastest and the most convenient feature for the users. If you make the registration process lengthy, the new users may not connect with your app.

    So, you must provide an easy and fast registration process for your app and website users to create user profiles. Integrate special media login on your app so that people can easily start using your app. It also helps to attract more users to your app.

  • Wishlist

    You must have seen a Wishlist or Liked products on the shopping apps. It helps the users to make a list of the products they might want to buy in the future. This way, the app users will not have to find the items again when it comes to buying them and moving them to the cart.

    The users can add the products to the wishlist and buy them whenever they want. It helps to make an order in bulk, and the user will not have to struggle to remember each item while ordering. The app users can list items in the good condition like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton to sell them.

  • Geolocation

    You must know who is going to buy your product and who is selling what. Geolocations help to know the location of the customer so that you can understand who is your buyer. Moreover, you can find the current location when the item is on the way. If you need to meet your buyer or seller, the address will help you on the location-based app.

    In many apps, you have to pay the shipping cost as per your geolocation because the distance between the buyers and sellers or the outlets affects the final cost of the item.
    So, always discuss with your on-demand app developer to integrate the geolocation feature on your app effectively.

  • Capture Photo

    This is an important feature for the apps like Letgo because people have to click and post pictures of the items they want to sell. With the help of the emerging technology AI, scanning of the picture takes place, and this technology identifies the type of item.

    You can upload 2-4 pictures so that the buyers can see the product properly before they decide to go for it. Though you are providing a new item, unclear and improper pictures fail to grab the attention of the customers. So, make sure you upload high-quality pictures.

  • Advance Filter

    Advanced product filtering is a common characteristic of today’s eCommerce apps. Since apps like Letgo are also about selling and buying items, this feature should be integrated into the app. It helps the sellers to know the similar items so that they can upload better products and sellers to find the best suitable product recommendations.

    Moreover, advanced filter on the sites like Letgo is beneficial for the customers to find the product easily without using the search bar and buy and sell stuff. AI technology plays a crucial role in the same. It learns from the past behavior of the customers and recommends them items accordingly. Moreover, provides the best suitable search results.

  • In-app Chat

    In-app chat is crucial for the convenience of the customers. This feature is similar to best apps like Letgo. If the app users or customers have any issues, they can take the help of the customer care service. Likewise, they can chat, email, and call the concerned person.

    In case, you don’t get quality products as shown in the picture, you can complain. Because in-app chat helps to connect the buyer to the seller as well. This type of feature is crucial because if the users have a problem-retention, they can leave your app.

  • Payment Platforms

    The world is moving to cashless payments. So, people use online modes of transactions because it is a convenient and fast way. Thereby, you also include this feature in your app to comply with the ever-increasing move to the cashless world.

    For this, you can integrate some payment platforms into your app similar to Letgo. The users can pay for what they buy online using suitable payment modes. Because the easy payment process also helps to increase the number of customers for your app.

  • Ad Highlights

    Every app owner wants to make money and ad highlights help in the same. This feature is beneficial not only for the app owner but also for the customers because they can know what are the new items, offers, and discounts.

    Likewise, Ad highlights catch the eyeball of the user easily. The customer can know what is the offer and which is the lowest priced product through ads. You can collaborate with the seller to highlight his products and more.

These are only the vital features, if you want to include more, check out the other selling apps like Letgo. Moreover, find about the mobile app development trends because it helps to make the app innovative and impressive. It is crucial to beat the other apps in the market.

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Technology Stack of Apps Like Letgo

To build a robust, scalable, and engaging app that can compete with the existing apps in the market, the right technology stack plays a crucial role. Even, this is the core of developing an app. So, to know how to build an online marketplace like Letgo, you have to understand which technologies are important.
Because the right technology stack can make your app engaging and cutting-edge.

But deciding on the tech stack requires immense research, analysis, discussion, and experience. If you are not a techy person, skilled app developers can build an app using the suitable technologies for you.

To understand the tech stack effectively, you first need to know the main three stages of the development.

  • Front-end development

    Front-end developers work on the user-end, which means they develop the designing part of the app. For this, most of the developers use HTML and CSS web languages. To make sell apps like Letgo, you will require front-end developers who can build beautiful designs for your app.

    The developers can use JavaScript, React js, Angularjs, Flutter, Vue.js, Bootstrap, Ionic, and many other app development tools to make an app to sell products.

  • Back-end development

    The main work of the app is enabled by the back-end developers. They work on building the functionalities of the app. The server-side developers incorporate things like databases, servers, middleware, and more. They integrate the APIs as per the need of the apps similar to Letgo.

    Moreover, the technologies they use for shopping app development are CakePHP, Node, Express, Ruby on nails, Laravel, Django, Spring Boot, and many more.

  • App Testing

    Error identification and fixing all the issues in the app during and after its completion is a crucial process. The app testing is of two types: Manual and Automated. Without this process, you can’t get a quality app and there are high chances the app will not work as you thought. The team of developers uses some tools to make the app bugs-free and build a robust software solution.

    Tools for app testing are as follows Robotium, Xamarin, Appium, Espresso, Test IO, and many others.

But, many things take place before and during these stages. The developers have to understand the requirements and decide on the app development frameworks. Moreover, Letgo is using around 37 technologies for its website.

Here is the list of the Teck stack of the Letgo app.

  1. HTML5
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Fonts
  4. .Net
  5. PHP
  6. JavaScript
  7. Twilio
  8. AWS & Azure
  9. Big Data
  10. Apache Flink

These are only 10 technologies to make a buy and sell app. But Letgo uses many others as well. I did not mention all the technologies, because the tech stack depends on the type of app you want. The development platform, features, and functions for the app help to decide on the tools and frameworks. If you want to know about it in more detail, you can read our app development guide.

Business Model of Apps Like Letgo

Letgo is aimed at buying and selling second-hand goods online and used stuff. It doesn’t take a fee for creating a profile, for registration, or even a deal. If you are curious to know how a buy and sell app Letgo makes money, this section is for you. Have a look at the ways used by the best apps like Letgo to make money.

  • In-app Purchases

    Sellers can buy some special offers to put their products on the top of the list. So that they can sell things fast and easily. Moreover, they can show their ad before others on the app. This monetization model makes up the best app.

  • On-platform Advertising

    This is also called an ad-based model. It helped the Letgo app to increase the number of users. The app users can see a lot of banner ads. These ads attract users, and when any transaction happens due to these ads, Letgo earns money.

  • Two-subscription-based model

    Apps similar to Letgo use the two-subscription model to generate revenue.

      1. Super Boost Mode: The product with the highest probability will be shown in the featured list. For this, one of the products will remain in the featured list every day automatically by the system.
      2. The Letgo Pro Plan: This plan is especially for car dealers. The car dealer can get more leads by subscribing to this plan.
  • Freemium Model

    If you want your products on the top of the list to make selling things easy and quick, you can use the freemium model of the Letgo app. This type of feature is called “Bump Up” and featured listing. The seller can keep his product on the top of the list for 7 days in a row to sell things faster than usual and get paid.

    Have a look at the image below to know the leading iPhone shopping apps in the Apple Store by their revenue generation in February 2022.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Apps Like Letgo?

Now you know what is Letgo, its features, and its business model, but this is not enough to make an app. Move ahead to know the app development cost of Letgo. Because, if you are planning to make an app like Letgo, it’s crucial to have an idea of the development cost.

The estimated development cost of the Letgo app is $5,000-$30,000. However, this is not the fixed price range because the cost is highly dependent on the features, functions, tech stack, complexity level of the app, and many other factors.

Moreover, if you hire offshore developers, freelancers, or an in-house development team, then also you can see a variation in the app-building cost. Have a look at the hourly rate of software developers in different countries.



Final Words

Here is the end of the blog. You must have enjoyed it and gained crucial information to make the best apps like Letgo. If you are looking for a trustable top app development company for quality solutions, turn to Technource. It offers a free consultation, signs NDA, offers post-launch support, and you can get the best solution at an affordable price. Moreover, our designers make innovative features so that your app can leave a good impression on the users.

For more interesting and informative blogs stay tuned….


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