Threads’ Next Competitors: Apps That Excite and Delight

Threads is a product of Meta and was built by the Instagram team. Threads surpassed the record set by ChatGPT. Also, the app gained around 100 million users in just the first 5 days. Incredible!

Amid the rumors of Threads will not stick longer, you need apps like Threads or Threads alternatives.

Threads was launched on 5th July 2023 as a competitor to Twitter. You can create an account on this microblogging app directly from Instagram.

It lets you post and reply to threads using texts, videos, photos, and links (Instagram).

People see it as a competitor to Twitter because of its interface. Are you planning for an online messaging platform or app like Threads, you need the best app development company. It can build an app according to your business needs.

This blog covers information important for you regarding the Threads app. Let’s get started.

What Is Threads?

Threads is an app from Instagram. There are no Tweets only threads you can post. It lets you reply to others in text, video, links, and photo forms. People can follow you on the Threads app and they can see your threads. Followers can reply to your feeds.

Profile privacy settings of the Threads app help you decide who can see your posts. People can like share, quote, and repost your content. You need an Instagram account, to create an account on the Threads app.

When you start a new thread, it allows you to decide who can reply to it.

Since Threads is connected to the Instagram account. It can take your information from it. It is like login, name, username, account ID, Instagram followers, and age (Instagram).

Note-Threads is currently not available to everyone in 2023.

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Top 7 Threads Alternatives

Here is the list of the top 7 apps like threads. Go through them to get ideas for building better apps. You can also check our blog for new app ideas if you don’t have any app ideas.

  1. Temp Mail
  2. Tiki
  3. Black Twitter
  4. CuteU
  5. Wink
  6. Fresh Desk
  7. Intercom

Let’s read about each app in the below section.

  • Temp Mail- Free disposable emails


Temp mail refers to disposables and temporary email addresses for a short period of time. You can use Temp Mail for various purposes. When you want to provide your email address for one-time use, you can use a temporary email to avoid sharing your personal or primary email address.


  • Tiki- Short video community


It is a software product from DOL Technology PTE.LTD. Tiki is free to use, you can chat with others with the help of the Tiki app. It is like Threads where you can share videos, comment and communicate on threads.

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  • Black Twitter- Twitter for Black people


It is for black people. They can create, search, share, and engage with content on topics of interest. It is especially for black communities. Its aim is to highlight creators who are often suppressed by others. Black Twitter is a platform for discussing and dissecting, especially about the Black culture.


  • CuteU- Live video chat


Leo Star Technology Media built the live video chat application CuteU. It is a social and communication application like Threads. Well, there are some differences between both apps.
Leo Star provides a free platform where people can find good friends and true love as well. In-app purchases are also available on the app. You can use the Photo Enhancer app Remini to share high-quality pics.


  • Wink- Friends and more


It is a platform to make new friends and more. Wink is another app in the list of apps like Threads. It has an intuitive interface and attractive designs. It makes using the app more fun.
Swipe through the profiles of people near you to find friends and common interests. For example, if you like concerts and want a concert buddy, this app can help.


  • Fresh Desk- Customer support


It helps businesses in improving customer experiences. It’s a modern and intuitive software with many cutting-edge features. It converts requests coming in via web, chat, messaging, and emails into tickets. It has some AI capabilities like automatic ticket assignment and prioritizing tickets.


  • Intercom- Operational services


Intercom uses AI technology in the workplace to support businesses. Businesses have many tasks and often they eat up major time that they could put into doing something creative. The intercom takes care of repetitive questions and tasks. It handles the repetitive questions so that the service team can come to handle new and different questions.

Key Features of Threads App

Have a look at the features of the Threads app below.

  • You can post up to 500 characters
  • Videos up to 5 minutes long are allowed
  • Everyone who is under 16, will be defaulted into a private profile
  • Your feeds are threads posted by people
  • You can share Threads on Instagram story
  • You can unfollow, block, restrict, or report a profile
  • Any account you block on Instagram will be blocked on Threads too. (Meta)

Comparison Between Threads and Twitter features:

  1. Users can share photos and videos up to 5 minutes long.
  2. Threads allow you to share photos and videos for up to 5 minutes whereas Twitter (Now ‘X’) allows the same for 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
  3. Instagram and Facebook are purely algorithmic therefore the posts can’t be seen in reverse chronological order. Whereas, Twitter shows the most recent posts.
  4. Twitter users can see a limited number of posts daily while Threads has no such limitation. Recently Twitter restricted posts to only 600 daily.
  5. Users can read posts on the website. However, they can’t post and react on this platform. Whereas, you can access Twitter (Now X) from your desktop and its app only. (
  6. You can’t search for specific content like Facebook and Twitter on Threads.
  7. There are no Hashtags available on threads.
  8. As of now, there is no Trending section on the Threads app.
  9. Also, Twitter shows ads whereas Threads doesn’t.

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Cost to Develop Apps Like Threads?

Threads got 30 million users in just 16 hours of its launch. It is a ground-breaking wave in social media. If you also want such an app, then what to do? First, you must know the estimated cost of Threads app development.

$30,000 is the estimated cost of building the Threads app in 2023. Well, this is just a price idea because it can change depending on some factors. These are design, tech stack, developers, and more.

Here is the price breakdown for your app development.

  • Analysis and designing:
    1. Business analysis cost – $2000 to 3500
    2. UI/UX design cost: $3500 -5500
  • App development platforms:
    1. Android App Development Cost(native): $6000 – 9000
    2. iOS App Development Cost: $8000 -12000
    3. Hybrid App Development Cost: $12000 -18000
  • Other factors:
    1. Project management: $3500 to 7000
Application Types Estimated time of app development Estimated cost
1. Social Media Apps 5-12 months $30,000-$50,000
2. eCommerce Apps 4-10 months $20,000-$50,000
3. Travel Apps 5-10 months $10,000-$30,000
4. Health & Fitness Apps 4-7 months $25,000-$45,000
5. On-demand Apps 6-12 months $50,000-$100,000

You can also check video streaming app development cost because this type of app is also getting popular at present time.


Threads app can be a competitor of Twitter (Now X). However, it differs in features and some functions only so people might not abandon Twitter. As of now, Threads is just a message, video, and photo-sharing app, but Mark Zuckerberg can have a card up in his sleeves. If you want an app like Threads, Technource can help you turn your dream into reality in no time. It has experienced developers and signs NDA as well.

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