A Step-by-step guide on Taxi Booking App Development Solutions

The rapidly changing landscape of the tech world has narrowed down services to smartphones only. Whether you need a private room or a cab or food at your doorsteps, everything can be availed within a few taps. Among these different businesses, taxi app development has received unprecedented success. Here is the step-by-step guide for Taxi booking app development solutions.

The number of consumers using ride-hailing services is increasing with each passing day. As per statistics, the total number of users using this service was 1356 million in 2017, and this number is expected to reach 1588 million in 2024. The taxi business has proved to be the most successful, with minimal investment.

This read shares the essentials of what you can do to enhance your taxi booking app development business exponentially. These insights are from our experience working with various clients around the globe. Have a good read. Let’s begin.


Reaching a location on time is one of the most important things for anyone. Earlier one had to hunt cabs on the streets irrespective of the outside weather and traffic. But this changed with the advent of cab-hailing services. This was created as some had the luxury of traveling through their cars while others didn’t. 

This business brought a wave of opportunities to taxi drivers and convenience to consumers in the form of mobile apps. Uber was the first, but following its footsteps, many online car booking apps made their way to the market. As per reports from Statista, a New Yorker spends an average of 84 USD per month on their preferred cab-hailing service. Given the population of the US and then the world this is a huge number.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to developing a taxi app development service.

How to Build a Taxi App?

Step 1: Decide on the USP of your service.

Any mobile app would only work if it offers unique value both to consumers and drivers.

Step 2: Choose your targeted niche.

Your primary target should be a niche that has less competition. To gain significant insights on the same you should try a mobile app development guide.

Step 3: Decide on your business model.

Your app must make money from the go. So you must choose your business model wisely. Paid promotions and commission-based revenue models are widely used in this business industry.

Step 4: Have a vision.

You should cultivate a vision for your app and share the same with your on-demand app development team.

Step 5: Technical documentation.

Any development team would create your entire technical documentation that would include price quotation, user stories, architecture, and tech stack.

Step 6: Create an MVP.

MVP is developing an app with minimalistic but core features. A method to test the waters, gather responses and make appropriate changes. 


Tips to Develop a Successful Taxi Booking App like Uber

Make your Vehicles a Top Priority

There are many requirements with starting a taxi app business, that can be a bit costly for startups but is an essential investment for the future. Cars, trucks, and drivers are amongst the top things one would need. You can try car sales or auction sites or shops, and taxi cab businesses to get hold of the preceding. But when you select a car some of the most important aspects like insurance, cleanliness, condition of the vehicle, trunk room, and other safety measures should surely be kept in mind.

Create a Customizable Mobile App

Mobile phones are the go-to thing for almost everyone today. Therefore creating a mobile app can do wonders for your taxi business. If you wish to make a brand out of your app your aim should be to create a seamless application with a minimalistic design. A mobile app can be accessed readily 24*7 offering a user-friendly experience.
To create the best uber clone app one must get in touch with a taxi app development company. Having an intelligently coded app can serve you with the following.

  • Complete analysis of all the trips made using your platform. Tons of data to learn new patterns from and act on the same.
  • Customers can anytime book, reschedule, and cancel their rides. This doesn’t incur any loss to the business. One can also try ready-made app templates to foster rapid app development.
  • All the details related to the driver, vehicle, real-time location, and total fare can be viewed on the mobile app. A feat that can easily be achieved using relevant mobile app development frameworks.
  • Drivers have the complete liberty to accept or deny a request.
  • Users, as well as drivers, can view their ride and payment history.

Driver’s Background Check

Drivers you appoint will deliver the final user experience of your app. Therefore, it’s advisable to conduct a thorough background check of the drivers. How the drivers treat your customers will in turn create goodwill for your consumers. So, you need to create provisions in your app that keep track of driver’s activities and customer databases. This would allow the platform owners to monitor each activity and deliver the best experience to the users. 

Customer Retention

A business can grow at a steady pace only if its consumers are satisfied with the services they’re providing. If they’re already using a particular service, your app would have to offer them something different and interesting. Then maybe they will think of trying your app and become loyal customers eventually. To do the same one needs to plan discounts strategically so they don’t incur losses. 
Many platforms offer one or two free rides but start charging their regular fare after that. If you wish to retain your regular customers, you should offer special discounts to them. This will provide you with word-of-mouth publicity and help increase your user base. If you are going for uber like app development, you can also offer special rates to students and senior citizens. This will draw more attention and users to your app.



Monetization Techniques for a Taxi Hailing App

One has to decide on the business model they would follow to start making money from their app’s launch. Here are a few tried and tested techniques that they can use.
Commission Based Earning: Your platform can charge a 20-25% commission fee on every ride that would apply to the total ride cost. 
Cancellation Fees: In case a passenger cancels a ride at the last minute or after a particular amount of time after booking, you can charge a penalty for the same. 
Service or Convenience Charge: You can apply a service or convenience charge for a secure end-to-end service and payment processing. 
Advertisements: This is one of the traditional methods of earning money through an app. Pay-per-click and cost-per-impression are some of the techniques that can be used with this method. 
Third-Party Promotions: One can understand this by the example of Uber. Uber earns a lot of money by collaborating with big brands such as Pepsi and Spotify. Uber conducts promotional activities and brand interactions that also benefit users in form of gifts and cards from various marketing campaigns.

Taxi Booking App Development Cost

Your app development cost is subjected to many variables. Depending on the type and scale of application that you wish to create, there can be a vast difference in your overall pricing. Firstly, one would have to decide on whether they wish to create an MVP or a fully-functional app.
Though it’s very difficult to pinpoint an exact price range before learning the scope of your project. Yet we have managed to create a tentative price range with different app types.

  • Web app development: 5,000 USD – 40,000 USD
  • Android app development: 9,500 USD – 60,000 USD
  • iOS app development: 10,000 USD – 100,000 USD
  • Hybrid app development: 8,500 USD – 50,000 USD

Summing up the above app types, we can say that the final cost of your taxi booking app is estimated somewhat in between $5,000 and $100,000. If you are integrating additional functionalities, then it will push the cost higher. The preceding price range is entirely dependent on the features one includes. Prices may vary with the scalability of your project. 

Benefits of Working with an On-demand App Development Company

Budget-Friendly & Reliable Services

Technource has been serving the IT service domain as a top-notch on-demand app development company for 9+ years. Our clientele is spread across the globe. We offer affordable hourly rates as compared to the US and other European countries.

Post Project Consultation

We don’t like to leave our clients high and dry and so we offer post-project consultation that takes care of bug fixes and other essential security updates. 

Custom App Development

App development isn’t a one-time job. An app has to be customized with time and changes in user preferences. We master the feat of creating custom apps that can be easily modified anytime. 

Wrapping Up

Here’s a wrap to this blog. We hope our blog offered all the necessary information related to building a taxi app development service. Being a renowned Taxi booking app development company in the USA, we at Technource serves the best in class Taxi app development services at affordable prices. We have created many similar mobile apps for our clients around the globe. Get in touch with us today by signing up for a free consultation on our platform. Thank you for reading.


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