How to Make a Game Like Garena Free Fire? [2023 Guide]

Around 84% of all revenue in the digital game industry comes from free-play games and it is expected that the computer game sector can accumulate about 46 million dollars by 2025. If you are planning to craft the next gaming sensation you should understand how to make games like Garena Free Fire as this is at the top of the list of popular and high revenue-generating games.

Free Fire’s success story is an inspiration for game developers worldwide. With millions of players engaging in thrilling battles, businesses have also found opportunities and want the best Game development company for their game app development.

But what if you want to bang into the market with your own gaming sensation? This blog is your gateway to the fascinating world of game development. Learn how to develop a game like Garena Free Fire in this write-up. Whether you are a game lover, game developer, or entrepreneur, this blog has a comprehensive guide suitable for all.

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What Is Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire, developed and published by Garena, is a popular battle royale game created by 111 Dots Studio. It works on various mobile devices and has become popular among players, especially between the age groups 25-34. It has become a sensation like PubG, particularly in the mobile gaming community. In a free fire, players are dropped on a remote island where they compete against each other the beginning is similar to the PubG game.

But Garena Free Fire is known for its fast-paced gameplay, diverse characters, and various in-game events and features. It is free to play and offers various in-app purchases. Free Fire has a global player base and is known for its esports scene, making it the most successful mobile battle royal game.

The craze of people for video games has been mounting over time. It led to the emergence of various types of games. After the success of PubG; Garena Free Fire came, similarly the success of the Garena Free Fire game inspired players to more entertainment and businesses to build more game apps.

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So, it is expected the number of people who like to play digital games is going to increase every year. Well, most people play video games to get rid of boredom. You can find many other ways to pass the time with enjoyment. Try websites to cure boredom  these sites have hilarious, soothing, and incredible features and functions that will help you get rid of boredom.

What Is a Battle Royal Game?

Battle Royal Game is a video game genre that combines survival exploration, and combat elements. The genre’s name is derived from the Battle Royal film and novel where a group of people is forced into a last-person standing competition. In video games, this concept is adapted into multiplayer online games where a large number of players often ranging from dozens to hundreds compete to be the sole survivor.

Here are the key characteristics of the Battle Royal Game:

  1. Large player base
  2. The last person standing
  3. Map contraction
  4. Resource gathering
  5. Battle Strategy

PC has been the top device based on applications by most game players for Battle Royal Game. Have a look at the image below.

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Differences between Garena Free Fire and PubG

Since you are planning to make a game like Garena Free Fire, you should understand why it is different from PubG. It will clear your thoughts so that you can make the right decisions about your app’s features.

Garena Free Fire and PubG

  • Graphics and Art Style
  • Map Size
  • Player Count
  • Game Duration
  • Character and Abilities
  • Vehicles
  • Monetization
  • Community and Esports
  • Cross Platform Play
  • Development and Publishers

Let’s read about all the differences and make it clear before you start building your app.

  • Graphics and Art Style:

Free Fire has a more colorful and animated art style while PubG features more realistic graphics.

  • Map Size:

Free fire Maps are smaller. So, it leads to faster-paced matches. PubG’s maps are larger, offering longer, more strategic games.

  • Player Count

Free Fire typically supports 50 players per match. Whereas, PubG can support 100 players, leading to larger and longer matches.

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  • Game Duration:

Free-fire matches are generally shorter, typically lasting around 10-15 minutes. PUBG matches can be longer. They generally exceed 20 minutes.

  • Character and Abilities:

Free Fire has unique character abilities, adding a layer of strategy to the game. On the other hand, PUBG focuses on realistic combat mechanisms and equipment.

  • Vehicles:

Both games feature vehicles, but Free Fire offers more options like motorbikes and jeeps.

  • Monetization:

Free Fire is known for its in-game currency diamonds and cosmetic microtransactions. PUBG offers cosmetic micro-transactions and a battle pass system.

  • Community and Esports:

Free Fire has a strong esports presence, especially in regions like Southeast Asia and South America.

  • Cross Platform Play:

Cross-platform play is available in Free Fire, which lets players from different devices compete with each other. PUBG offers cross-platform play, but it is limited to specific platforms.

  • Development and Publishers:

The game Free Fire was created by 111 Dots Studio and released by Garena. PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of the South Korean company, Bluehole developed the PUBG game.

Differences make each game unique, catering to various player preferences. Players often choose between Free Fire and PUBG based on factors like gameplay style, graphics, and community.

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Free Fire Game Modes to Know

Free Fire has 5 types of game modes that are entertaining and amazing. The demand for the specific modes has led the developers to fix them in the game. You will get to know the crucial modes used in the Free Fire game. You can include them in your gaming app with more modifications.

1) Classic Mode: Classic mode in Garena free-fire is the game’s core most well-known battle royal experience. It is a standard Battle Royal mode where players are dropped onto an island and the primary objective is to the last player. Here are some elements of classic mode.

  • Safe zone and shrinking map
  • Match setup
  • Weapon and equipment gathering
  • Strategy and Combat
  • Victory condition

2) Rush Hour: As the name implies, you get to play fast in this mode. Players can finish a match in a short time. It allows 20 players to play in the minimum area and for a short time. So, it is for players who love fast-paced gameplay.

3) Clash Squad: This game mode is like CS: GO. A team has to beat the players of others. The winner is who can beat all the players of the competitor team. Each defeat gets cash that the team can use to buy more weapons.

4) Kill Secured: It is clearly a death-match sequence. This game mode was first seen in Call of Duty game. It came on April 19 with a small part of Barmuda game mode. The main objective of the opponent is to kill others to survive. Every kill plunges a dog tag to the player who scores extra points.

5) Big Head: You can take it as a fun team match where all the characters in the game have large heads. If you want to add new features or game modes to your alls look for custom software solutions for business and discuss your requirements with game developers.

How to create a game like Free Fire?

Creating a game like Garena Free Fire is a complex and resource-intensive process that involves multiple steps. Here is a simplified overview of the key steps you would need to take. You can seek a game development company to hire experienced game developers. Technource is one of the top game development firms where you get dedicated developers and it protects your app idea by signing NDA.

Hiring game app developers requires you to have basic knowledge of game development so that you can discuss the needs, features, and functions you want on the app. I have curated important steps of game app development in the space below that you must know in both cases, building an app yourself or seeking help from a software development company.

Step 1: Audience analysis

Step 2: Concept and design

Step 3: Game engine

Step 4: Programming and coding

Step 5: 3D modeling

Step 6: Sound and music

Step 7: Map design

Step 8: Multiplayer functionality

Step 9: Testing and quality assurance

Step 10: Monetization strategy

Step 11: Marketing and promotion

Scroll down to read about each step in the detail below.

Step 1: Audience analysis

Many businesses think of building the next GTA and PUBG but they fail. If you don’t know who are you developing the game for, then you are working hard to fail. Identify the requirements of the audience. People between the ages of 25 to 34 widely play the Garena Free Fire game.

Focus on the below questions

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What are their preferences?
  3. Who are your competitors in the game apps?
  4. What are the features competitors offer in their games?

Step 2: Concept and design

You need to establish a clear and compelling concept for your game. It includes the core idea behind the game, genres, and experience you want players to have. Define the game’s setting, whether it’s a fantasy world, a futuristic city, or any other environment. Consider the theme, storyline, and overall atmosphere you want to create.

Step 3: Game engine

The choice of a game engine is an important decision in the game development process. A game engine simplifies and streamlines video game development. It provides tools, libraries, and functionalities to create, render, and run games. Choose a game engine that suits your specific game needs.

Unity is a versatile and widely used game engine. It supports 2D and 3D game development. Moreover, the unreal engine is used for high-quality graphics and realistic visuals. It has powerful rendering capabilities. So, selecting the right game engine impacts the game development process.

Step 4: Programming and coding

The programming and coding phase in game development is where the game design and concepts come to life through lines of code. Programmers write code to bring mechanics to the game. The Garena free-fire game mechanics are character movement, shooting, inventory management, and more. Programmers ensure these mechanics work smoothly and intuitively.

The exact tech stack or programming languages used in the Garena Free Fire are not disclosed. But game development typically involves a mix of various languages and technologies. Some commonly used technologies and programming languages are as follows:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • Shader languages
  • HTML5

Step 5: 3D modeling

3D modeling involves the creation of visuals. Game artists craft detailed 3D models of characters, weapons, and environments to enhance the game’s realism. Animation breathes life into characters making them move and interact with the game world. This phase includes creating, running, shooting, and idle animations among others.

Designers create natural and attractive user interfaces including menus. These interfaces enhance players’ experience. Players can have essential information and control.

Step 6: Sound and music

You have to make the game sound great. You must have heard the sound of GTA and PUBG and still remember that. People remember game sounds and can identify the game without even looking at it. So, you should give time and effort to decide on the right sound and music for your game.

Background music sets the mood and adds excitement. Imagine the tense music in a battle. Or a calm tune in a peaceful area. Sound effects like footsteps, gunfire, and explosions are added to make the game feel real. These sounds and music make the gaming experience more enjoyable.

Step 7: Map design

Map design is all about creating a battleground. It is like a virtual battlefield where players compete. You will have to carefully plan how the map will look. You have to decide where to put open areas for intense firefights, where to place buildings for cover, and where to hide valuable loot.

Map designers include strategic elements to keep the game interesting. These can be things like hidden paths, unique locations, or valuable resources that players need to find. Intuitive and engaging map design is crucial to create an immersive world. It is where the actions happen and players feel excited.

Step 8: Multiplayer functionality

Game developers have to create a network infrastructure so that players can connect to the same game server. It acts as a hub that coordinates actions among all players. Synchronization is the key to effective game development. This means all players should see the same game world and react to each other’s actions simultaneously. If one player shoots others see it and react to it in real-time.

Games like Free Fire use matchmaking algorithms to group players of similar skill levels. It ensures a fair and balanced gaming experience. Multiplayer games need anti-cheating measures so that no one can cheat while playing.

Step 9: Testing and quality assurance

In Garena Free Fire game development “testing and quality assurance” is like making sure the game works great. It involves the following points.

1) Bug hunting:

Testers play the game to find problems like bugs, glitches, and things that don’t work right. When they find these issues developers fix them and improve the game quality.

2) Beta testing:

Before a game is fully released it is tested by a group of players which is called beta testing. They play the game and give feedback to make it better.

3) Quality control:

 Testing ensures the game is smooth and enjoyable without any annoying issues. It is like testing a car by driving it to check whether it works properly or not before hitting the road.

Step 10: Monetization strategy

You want to make a game to make money, so you have to plan for the best monetization strategies by keeping players happy. Create features through which players can buy skins, outfits, or power-ups. Check out the different types of monetization strategies below.

  • In-game purchases: Players can buy virtual items like power-ups, skins, and outfits. These items enhance the gaming experience.
  • Ads: Watching ads can give players rewards. It helps the game earn money from advertisers.
  • Battle passes: Offering a battle pass with minimum rewards encourages players to spend money in exchange for extra in-game goodies.

Step 11: Marketing and promotion

You have invested your hard-earned money in the game development and given a lot of time to create an amazing game. But what if people don’t know about your game? They don’t know such a type of game also exists in the Play Store or App Store. Let the people know about your game with promotions. Use social media and other platforms to promote your game.

Share treasures and interactive content about your game app or website on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube because most young people use these platforms where you have your target audience.

Here I would like to add that you can also create word game apps like Wordle.  Wordle is a puzzle game in which you are given six tries to guess a five-letter word. This game is different from Garena Free Fire.

How much does it cost to build a free fire game?

The cost of building the Garena Free Fire game depends on various factors. Including the game’s complexity and the development team’s expertise below is the breakdown of the cost to build a free fire game.

  • Basic game: Creating a simple 2D or low-poly 3D game with minimal features costs only $10,000 to $30,000.
  • Intermediate game: A more complex game with 3D graphics, multiplayer functionality, and additional features may range from $50,000 to $100,000
  • Advanced game: A high-quality, feature-rich game like Garena Free Fire could cost anywhere from $250,000 to several million dollars, depending on its scale, graphics, and features.

You can also know the cost of developing a game app like PubG.  It will help you compare the prices and know the features of the PUBG Game as well. You can talk to our game development experts at Technource and ask your doubts.

Wrapping Up

Developing a Game app like Garena Free Fire includes various steps. You have to consider your requirements, needs, and business model accurately to come up with the right result. Follow the steps mentioned in the blog and decide on the complexity level of the game as it will help you decide your budget. Before you hire any developers for your game, make sure you know the factors affecting the cost of game development.

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